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-taz VP loss solved
Australia weapon_ 
Hes a dead weight, and needs to be cut big time.. he is VP's downfall.. the things he does/doesnt do.. for a pro, hes quiet bad.
2017-11-25 08:01
Netherlands duudiGOD 
he is igl in team. he dont must fragging...
2017-11-25 08:04
MAJ3R | 
United States Fanzera 
who cares hes still dogshit
2017-11-25 08:06
Netherlands duudiGOD 
flags checks out. no one usa player never so much will reach like taz...
2017-11-25 08:09
MAJ3R | 
United States Fanzera 
sk is in the usa. are you saying sk never so much will reach like taz?
2017-11-25 08:10
Netherlands duudiGOD 
ye, off all time of course not
2017-11-25 08:12
MAJ3R | 
United States Fanzera 
ok, i will affirm my findings are incorrect. Taz is one of the bestest players of all time. hopefully he stays in vp and continues to show his strength and deliver. Whenever he shows up, VP will most certainly almost wins.
2017-11-25 08:14
1.6 Fallen > 1.6 Taz
2017-11-25 08:55
2017-11-25 08:56
rain | 
Singapore lonely123 
Your english tells me your fakeflagging.
2017-11-25 09:00
MAJ3R | 
United States Fanzera 
or maybe i was mocking his london?
2017-11-25 14:52
Australia weapon_ 
hes dogshit at IGL, and your saying he doesnt have to frag? when it comes to it he chokes..
2017-11-25 08:23
Neo can do both of those things way better than taz Taz was also shit when he wasn't igl what was his excuse then?
2017-11-25 08:43
What the fuck is the English above me? I cannot understand any of that.And one of them is from the US.
2017-11-25 08:14
Canada j0osy 
+1 what did i just read
2017-11-25 08:17
Most likely fakeflagging because he thinks US best country in the world
2017-11-25 08:54
2017-11-26 19:48
device | 
United States Jax_xD 
-taz +michu would be interesting, I like it when snax igl'd honestly, his fragging dropped but they were so sneaky :o I would really just i like for coaches to be able to talk more like atleast during the buy time or something, oh well vp still randomly shit then gods
2017-11-25 08:36
Kazakhstan ezBORAT 
Vp fix = disband and retire forever and ever
2017-11-25 08:57
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