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My budget 750$ in my country.. or 650$ on partpicker. This pc in my country 720$ with win 10 and full drivers.
2017-12-07 14:21
Core i3 lul
2017-12-07 14:22
rain | 
Slovakia TrYx_ 
+1 LUL
2017-12-07 14:30
newest i3 processors is better then the oldest i5 :)
2017-12-07 17:08
CIS decode458 
2017-12-07 17:25
CIS decode458 
and the new i5s with 6 cores are better then the elder i7s
2017-12-07 17:25
United Kingdom CupcakKe 
my i7 is old but still good at processing things. it is third gen and getting old though, i think after new games are made i will have to upgrade it.
2017-12-07 17:57
cool story bro
2017-12-07 21:05
Germany Tunio 
but its a 6100
2017-12-07 21:32
I know, just sayin. People think i7 is better then all i5's etc...
2017-12-08 01:30
Germany Tunio 
pc noobs id say
2017-12-08 14:37
+1 Some people dont know shit but still think they do
2017-12-08 14:38
Germany Tunio 
2017-12-08 14:39
Hungary adzeii 
2x4 instead of 1x8
2017-12-07 14:22
I personally agree with this, because if the 8gb stick does die he’s out of luck til he gets new ram, if one of the two 4gb sticks does die, he still has 4gb to use in his crippled pc
2017-12-07 14:48
Poland Greavick 
ye but it's easier to upgrade with only one stick, it will have guarantee anyway
2017-12-07 15:44
Serbia DjS 
There are much more benefits of 2x4 then 1x8
2017-12-07 15:46
thats why you get 2x4 not 1x8
2017-12-07 16:55
Poland Greavick 
ty man, didnt know it can make that big of a difference :)
2017-12-07 18:08
thats why you get 2x4 not 1x8
2017-12-07 16:54
pheini | 
Finland Dauni 
thats why u get 4x4 :)~
2017-12-07 18:31
Why i3? Either you go for a G4560 or you go for one of the Ryzen 3 CPUs, no reason to go for i3...
2017-12-07 14:23
I can get i5 7400 but with 1050ti 4gb
2017-12-07 14:37
i have it, 300 fps in cs :)
2017-12-07 15:48
res? high or low?
2017-12-07 17:25
1280x960 stretched, msaa 2x, anisotropic 2x everything else low
2017-12-07 19:31
2017-12-07 21:20
For which particular reason do you need Kingston RAMs? Just replace it for cheapst 2x4 you will find 1050 Ti is just fine imo Get better CPU for saved cash (i3-8100)
2017-12-07 14:24
1050ti 4gb vs 1060 3gb?
2017-12-07 14:30
Benchmark difference between 3gb and 6gb is around 8 fps (Not in CS:GO) Well, 1050 is fine just if you want to play cs, otherwise 1060 is a must
2017-12-07 14:31
I need it for 3d modeling too. I know my budget is shit but...
2017-12-07 14:34
well if you really want it then go for it, prices in my country are so biased with cryptos that it makes like 90€ Difference
2017-12-07 14:35
Bulgaria zikinu 
For 3d modelling, especially if you will use 3ds max, you need a much better cpu. Modelling mostly dwells on cpu for rendering. 1050TI would be fine with a better cpu.
2017-12-07 15:33
I can get better cpu with 2gb gpu, like 750ti or 770.. if that's the solution? and try to save more money and buy better gpu after 1y or something like that
2017-12-07 15:42
Bulgaria zikinu 
Hmm maybe, but how will you do 3d modelling? Are you making high poly animations or is it modelling for games?
2017-12-07 16:48
I'm an interior designer.. autocad sketchup 3dsmax
2017-12-07 17:26
Bulgaria zikinu 
Then you will really need a good cpu.
2017-12-07 21:04
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
Intel - Core i3-6100 3.7GHz Dual-Core Processor i kek'd go buy amd fx and overclock it dotn waste money on sht
2017-12-07 14:27
Hungary CuteDick 
Amd is worst an its garbage
2017-12-07 14:57
2017-12-07 15:21
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
you can beleive in ofc, but who the fck you trying to scum pleb :D
2017-12-07 16:31
Good for minecraft
2017-12-07 14:49
15y old rich kid, talking shit
2017-12-07 14:54
i have holiday jobs, nt tho, go work and don't buy i3 for gaming, you're welcome
2017-12-07 15:06
holiday job in your c 60-70$, in my c 12$.. and what did you expect..?
2017-12-07 15:19
ur holiday job prob is sucking ur dads dick u little faggot
2017-12-07 15:33
no need to be mad at the world if life is hard, fight back stop crying
2017-12-07 16:10
U made my day
2017-12-07 15:10
I cannot imagine using HDD only nowadays. SSD is a must for OS partition. And preferably CSGO.
