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Russia skipster Not going to school ez pz:) time to play csgo
2017-11-23 05:24
Finland Hunajaperse 
davaj davaj ))))))))
2017-11-23 05:26
Russia Jovik 
When it gets to -40, we still work as if it was a Summer day, some places bare -45/-50 and the life goes on there as well.
2017-11-23 05:29
with lil help from vodka yes?
2017-11-23 16:12
I don't drink nor smoke.
2017-11-23 16:18
whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat how is that possible
2017-11-23 16:19
You silly boy ;) Your own stereotypes will put you down and stupidity isn't a thing to play with.
2017-11-23 16:21
not the stereotypes i've got many russian friends and almost all of them drink and smoke
2017-11-23 16:29
It doesn't tell nothing... at all. Unless you have the majority of Russia population in your friendlist.
2017-11-23 16:30
-50? so what, you go outside and you instantly become a popsicle?
2017-11-23 05:57
-Denmark lowest maybe -10 c
2017-11-23 06:22
your point being what?
2017-11-23 06:52
You have no idea how cold is it
2017-11-23 16:01
and where exactly did i ever say that i did?
2017-11-23 22:14
you sounded like -50 is nothing ezpz
2017-11-24 03:04
2017-11-24 03:14
can you fucking read?
2017-11-24 09:04
Japan kitzune 
typical rude dane, it wouldn't hurt to be more polite
2017-11-24 09:11
i follow one simple rule dont be a complete retard and i wont be rude
2017-11-24 09:12
Japan kitzune 
gl with life
2017-11-24 09:12
thanks, this way i eliminate all retards
2017-11-24 09:13
soviet union sign LUL nt USSR wannabe
2017-11-23 05:58
digit temperature display, while ussr sign in the background putin in a nutshell
2017-11-23 06:30
United States gtmaniacmda picture 21/21 looks familiar
2017-11-23 06:34
hahaha lul busted
2017-11-23 16:21
Snax | 
United States Freakmode 
Not locker boi 0/10
2017-11-23 06:54
I'm here 10/10
2017-11-23 07:19
L.K.S | 
Brazil Exfm 
2017-11-23 16:10
2017-11-24 03:14
remember -35 and biking to school :-S
2017-11-23 07:09
United Kingdom oyyrofl 
haha the dream
2017-11-23 16:44
Europe kennyBeast 
Probably really dry conditions, so it feels like -10
2017-11-23 07:17
worst ive experienced was -32 in stockholm, in the morning many years ago
2017-11-23 07:22
there is school in russia?
2017-11-23 16:04
fake nt kid
2017-11-23 16:20
Russia avocadosatlaw 
you country is fake kid
2017-11-23 23:04
Cosy 33 here today. Still over 20,1130pm..
2017-11-23 16:22
"Not going to school" is not the same as "no school" guys. I used to live in Lapland and when we had -48°C (1998-1999 winter) we had a normal schoolday. In southern Finland the school was closed if it was -30°C :D Skin peeled off from the nose, cheeks and ears after biking a few kilometers to school, -48°C with north wind.
2017-11-23 16:41
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
isnt dangerous af ?
2017-11-23 22:30
Not really, just put more clothes on
2017-11-23 22:39
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
u cant lose your toe like in movies ?
2017-11-23 22:57
You can lose your toe way more easily in places you do not expect it to be possible than in places you fear losing one. When I was in the army a fellow armsman lost his 2 front toes, the big one and the one next. And that was only in -5°C. His feet were wet. The toes froze up. When it's fucking -48° I put some fucking clothes on. And I keep dry.
2017-11-23 23:48
Netherlands Lynch^_^ 
you're a tank lol.
2017-11-26 16:17
coldest i had was like -11 or 12 in Minsk in 2007-8 when i was a small kiddo and i had to wear 2 sweaters + winter jacket + Army hat thingy that covers your ears
2017-11-26 16:25
coldest weather i've experienced was probably 10°C lul
2017-11-23 22:19
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
2017-11-23 22:29
Damn son, you need to get that fresh winter feeling. -30°C was pretty much a regular in Lapland. You wake up, you straight up walk 200 meters to the shore, bare foot in the snow, dip in to the close to freezing water (glacial river). You will never wake up better than that. Then go inside and have a hot cup of coffee. Best morning ever.
2017-11-23 22:45
Germany add_aykeN_ffs 
You mean never wake up again.
2017-11-24 00:06
:D Dude just try it, you might not have a frozen lake to jump into but if your house has decent cold water, I mean decent cold, just jump in there. When you wake up, go to the shower, put it on as cold as you get it in your house. Then jump in for like 30-40 seconds. Trust me, it's awesome.
2017-11-24 00:19
Germany add_aykeN_ffs 
Maybe i'll have to try it. Coldest i ever went into was like 6° Water in a Mountain Lake when i was camping. After a few minutes of swiming it was really enjoyable.. but i just cant imagine how it feels when its below zero outside of the water..
2017-11-24 00:27
6° water is cold water. The outside weather doesn't really matter, you don't wake up outside. But that very moment you wake up in the morning, you are most often coming from comfortable heat, from under your blanket, and that's when the cold is so very unpleasant. That's when you take it. It's a shower you really dread taking, but afterwards you feel like a newborn :)
2017-11-24 01:09
I always finish a shower (last 5 mins) with the coldest setting, feels amazing after and during, it's also so much colder compared to other countries' water.
2017-11-24 00:30
It does feel great. Of course it does too feel pretty nasty, that's why people don't do it :) I tended to do it in the morning because when you first get outta bed, ukno from under that warm blanket, you feel a little chilly, and that is the time when that ice cold shower feels the most brutal.
2017-11-24 00:52
Haha yea, but scientifically cold showers have a shit ton of benefits so it's always good to have them.
2017-11-24 02:08
3rd world
2017-11-23 22:47
third world sun smh
2017-11-23 22:52
Perhaps after years of hard work you will be able to afford a fridge.
2017-11-23 22:47
does it count if i steal it from the richest guy in my neighborhood?
2017-11-23 22:54
Til it works it will allow you to discover how less than 10°C feels right?
2017-11-23 23:00
Norway duffz00r 
2017-11-23 23:06
It's Thanksgiving in America, so you can thank us for your day off from school.
2017-11-24 00:01
I will thank you when you kiss my ass
2017-11-24 00:03
already did mr dansk
2017-11-24 00:21
The US megalomaniac. No, there's no day off school anywhere in the world outside the US due to your thanksgiving :D
2017-11-24 01:11
I literally specified that it's "Thanksgiving in America", so of course I know it only applies to us. How can you be so daft? He gets to enjoy the day off just like us, but for other reasons (obviously). There was a joke in there somewhere, but clearly it was lost.
2017-11-24 03:10
Humour and finns do not go hand in hand.
2017-11-26 16:13
Ukraine KingOfSoloSex 
xD xD xD
2017-11-24 00:03
Classic ruski
2017-11-24 00:03
omfg where is that m8
2017-11-24 01:13
Sweden naturen 
There's no way that you actually live in Ojmjakon
2017-11-24 01:17
Norway felt 
oh boy
2017-11-26 16:23
imagine someone forgets to pay his electricity bill GG
2017-11-26 16:24
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