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Latvia em1^ 
i have QcK+ but its worn out now and im looking for something similar what should i buy?
2017-12-07 11:29
Norway insy 
Hyperx fury
2017-12-07 11:34
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
I heard Fullfades are pretty good
2017-12-07 11:38
Maybe dont spend ur money away just because a mouse pad is "going to worn out". Its still good. Maybe go to DM server and improve yourself...
2017-12-07 11:39
Just buy a new one? If that isn't an option, then I would recommend a Xtrfy mousepad or a HyperX fury mousepad
2017-12-07 11:39
Czech Republic helmutk 
I got Glorious PC GAMING RACE. good price. big. And GLORIOUSPCRACE
2017-12-07 11:40
jks | 
Australia TidePods 
What do you mean worn out lol
2017-12-07 12:01
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