2017-12-07 15:09
Rest in peace
2017-12-07 15:10
Russia ez4u 
Why did u not get a better specs the during "black friday"?
2017-12-07 15:17
Ask my boss :D i didn't have enough money..
2017-12-07 15:20
I know you're just trolling and you willnt buy that PC, but I still cannot give it the go-by. CPU i3-8100 127.89$ Mobo MSI - Z370-A PRO 111.98$ RAM G.Skill Aegis 1 x 8GB DDR4-3000 92.88$ Storage Western Digital WD10EZEX 46.89$ It's still a bit more expensive due to an absence of any other motherboards but those that are based on Z370, but for fuck sake it's 4 real cores instead of 4 fake cores and an ability to upgrade to a 6-core CPU whenever you have enough money. I'm saying that for those who really wonder what to buy, not for you.
2017-12-07 15:21
what do u think about 7100 with 1050ti?
2017-12-07 15:28
or i5 7400?
2017-12-07 15:29
i think that those who create threads about PC not going to buy any one will end up getting raped by a huge black man with a horse-sized cock
2017-12-07 15:30
United Kingdom AlywOw 
It's not a good build
2017-12-07 15:32
sure, to replace 1060 with 1050ti for the sake of buying an SSD and a useless 4-core Ryzen is definitely better, except for the fact that no it's not
2017-12-07 15:37
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Yeah, it is.
2017-12-07 15:37
because GPU is not the most important thing in a PC that framerates depend on, but an SSD is a couple of years ago i thought you were a normal guy but now i see how much of a braindead you are
2017-12-07 15:39
United Kingdom AlywOw 
First of all, two most important parts are MOBO and CPU, regardless the fact you can update and par nearly any GPU with a new build, however, CPU only fits certain socket. Secondly, if the Intel CPU only supports memory clock up to 2666MHz why would you pair it with 3000MHz when the speed will be limited to 2666MHz anyway? Also, 2x4GB RAM works faster rather than 1 kit. Third, the i8100 is crap compared to Ryzen 1500X it's not even targetting here, it's on par with 1400. Lastly, if you really want to build Intel specs get an 8350K which is best budget CPU at the moment and Z370 which allows overclocking. Get a decent RAM and either save a few bucks for 1060 6GB or just forget about Intel if your budget is very limited, you can't make miracles with $750 especially when all parts are slightly overpriced in Europe compared to US stock/pcpartpicker.
2017-12-07 15:48
> if the Intel CPU only supports memory clock up to 2666MHz Skylake i7-6700 supports memory clock up to 2133 MHz. It was paired with a GTX 980Ti and tested in some games with different RAM sticks. ARMA 3: Fallout 4: No, there was no difference at all. Dude tell me that you're just baiting, because otherwise you need brain transplantation ASAP. > if you really want to build Intel specs get an 8350K which is best budget CPU at the moment Oh sure, especially when a 6-core i5-8400 is just 14$ more expensive. Definitely the best budget CPU xDDD
2017-12-07 15:59
United Kingdom AlywOw 
You know that 8350K performs better in any game since there is no game that would utilize more than 4 cores? Also, can be overclocked and has higher frequency.
2017-12-07 16:02
> 8350K performs better in any game since there is no game that would utilize more than 4 cores Proof? Any benchmark of any game where 8350K defeated 8400?
2017-12-07 16:37
BF1 - nobody cares about singleplayer + 1440p is a resolution of a GPU bottleneck in this particular case CivVI - who would take it seriously when a game shows no difference between 8-threads 7700K and 12-threads 8700K? This game is poorly optimized for Intels DeusEx - oh yeah, 2% difference between 2-core Pentium G4560 and 6-core i7-8700K, just like in Doom, and it proves.......... nothing, that's right. Far Cry - 0.1 fps difference definitely matters. Come back stronger after this one:
2017-12-07 17:05
United Kingdom AlywOw Please, nobody cares about some german unofficial benchmark
2017-12-07 17:06
Everything not made by Intel is unofficial. Go to youtube and watch videos about BF1 multiplayer on e.g. Amiens.
2017-12-07 17:09
United Kingdom AlywOw 
I've proved you that 8350K is better. Regardless if it's by 1% or 10%, there is no point to go for 8400 especially when Cannon Lake is going to be released during Q1 2018.
2017-12-07 17:16
You proved that you're a fat troll. 4 cores at 4 GHz can't be better than 6 cores at 3.8 GHz, Battlefield's multiplayer fully proves it. Coffee Lake vs Ryzen: i5-8400 vs R5 1600 @ 4 GHz: These are not for you, but for those who might take your baits seriously. As for Cannonlake - try to find it in the latest Intel roadmap xDDD There will be no 8C/16T for Z390 as well as Z390 itself.
