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+1 Respect all pornstars
MAJ3R | 
United States Fanzera 
Thank you pornstars, you are every virgins heros. Thank you for your services. Thank you for uniting virgins!
2017-12-08 02:35
Netherlands BAIT! 
2017-12-08 02:49
Russia Jovik 
They're dolls with a shameful job to satisfy all around freaks behind the screen. They're not even good actors, just a body with no soul. Sexy money bags.
2017-12-08 02:52
smooya | 
United Kingdom trtr098 
It requires a lot of acting skills to make it look like they are enjoying sex, show some appreciation!
2017-12-08 02:54
They might enjoy it naturally for real, look at those barbies, they're ugly with vaccuumed bodyparts. So pathetic, some virgins idolize them. I laugh loud.
2017-12-08 03:12
probably mentally broken aswell.. :(
2017-12-08 03:03
Probably. Don't know who idolize those bitches. They're being used on camera in HD and teens lose their mind how good is that, thanks progressive society.
2017-12-08 03:13
You probably should stop jacking off to porn then.
2017-12-08 03:11
Stopped a long while ago. You should probably find a replacement for it, girl maybe.
2017-12-08 03:12
Did I say I didn't have a girlfriend?
2017-12-08 03:13
Did I say I jack off to porn? Start a change with yourself.
2017-12-08 03:14
MAJ3R | 
United States Fanzera 
brother it was good while it lasted. Respect all pornstars! they are the true heros
2017-12-08 03:17
No, but your statement was badly thought through, as it only describes your subjective view on the matter.
2017-12-08 03:18
MAJ3R | 
United States Fanzera 
Brother, you need je-porn
2017-12-08 03:19
I watch porn every day m8
2017-12-08 03:20
MAJ3R | 
United States Fanzera 
respect them for the service!
2017-12-08 03:20
Exactly my point.
2017-12-08 03:24
It's more than obvious, it's only my opinion but I wish majority would think so also. It's pathetic how youth hobbies changed to videogames 24/7, porn and forum wars. Isn't it a pity.
2017-12-08 03:20
How do you know that the majority of youths are just sitting in their rooms jacking off to porn and play video games all day? You just assume they do, cause you're describing your own experiences from an environment you're part of.
2017-12-08 03:23
Isn't it enough obvious. It's not completely doomed and I clearly said majority. It's not an assumption as if it would be a ten years ago, now it's obvious reality. And you better have a plot of stopping it rather than arguining if it's true or not.
2017-12-08 03:25
In the gaming community, YES, we can probably assume that the majority jack off to porn at a regular basis at least 3 times a day. However, the majority of youths aren't part of a gaming community.
2017-12-08 03:34
You should consider world wide youth and not just one of your country, some still try to survive preferring retardation over dead brain at PC. But it goes just like it was predicted.
2017-12-08 03:37
BnTeT | 
United States EdgyBlob 
2017-12-08 02:54
TriHard 7 Thank you for your service pornstars!
2017-12-08 03:00
United States gtmaniacmda 
2017-12-08 03:08
wtf this shit obscure as fuck geez
2017-12-08 03:57
If you think about it, pornstars bring more joy and satisfaction to the people than politicians.
2017-12-08 03:14
actually that's true
2017-12-08 03:41
Brazil Juneco 
nice thoughts mr baguette
2017-12-08 03:45
fnx | 
Brazil calvinzera 
R.I.P August Ame
2017-12-08 03:18
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