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What cryptocurrencies to buy??
Cyprus Cyphar 
Is bitcoin best option to invest or should I buy something else?
2017-11-23 15:32
Yugoslavia HLTV_BOSS 
hltv the site of sway, and u ask serious question like this?
2017-11-23 15:33
Don't kick allu plz
2017-11-23 15:34
bitcoin +100% every year ethereum is used for internet platforms, projects monero is safest btc, eth and xmr safe bet easy
2017-11-23 15:41
this is hltv.... also theres better things to invest in if you have actual money
2017-11-23 15:35
Sometimes is nice to talk something else than TACO being bot
2017-11-23 15:37
"also theres better things to invest in if you have actual money" Name one. I bought btc for 300USD, its 8200USD now. Thats +2300% of value. Really interested in your answer. I will wait.
2017-11-23 15:42
better =/= most profit How would you know it's the best thing to invest in now? How could you had known when you invested? It ended up well for you, but with the risk being very high you can't say if it will continue to increase in same speed or even drop. A good investment takes risk into account.
2017-11-23 17:25
you cant really compare these investments over such a time period, cryptocurrencies especially tend to fluctuate alot more, it was obviously a good investment back then, but i dont think its the same now. if i were to invest alot of money i would choose something with more predictable factors, but maybe thats just me being not educated enough on that matter. also as Lodbrok said better =/= more profit (not in hindsight obviously)
2017-11-23 17:43
Property, lol. I get what you're saying though, and cryptocurrency is the best short-term investment someone could make in my opinion, but if you have significant amounts of money to invest I'd say there are better options.
2017-11-24 01:04
Ethereus for profit reason Monero for anonymous reason
2017-11-23 15:37
flusha | 
Netherlands davin 
stocks > cryptoshit
2017-11-23 15:38
Hardly any stock raises its value several times in such a short amount of time, unless it's right after an IPO. But yeah it's a cryptobubble.
2017-11-23 15:45
I just bought dogecoin lol
2017-11-23 15:40
Gold, silver.
2017-11-23 15:43
he didnt say cold storage, he said investment.
2017-11-23 15:44
Buy brain then.
2017-11-23 15:46
Wasnt a question
2017-11-23 17:19
Metal is actually a type of investment. It's called "alternative investment".
2017-11-23 15:50
Alternative investment would be an investment into cryptos. Investment should bring you some profit, which wont happen if you "invest" in gold.
2017-11-23 17:21
So if you invest money in something and it doesn't gain then it's not an "investment"? Buying gold and silver and TRYING to profit is investment. And no, you can still profit from buying gold, or shorting gold ETFs and ETNs if you believe its value is going down.
2017-11-23 20:35
Well the point is that gold's gain of value only covers infoation. But it never loses value so its the best cold storage out there (even tho its better to buy an apartment instead of gold and rent it, it depends on the owner of the money....) You can also profit from usd/eur etc as you for sure know. But you either gotta invest loads to get some small % or you gotta do it fulltime. Cryptos get you +100% every year easily, which makes it the best investmdnt out there rn, not even Tesla or Apple get so much +%. But yeah its all investments :D
2017-11-24 00:37
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
One of the poorest informed opinions on here, I don't even know where to start tearing it apart. Don't invest any of your money #29.
2017-11-24 01:18
fck useless cryptocurrencies
2017-11-23 15:45 easy lambo ez life
2017-11-23 17:22
2017-11-23 15:46
Ethereum, Monero, IOTA all other are shit
2017-11-23 15:46
csgo skins best cryptocurrency
2017-11-23 15:50
Mine monero, and buy it too
2017-11-23 17:26
Don't buy anything if you don't know anything. So many clueless sheeps will lose their money when btc crashes.
2017-11-23 17:28
Bitcoin Cash or Monero. Ether pump is out. Don't expect it to hit even 700 in 6-7 months. BTC is 8000 and expected to crash 12000 by new year but Bitcoin Cash is the best
2017-11-23 20:37
500 is possible in half a year I guess Ethereum gains value slowly, ICO boom is over, but ethereum still gonna go up
2017-11-24 00:30
Germany shimmy227 
i dont know much myself, but dash looks promising atm, also neo and stratis seems also be a good investment. just be sure to sell them in time, because god knows if they will be sustainable. bitcoin and bitcoin cash is pretty much mandatory. people say ethereum will continue rising but idk. (it's already at a high level atm so i wouldn't buy ethereum right now) but those last 3 are more safe than the ones i told you before.
2017-11-24 01:10
United States gazm 
I like EOS
2017-11-24 01:12
Finland M0FF3 
I really can't see bitcoin dropping down and staying there so its always a good to invest in btc imo Gold is also pretty good one, its pretty stable but can go up.
2017-11-24 01:13
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Lol at all the professional investors and economists on here... Half of which haven't even left high school yet.
2017-11-24 01:17
As a business and management student and part-time stock-trader/active stock market investor, reading posts in threads like these always give me good laughs.
2017-11-24 15:46
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Careful, gold only covers inflation, read it on HLTV! Hahhaha
2017-11-24 16:51
Litecoin, just bought some :)
2017-11-24 01:32
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