2017-12-07 17:32
United Kingdom AlywOw 
You see the orange line at the bottom with Kaby Lake S written on it? Yeah, that's Cannon Lake, idiot... About the rest I don't care anymore.
2017-12-07 17:39
Kaby Lake S is the 7th gen of Intel desktop CPUs, I told you to get a brain? Do it as fast as you can ;-) Oh, and you "proved" that 8350K was better than 8400 by random results? Then take these: Even a brain of a dog would be better than no brain at all, so go for brain transplantation ASAP.
2017-12-07 17:46
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Cannon Lake is Intel's codename for the 10-nanometer die shrink of the Kaby Lake microarchitecture, please stop embarrasing yourself with zero knowledge.
2017-12-07 17:47
Stop proving yourself as a fully brainlacking being, there's no Kaby Lake architecture, everything from Skylake till Cannonlake is just the same architecture called "Skylake".
2017-12-07 17:51
United Kingdom AlywOw 
2017-12-07 17:51
Yes, lul, the best you could do to troll is showing yourself as a braindead.
2017-12-07 17:54
United Kingdom AlywOw 
You are the definition of failed bait.
2017-12-07 17:55
If to consider answering your stupid messages as taking a bait - then I took your baits, so your baits were not failed, as opposed to yourself.
2017-12-07 17:56
That intel cpu supports what ever the mobo does. Please learn the basics before commenting on hw-threads.
2017-12-07 16:00
United Kingdom AlywOw 
That's not true.
2017-12-07 16:08
Yes it is. Z370 supports oc ram with any cpu. Same goes for z170 and z270.
2017-12-07 16:11
United Kingdom AlywOw 
If I were to install a kit of 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM, would the RAM then be automatically downclocked to 2133 MHz? If you run the RAM at 2133 MHz it will not be downclock, it will be running under the processor specifications which is fine. When you read the specs from the motherboard and you can see that you can run the RAM up to 3866(O.C.) is because the motherboard most likely can support up to this frequency when overclock but this is something we have not validated for the processor since we don’t support overclocking. What does "officially supported" mean in this sense, regarding the Intel processor? Processor supports up to 2133 MHz / 2400 MHz which is the recommended for this processor because it is what Intel has validated. Is it that the 7700K is guaranteed to work with those two speeds (2133/2400) but overclocking the RAM to higher speeds might void the warranty on the CPU? Yes, the warranty will be void when a processor is overclock, but if you are planning to overclock this processor and not void the warranty you will need to purchase the Intel® Tuning Protection Plan. Good luck with a warranty and yet only if you have the K version.
2017-12-07 16:17
No warranty for the k-version without tuning plan. Luckily here in EU we have consumer rights and 2 year warranties where they have to prove you broke it if it breaks. And the same goes for this misguided piece of shit post. Please do not comment if you dont know the basics. Have a nice day.
2017-12-07 16:20
United Kingdom AlywOw 
You know, they can read what frequency and voltage was the CPU running backwards? Not lucky enough I assume.
2017-12-07 16:21
You are clueless. You really think no warranty for running 3000MHz xmp-profile with k-series cpu? Just go away.
2017-12-07 16:23
United Kingdom AlywOw 
I've gave you the official Intel statement, take it or not.
2017-12-07 16:24
I dont care. Go and start a crusade vs clueless youtubers who use oc ram.
2017-12-07 16:31
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Oh .. even if I would agree you might eventually run the K CPU on pair with 3000 OC RAM you are breaking warranty, that's it. Officially supported RAM is up to 2666 after that you are on your own. Simple as that, there is nothing to argue about.
2017-12-07 16:35
Yes there is. EU has consumer rights. Its not the corporate states of America where using a Intel made profile for ram sticks break warranty. Here they might ask why are they marketing it if it breaks their cpu:s.
2017-12-07 16:52
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Consumer rights have nothing to do with overclocking CPU, oh god. Overclocking CPU voids warranty all around the world. Same as unlocking phone. The K version is basically just unlocked non-K CPU which gives you ability to overclock it but under your own risk!
2017-12-07 17:00
Will fast ram work or not? Yes. So you clueless little baiter can fuck off now. And you are as clueless with consumer rights in EU as you are with hw. They have to prove you broke it by overclocking it. Otherwise it is considered that it could have easily broken without oc too. Just like Samsung got fucked when they tried to claim custom os killed Galaxy s when it was their shitty hw that broke down.
2017-12-07 19:53
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Oh god, how can be someone such a dummy.
