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Luxembourg AiKaCS 
Did they speak danish? and dennis understand? or how it works is danish and swedish like portuguese and spanish?
2017-11-26 01:51
Portugal MartiNi18 
Kjaerbye said that the comms were in English.
2017-11-26 01:52
Wouldnt be easier just to get a new danish talent lmao
2017-11-26 01:53
2017-11-26 01:52
Bosnia and Herzegovina kick_pita_ffs 
Its not same danish is lot harder and they mixed english and danish
2017-11-26 01:53
Nordic kids can london perfectly.
2017-11-26 01:53
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puget 
i was wondering about that as well and some guy here on hltv said that swedes and danes understands each others
2017-11-26 01:57
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