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Denmark a joke, Blast paying players
Poland shadyyourmaker 
They are paying players to tweet this shit lmao, i'm sure they feel sorry. The only way they feel is pissed off for wasting their time.
2017-11-24 22:52
ye even the text is always the same haha
2017-11-24 22:53
Poland shadyyourmaker 
Ye true
2017-11-24 22:55
Poland shadyyourmaker 
hahaha look same text from fallen too and NIko 100% scripted and payed (BELOW ARE EDITED Reply to post more TWEETS, BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL SO OBVIOUSLY SCRIPTED ITS PRETTY FUNNY) (Finally taco decided to change everything but keep the ending like any other)
2017-11-24 23:01
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
Clowns got paid to write. Lost all respect to them.
2017-11-24 23:01
Brollan | 
World mbata 
Yeah , haha pölseschwine
2017-11-25 00:07
2017-11-24 22:54
Poland shadyyourmaker 
What a joke they don't even test their shit before it starts.
2017-11-24 22:56
Petra | 
Netherlands taorus 
Lol omg
2017-11-24 22:59
2017-11-24 23:00
what a fucking joke. they have no issue complaining about ESL or DH when their PC's don't have 4 top tier graphic cards to run a 5 year old game or the matches are like 30 mins delayed, but here we have a tournament that literally doesn't even start at all and they still suck up to them they're getting payed to tweet this shit 100%
2017-11-24 23:03
2017-11-24 23:15
2017-11-24 23:23
Brollan | 
World mbata 
2017-11-25 00:07
Denmark raaVz 
2017-11-25 08:13
Sweden Trkmag 
LAST Pro Series lul
2017-11-25 09:59
2017-11-25 10:01
2017-11-25 18:47
2017-11-24 23:05
Yea, too busy making these cringe unfunny blast series player cards but not busy fixing servers
2017-11-24 23:29
Brollan | 
World mbata 
Cringe here too (btw 4 years old) Also inb4 4head
2017-11-25 00:08
2017-11-24 23:05
Haha you are right actually. Same pattern for all tweets: - "really sorry for Blast" - ""great work so far" - " hopefully no issues for tomorrow" additionally for some "hoping for a good show"
2017-11-24 23:13
yea its pretty obvious
2017-11-24 23:22
they all got hookers for tweeting that
2017-11-24 23:24
United Kingdom sawdust 
2017-11-24 23:27
hahaha valde such fucking fag "Treated us well" How did they treat you well? what "Sorry, really sorry. Let me just stroke your hair, sit on my lap. Sorry about delays, let me make you feel Calm" or "Here you go a homemade soup for you, hope you feel treated" or this one which is the reality Tweet positive and we'll give you $500 each to your bank, after valde see my hltv post Blast Pro : Valde tweet because we find this hltv thread expose us Valde : ok but what i get? I don't feel treated enough Blast Pro : 1k dollars to ur bank Valde : I are think that *tweets* and gets 1k
2017-11-24 23:45
2017-11-25 07:42
shox | 
Turkey kaanmert 
3rd world lan
2017-11-25 00:07
Holy moly, OP isn't actually baiting..
2017-11-25 05:48
They're just incredibly dumb, with an average IQ of below 70. Or they're all under the age of 16 and feel like the awoken kid who's figured that everything is bullshit and everything is a conspiracy. Truly the classic.
2017-11-25 07:18
Danecucks feeling attacked in their nationalpride. The event sucks and denmark sucks aswell. Deal with it nerd
2017-11-25 08:04
Ok Mr. 37k peopel, ok.
2017-11-25 13:10
What does that even mean lol
2017-11-25 18:44
No proof whatsoever still make allegations, zzzzzz...
2017-11-25 05:51
Are you serious?
2017-11-25 08:02
I doubt doubt they are paid to make these statements really...
2017-11-25 08:04
Hungary Shaperz 
when have you seen this amount of pro players tweeting literally the same when there were delays and shit pc configurations on a tournament before? Never? yes, I thought so.
2017-11-25 13:51
India Reaper1 
the keywords are "feel sorry/bad" "everythings perfect" "tomorrow" and "royal arena" Just imagine if this was PGL xD I gained respect for some NiP players and k0nfig, who didn't tweet anything of this sort.
2017-11-25 05:52
i lost all respect i had for gabriel "twofaced" toileto
2017-11-25 07:43
Moldova vladimirtrump 
its obvious they are paid for PR
2017-11-25 07:52
Lol hahaha. The players actually sold themselves
2017-11-25 07:59
Russia goodjob 
its actually a joke that every played said that.. cuz they lost quite a bit of money by waiting all day for this shit to never fucking start i guess they got paid to say it so maybe they didnt lose much LuL
2017-11-25 08:06
2017-11-25 09:47
blast probably gave them a sheet with scripts for their tweets with how fucking generic they are lmfao maybe they gave them the scripts on BLAST trading cards!
2017-11-25 09:50
yeah players with 25k salary sell themself for twitter posts.. perhaps blast pro is just that good and shit countries are jelly cuz nobody said anything positive about their shit events
2017-11-25 09:54
dsn | 
India sRik 
LMAO Couldn't they think of better words instead of just ctrl C ctrl V so obvious. ;-;
2017-11-25 09:55
I dont think the danish players need to be payed cuz u know.
2017-11-25 13:55
ha greedy fucks selling out themselves for money
2017-11-25 13:56
NEO | 
Poland sedi 
everyone "feel bad for blast pro" xd are they so uncreative?
2017-11-25 18:48
every fucking player tweeted that out.... literally saying the exact same words and shit
2017-11-25 18:50
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