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Brazil coldzao2 
They play LG now and as you all know if they lose SK are out..... And ofc they dont let their best player play! They took a worst possible standin just to throw and not look suspicious! Everyone will like: oh they lost because they played with sil3nt I demand RNG ban.
2017-11-24 00:08
Brazil coldzao2 
I demand RNG ban. (if they lose at least 1 map)
2017-11-24 00:09
Germany grabke 
Who cares what you demand. SK's fault for loosing so many maps. And they don't need to be at every LAN event.....
2017-11-24 00:12
2017-11-24 00:14
Brazil coldzao2 
their stat is actually good.... dude but on ECS they would play with fox, you dont wanna see that?
2017-11-24 00:16
Portugal Wazaq 
It's not confirmed yet, but I think it's weird cuz if he was gonna stand-in at ecs, wouldn't he stand-in at EPL aswell? I mean, EPL is in 2 weeks, shouldn't it already be announced?
2017-11-24 00:23
France Fiktion 
pretty sure they have already said Felps is playing so yes you are right
2017-11-24 02:15
fer | 
Brazil raoGOD 
lol thats a bait. Fox wont leave to go to mexico.
2017-11-24 00:33
Brazil Seleskva 
Actually ECS allowed former Immortals' players to play for other organizations. Steel for example played for Liquid their last games. So Boltz will play If SK get to qualify.
2017-11-24 01:06
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Worst? Did you watch the match just a few minutes ago? Silent actually played decent, and he was probably available.
2017-11-24 00:58
Brazil coldzao2 
No i cant watch but from stats yea he played good , i still think LG are underperforming rn
2017-11-24 01:14
United States Noobtastic 
They aren't even playing with an IGL of course they will lose.
2017-11-24 03:07
inb4 2-0 Rng with silent dropping 50 on both maps
2017-11-24 00:09
Brazil coldzao2 
inb4 silent 0-50 both maps and Valve drop him into banlist
2017-11-24 00:11
NiKo | 
Brazil ZeDoBarro 
I'm a SK fan, but im cheering so much for LG. Its not LG'S fault that SK sucks online.
2017-11-24 00:15
Brazil Laan 
"sucks online" they played with dead every ECS or another t4 stand in
2017-11-24 00:26
United States (Fr0st) 
You mean when Ghost beat them 16-3 ?
2017-11-24 01:53
REZ | 
Mexico f^rax 
hahahahaha +1
2017-11-24 02:19
They played 5 games with him lmao What do you mean every match
2017-11-24 02:13
Happy | 
Vietnam thaFuggu 
5 maps is a lot
2017-11-24 10:00
Brazil Laan 
+2 maps with another brazilian player t3 7 maps with stand in ...
2017-11-24 17:50
Lmao Silent isn't shit enough to drag RNG below LG's level.
2017-11-24 00:19
Snax | 
United States Freakmode 
I agree. There is no place for RNG in a competitive game.
2017-11-24 00:32
lmao RNG are a great team unlike that 1 good season team Virtus.Pro.
2017-11-24 02:12
>>>>The joke >>>>Your head
2017-11-24 02:14
You see that thing flying over there far above you? That's the joke.
2017-11-24 02:18
r u trying to say that he was just joking?
2017-11-24 02:19
so ur saying he/she does not mean RNG as in Renegades but means it as in Random-number Generator?
2017-11-24 02:27
2017-11-24 02:30
sorry i was under the impression that he/she was meaning Renegades.
2017-11-24 02:33
United States Noobtastic 
Ha ha ha pun.
2017-11-24 03:08
United States jdiddy 
RNG is up 11-2 on t side train atm. nt
2017-11-24 00:33
Turkey emiliosantos 
2017-11-24 00:54
Oh they lost because they played with sil3nt
2017-11-24 00:57
Brazil coldzao2 
Ok theyll lose now
2017-11-24 01:11
Brazil coldzao2 
2017-11-24 08:55
2017-11-24 01:02
Romania SkipLD 
LG don't like LAN's. They did same shit against NRG on ESL. Throw!
2017-11-24 01:05
United States Farrukh_M 
Calm down man. RNG is probably going to win both anyways.
2017-11-24 01:10
people were mad when they thought that sk threw against c9 to eliminate astralis too
2017-11-24 01:16
xD stfu kid
2017-11-24 01:21
Australia Flowdoga 
you know your stupid when you blame a teams for throwing, only when it negatively affects your favourite team. if sk dont qualify it because they didn't win enough games
2017-11-24 01:50
Spain JasonRacism 
Teams like Luminosity and NRG ect are just a waste of time sending to LAN, They never fucking do anything and are just the biggest onliners
2017-11-24 01:52
Argentina [Darkaren] 
Yeah, but he's talking Renegades anyway.
2017-11-24 01:54
Spain JasonRacism 
''BAN RNG'' Because Nifty isn't currently at the gaming house because it's thanksgiving and his birthday? No discussion about it other than he is an idiot
2017-11-24 01:55
Brazil coldzao2 
2017-11-24 09:04
I demand a trial by combat
2017-11-24 02:02
2017-11-24 02:11
2017-11-24 02:20
United States Farrukh_M 
Well SK losing to C9 prevented Astralis from going to IEM playoffs so I guess Karma for SK
2017-11-24 02:05
>checks flag >ahahahaha
2017-11-24 02:07
cry is free
2017-11-24 02:20
Australia Dubzayy 
it's his birthday dickhead
2017-11-24 02:28
Brazil coldzao2 
Ye a ban would be a nice present for this dickhead Kid gets 15k/month and cant play the game from home for 2 hours 2 times a week He doesnt deserve being in pro scene I hope he will never win anything in his career with this attitude
2017-11-24 09:00
Australia Dubzayy 
Delusional Brazilian fan, why don't you get mad at SK for losing 3-16 to Ghost? Rofl, it isn't Renegades fault - They didn't even need to try since they couldn't make it to the playoffs anyway. Open up your dimwitted one dimensional brain and maybe admit that it's your teams fault, not their opponents.
2017-11-24 09:54
Brazil Gunzel 
2017-11-24 02:28
Brazil Roufas 
SK is to blame for putting their own selves in such a horrible position, don't blame RNG or LG or whatever, it makes no sense.
2017-11-24 02:29
yeah thats fishy
2017-11-24 02:30
i bet on the fucking kangaroo headasses and won. also sk is done, pressing E while spectationg BOT Taco dont let u take control. valve need to fix for sk to win.
2017-11-24 03:13
Canada LongBaguette 
i think its hilarious u kids talking shit about silent. u wouldnt say this shit to him at lan, hes jacked. not only that but he wears the freshest clothes, eats at the chillest restaurants and hangs out with the hottest dudes. yall are pathetic lol
2017-11-24 03:14
Happy | 
Vietnam thaFuggu 
2017-11-24 10:02
If only there were over a dozen other games before this week that SK could have played to decide their playoff fate.
2017-11-24 03:19
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