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Worst and Best thing about your country :D
device | 
United States Jax_xD 
Trump and Burgers
2017-11-25 07:46
Right wings and open borders
2017-11-25 07:48
Ukraine raaVz 
2017-11-25 08:06
Ukraine raaVz 
open borders and Hitler*
2017-11-25 08:07
so you hate open boarders and love Hitler?
2017-11-25 08:52
2017-11-25 10:02
Finland disse 
Refugees and nature.
2017-11-25 07:49
worst: corruption best: diversity i guess
2017-11-25 07:50
there is no best Period
2017-11-25 08:12
device | 
United States Jax_xD 
you guys are soccer gods?????
2017-11-25 08:28
no we are not ahahaha, and even if we were, most of people dont have the opportunity to follow there dreams in here
2017-11-25 08:34
is just so sad you know? i have friends that are GODS in cs, but they dont have access to buy a decent computer, or a decent mouse
2017-11-25 08:37
If this is true i donate them 75k$ to make a csgo team and we split major prizevpool ;)
2017-11-25 08:41
You tell me
2017-11-25 07:51
Best : The people and their behaviour, language etc. worst : Temperature
2017-11-25 07:53
Strange most tourists that come to my city seem to fucking love the temperature more than anything. So scared for peak summer when it gets into high 30s and into the 40s. Thankfully we moved into a house with ducted cooling last year because our old house in Willo only had one unit in lounge room and I didn't have a laptop. Just imagine it being 42C, desktop in your room with no air-conditioning. Was cancer and a lot of people still live that way. However, going to the beach during that temp to surf, swim or just hang out is just amazing. Never been to a city in Aus that was better than Perth for going to the beach. Sadly don't have many friends so I can barely go :(
2017-11-25 08:12
Went to australia once. It was 43 degrees. Burnt my back completely and since it rained a buttload where we were, I got skin infections due to humidity that turned real bad. Still, drank liquor out of sheep wool and witessed bar fight where a man stabbed another guy in his dick with a needle. Australian folks are 10/10
2017-11-25 10:02
What the shit If true sounds like a fun experience, my body doesn't burn during that heat it just turns even more tan than it already is which doesn't help because I'm a Paki so I'm dark to begin with but now it's even worse.
2017-11-25 10:15
Sweden TDK Em1L 
2017-11-25 10:08
oh shit idk why the tf I said that LOL edited
2017-11-25 10:15
Sweden TDK Em1L 
2017-11-25 10:25
Idek what I'm saying man. Was playing comp this morning and when my teammate asked everyone how they are I said 'Yes' in reply.
2017-11-25 10:26
Sweden TDK Em1L 
2017-11-25 12:02
Surprised you didn't say insects and animals as worst :P that's normally what most people say when they think Australia.
2017-11-25 08:13
device | 
United States Jax_xD 
irwin and irwin's death :(
2017-11-25 08:26
feelsbadman :(
2017-11-25 08:44
Crime & Human Trafficking Open Farms and countryside
2017-11-25 07:53
device | 
United States Jax_xD 
I dated a girl who was half guatamalan and half white she was sexy 8/10 would smash again
2017-11-25 08:29
I am from moldova
2017-11-25 10:00
People are dumb and i cant think about anything good
2017-11-25 08:09
device | 
United States Jax_xD 
fake flag or?
2017-11-25 08:30
no, im just a disappointed guy
2017-11-25 08:31
good night bro
2017-11-25 08:35
Turkey almen1 
Erdogan and Kebab
2017-11-25 08:09
kebab <3
2017-11-25 08:21
device | 
United States Jax_xD 
kebab mMmmMMMmMmM
2017-11-25 08:31
Worst: Leftsists (Socialism, corruption) Better: Nothing better, but a balanced country (são paulo is a good city.)
2017-11-25 08:10
this is an example of dumb people that im talking about, is just so sad
2017-11-25 08:13
this retarded does not know what a leftsist is, he just speak what he listen
2017-11-25 08:15
and i speak for myself, as a brazilian young fucking kid, this country has no solution anymore BRAZIL WILL BE FOREVER A 3th world country
2017-11-25 08:17
Reported cuz curses What the hell do you say? You really know what happened to Brazil still being in this shit? You're a leftsit that support the PT, part most corrupt of we country...
2017-11-25 08:57
"People are dumb and I cant think about anything good" see what you say man, you not have respect, Talk about your arguments, your ideas, do not just be cursing
2017-11-25 09:01
jks | 
Other gLa 
Worst: Media Best: Porn/Sports
2017-11-25 08:15
2017-11-25 08:17
device | 
United States Jax_xD 
yeah media is garbage especially on tv rn
2017-11-25 08:32
2017-11-25 08:21
All and vodka
2017-11-25 08:43
Bangladesh thug_doctor 
Best: People are so friendly , hospitable and enthusiastic about meeting foreign people Worst: political unrest ( although it's ok now but it gets heated up during election days)
2017-11-25 08:47
New Zealand JK_77 
housing prices and all blacks
2017-11-25 08:48
wait best in the us is trump or burgers?
2017-11-25 08:51
Best in Bulgaria: my daughter Worst: the rest of the people
2017-11-25 09:05
Best: hospitality and cuisine Worst:Syrians and high taxes
2017-11-25 10:03
Sweden TDK Em1L 
Best: Still one of the best countries in the world Worst: its becoming worse thanks to our politicians that literally everyone "hates".
2017-11-25 10:11
best:MAN bus worst:people and whole country
2017-11-25 10:12
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