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english come here
Brazil coldzao2 
so ive been told that theres no such word "aswell" you should always say "as well" is this true? and what about "atleast/at least"
2017-11-23 01:10
United States 7TH_HLTV_ACC 
aswell not a word atleast not a word
2017-11-23 01:12
Brazil coldzao2 
oke thx
2017-11-23 01:13
United States ItsImpact 
At least and as well are separate words. U are supposed to put a space in between them.
2017-11-23 01:12
Brazil coldzao2 
why is everyone writing "aswell" and "atleast" then?
2017-11-23 01:13
United States ItsImpact 
Idk but it’s not a word. As well with a space is an adverb but they probably just say it cuz most people know what they mean. It might also be slang but it’s not an official word
2017-11-23 01:15
Looks like people are too lazy to add the extra space.
2017-11-23 04:44
2017-11-23 09:25
2017-11-23 09:27
Ireland TGC_ 
aswell and atleast arnt real words, but everyone uses them
2017-11-23 01:16
ldk. Today my teacher told me that "wetter" doesn't exist because W is a semi consonant The correct is "weter" English is funny.
2017-11-23 01:19
Your teacher sucks, you were right "wetter" is correct, it's a word. Who the heck says weter, that doesn't exist. You either misheard your teacher or your teacher Is wrong and didnt know it.
2017-11-23 04:37
Thanks so much for your reply, man. I'll see see if l misheard it but when she said this my class was like "what are you on, fam?" Education here isn't great, so yes she can be wrong and don't even know. I'll try to correct her next time
2017-11-23 09:12
As the comment below said, you may be learning a slightly different variation of English from me so your teacher may be correct, just that here in NA we use "wetter".
2017-11-23 16:18
So NA people use "wetter" even being wrong or it is a real word and whatever if l say "wetter" or "weter"? Everywhere says "wetter" and when l look for the word "weter" there is zero results
2017-11-23 17:53
Ye I'm confused too but I was going off of what the comment below me said. I suppose their could be variations but from what I know if you have any one syllable adjective( could be exceptions I forgot) ending with a vowel and a constant then you just double the constant at the end. Wet to wetter. If their both constants at the end then you would ignore doubling. Fast to faster, cold to colder. I'm starting to think it's not a word NA is only used to as I see it used in other english docs across countries so "wetter" is in fact correct. You should be good from here.
2017-11-23 19:15
Ok, she told me that "weter" is definitely correct. "Wetter" is colloquial language and maybe in the future will be considered correct.
2017-11-24 13:08
Actually, if he was in an English class, the teacher was correct. In English the correct term is actually "weter", It's only in America the term "wetter" is used, so unless he was being taught American, the teacher was correct :)
2017-11-23 09:22
Oh true, I never considered that. I guess it could be one or the other.
2017-11-23 16:13
You either made that up, understood wrong or your teacher is a complete fucking retard. Wetter is a word while weter is not.
2017-11-24 13:12
What about #12?
2017-11-24 15:08
"As Well" "Att Least"
2017-11-23 09:14
I used aswell a lot coz in french, the equivalent of as well is one word (aussi). Then I used an english corrector and found out. So aswell might be used that much coz ppl using it are not native english speaker
2017-11-23 09:31
TaZ | 
Denmark allebara 
have alot of slang wanna hear some? coin = money like = a question e.g. are we going to play csgo tonight like? enarl = as well enorl = as well aye = yes whey aye lad = yes bin down graftin for some coin like? me enarl. pub this weeekend? whey aye lad
2017-11-23 09:41
wow. you r too cool for this website
2017-11-23 16:17
TaZ | 
Denmark allebara 
u want some? i give it yer.
2017-11-23 16:31
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