2017-12-07 20:20
Nope. Fast ram works and you were horribly wrong. As you are on manufacturing faults. Otherwise Intel could claim every broken cpu was oc'd as you cannot prove a negative. Low iq so gonna ignore.
2017-12-08 17:56
United Kingdom AlywOw Slightly more expensive but surely worth it. If you would give us the site where you wish to order parts with your budget, it would really help.
2017-12-07 15:31
Thanks. We are not even in EU :D
2017-12-07 15:36
i3 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Pentium G4560 and more cheap :)
2017-12-07 15:41
Poland Kresowy 
wait for budget MOBO for kofee lake then go for i3 8100, better than ryzen 5 1600
2017-12-07 15:47
Bad. much much much better for your money. Aslo go with 1 stick of 8gb ram and add another later when you have the money
2017-12-07 15:56
For 700-750$ You could do much, much better.
2017-12-07 15:56
if u got them extra 10-15$ get the i3-7100
2017-12-07 16:21
i can get i5 4690k with 1050ti or r9 380..
2017-12-07 17:29
Russia AlexMove 
i3 and 1060 3gb lul
2017-12-07 16:26
get i5 and 1050(ti) if u are only gonna play csgo
2017-12-07 16:35
can get i5 4690k with 1050ti or r9 380..
2017-12-07 17:30
2017-12-07 21:53
Not bad but get the 6GB version for a little more and get the 2x4GB RAM for dual channel instead
2017-12-07 16:36
2x4 GB ram would be better
2017-12-07 16:37
thats why you get 2x4 not 1x8
2017-12-07 16:54
10fps dude :D
2017-12-07 17:38
? Reply needs to have actual content
2017-12-07 17:49
10fps difference
2017-12-07 17:52
Ukraine ketinng 
2017-12-07 17:18
biggest piece of shit ever never build a pc again leave that to smart people
2017-12-07 17:27
that was not my build stupid kid.. just read my thread.. that is complete pc in my c
2017-12-07 17:31
then why post it if ur not gonna get it or something, complete pc in where?
2017-12-07 17:35
i want to get it dude.. i need some advice, not stupid rage comments like this in bosnia... we are not even i eu..
2017-12-07 17:37
i said dont get it thats advice, get #85 thats really good and same price edit: and i ment build as in on pcpartpicker.........
2017-12-07 17:47
or myb i5 4690k with 1050ti?
2017-12-07 17:48 here u can see i5 4960k with 1050ti basically 300+ fps on normal settings coz why play cs on high lul translated settings:
2017-12-07 18:07
not bad :D thanks
2017-12-07 18:28
Croatia mds818 >CASE,OVER. also that pc is waste of money m8
2017-12-07 17:50
I can het i5 4690k with 1050ti
2017-12-07 17:54
Croatia mds818 
would be better ya but im talking about the pc in general,you need to buy a pc whic is going to have 300 fps in csgo now and in 3 years still run all of the new games smoothly(sort to say just giving an example) and not the pc which is going to run csgo on 180-200 fps now and then in couple of years struggle with the other games.. edit:windows 10,all of drivers,and pre-bulit pcs are bullshit when u can just download windows and install them on your own or pay 30$ for someone to install them
2017-12-07 18:04
Croatia mds818 psu is 600 lx ~75$ and gpu is around 160$ however thats a built which is 3.5 yo
2017-12-07 18:16
1060 with i3?? Balance it out more
2017-12-07 17:52
I5 4690k with 1050ti. What do you think
2017-12-07 17:55
2017-12-07 18:52
Poland TyLoo_BnTeT 
0/8 pirated windows
2017-12-07 18:11
1050ti and upgrade that processor to Ryzen 5 and that build is pretty solid
2017-12-07 18:21
im going for i5 4690k or i5 7400
2017-12-07 18:30
i5 7500
2017-12-07 19:56
i3 with 1060 has loss of performance. i5 will be better spent more !
2017-12-07 19:34
ZywOo | 
Ukraine Walster 
if u playing only cs u can buy i5-7400 and 1050ti , it will be better i think
2017-12-07 19:57
ye. I'm looking for i5 7400 or i5 4690k :)
2017-12-07 21:25
Change to i5 and it should be okay.
2017-12-07 21:06
Thanks. I'm looking for i5 7400 or i5 4690k :)
2017-12-07 21:25
Brazil lulbrazillul 
bad pc
2017-12-07 21:25
Germany Tunio 
i3 6100 not worth it
2017-12-07 21:33
nex | 
Germany Bl0ck3r_B 
In my opinion you should get a better psu, i would take a be quiet! Pure power 10 400w if its possible to get one in bosnia, you dont Need 600w for this pc
2017-12-08 14:54
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