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Steam giveaway
Miss Rage | 
Brazil HRP_3acc Cuphead,cs go,tekken 7 and others better go fast
2017-12-08 01:51
Germany felo 
So just watch the stream? Damn thats nice. Dude prey or tekken would be godlike to win
2017-12-08 01:56
2017-12-08 02:02
everyone get your :happycrank: and :angrycrank: ready
2017-12-08 02:26
my :angrycrank: is ready!!
2017-12-08 02:27
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puget 
gib me dat cuphead pls gaben
2017-12-08 01:57
chances are so low
2017-12-08 02:00
yes,so u have chances
2017-12-08 02:02
Italy EzForMagiskb0Y 
Cuphead Kreygasm
2017-12-08 02:04
Better than nothing ty
2017-12-08 02:08
yes np
2017-12-08 02:08
FalleN | 
Brazil Laureano 
TY for the info
2017-12-08 02:17
2017-12-08 02:18
That's cool, thanks for the heads up. Have a nice day.
2017-12-08 02:17
2017-12-08 02:18
To manually enter the Giveaway, each eligible entrant must print his or her name, address, city, state, country, postal code, email address, Steam account name (account can be limited or unlimited), and telephone number, as well as the name and date of the Giveaway that the entry is for, on a self-addressed 4”x6” note card and mail the completed form to: Valve Corporation, P.O. Box 1688, Bellevue, WA 98009-1688. Only note cards mailed in envelopes and postmarked during or within twenty-four hours after the Giveaway Period will be accepted. No e-mailed or faxed alternate entries are eligible. Facsimiles, photocopies or mechanical reproductions of entries will be void. Only one alternative entry per person. Proof of sending or submitting a note card is not proof of receipt of such alternate entry.
2017-12-08 02:29
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