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tarik | 
Iceland kick_brax_ffs 
No bait everyone says he's overrated but he is underrated
2017-12-07 20:08
But where is he
2017-12-07 20:10
no he is not
2017-12-07 20:31
Still not banned.
2017-12-07 23:09
If u keep behaving like this, I will go by myself to some admins, put sticks in their fat asses and convince them to ban u
2017-12-08 03:00
never heard anything sound more virgin that what you just said +1
2017-12-08 03:08
2017-12-08 03:44
XD Good one, see you tomorrow.
2017-12-08 03:18
what if they enjoy it?
2017-12-08 03:21
Yugoslavia HLTV_BOSS 
then u get ban
2017-12-09 00:01
shox | 
Latvia kebab_b 
sure Kappa
2017-12-07 20:09
Jordan LBJ 
>BOT device >good player Pick one
2017-12-07 20:10
Jordan scene xD
2017-12-07 20:11
Jordan LBJ 
ISSAA will play in quarter finals. Where is asstralis? xD
2017-12-07 20:26
Winning majors
2017-12-07 20:28
Sweden naturen 
lol rekt
2017-12-07 20:30
They won just 1 major
2017-12-08 03:55
Brazil autismo 
2017-12-07 20:15
Russia xtkjdtr01 
2017-12-07 20:10
He is a good player, but him main awping really holds back his potential. He was a far more impactful player when he was mainly a rifler and only situationally awped with Cajunb.
2017-12-07 20:14
Agreed, but he is still a top 5 player, his impact is insane.
2017-12-07 20:15
Jordan LBJ 
top5 player in his own team
2017-12-07 20:36
Device> ur whole country
2017-12-08 23:45
African Union Nared 
Devitz is piece of shit.
2017-12-07 20:14
Xyp9x | 
Ukraine Bananagl 
overrated /Closed
2017-12-07 20:20
I agree, s1mple overated!
2017-12-07 20:30
Xyp9x | 
Ukraine Bananagl 
did I say something about simple?
2017-12-07 20:36
No, but he did. Are you illiterate?
2017-12-08 03:09
people that say he is overated are braindead LUL the only possible thing u can make fun of device is that he clearly choke on some finals but still, even choking he does what he needs to do for the team, and till the final he plays godlike by far the best player on astralis and best danish player
2017-12-07 20:30
Jordan LBJ 
top5 best player on asstralis and maybe 8th best in denmark
2017-12-07 20:37
08 or gold nova FaZe FaN
2017-12-07 20:47
Jordan LBJ 
every FaZe pLaYeR (except rain) is better with awp than BOT device LuL
2017-12-07 20:49
United States (Fr0st) 
Bro you would be the dude to hunt down Device and kill him lol
2017-12-08 04:01
Canada Surzz 
he's not underrated or overrated. he's a consistent awper.
2017-12-08 03:03
I don't care if he's good or no but one thing I know for sure - he's a cutie. I'd fuck the shit out of him and I'm not even gay.
2017-12-08 03:05
don't think emilia will be happy to see this
2017-12-08 03:11
gay from poland you not real men
2017-12-08 04:29
dude, try to read before commenting. I've clearly said that I'm not gay at the end of my post. it's not gay to suck someones dick or thrust into his asshole as long as you don't touch his balls
2017-12-08 23:42
He's not overrated or underrated. He's a great consistent team player and plays the most important T-side role on his team.
2017-12-08 03:11
I agree my paki friend ( if u Aren't fakeflagging
2017-12-08 23:47
Mai ghalat flag nahi istimal karra. Pakistan may pehda huwa ta, leken abhi America may rehta hun.
2017-12-08 23:57
Australia BTwice 
There's a reason fallen avoids him (his words) and why SK respect the crap out of him. Hes a baller. Great player and seems like a stand up guy too.
2017-12-08 03:49
Brazil RIJK 
dev1ce is incredibly good he's actually imo #5
2017-12-09 00:02
Sweden swaglordx 
2017-12-09 00:04
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