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Germany Pellinskii 
If Legija can become pro everybody can just be friends with gob and free money for no effort (:
2017-11-23 21:31
That says everything about you = 0% knowledge about cs go noob
2017-11-23 21:32
2017-11-23 21:34
Norway LokeNnNnN 
hey at least he changed his flag, now he sticks out less at the bottom of the scoreboard but for real tho -legija +denis
2017-11-23 21:35
yea dude, that is just the most obvious and best thing, not gonna lie
2017-11-23 21:36
Colombia SkeletoNMLG 
u literally teased serbian flag
2017-11-23 21:37
Turkey Hurkan 
tabsen and keev really well player, gobb and nexa enough for this team but legija really have a problem
2017-11-23 21:35
man please go back to school or did erdogan ban the english language in your country?
2017-11-23 21:39
Turkey Hurkan 
I know you understand what i said ?
2017-11-23 21:43
Germany Fabbsen 
tabsen and nex are really well players and keev has the potential to be a star player but way too inconsistent (more than nex)
2017-11-23 21:56
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