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Bntet sucks now?
barce | 
Indonesia SeaMonkey 
Wtf happened to him, he completely blows cock in this tournament Did he switched his soul with bonddick?
2017-12-10 04:22
Croatia Netkov 
They say due to igling.
2017-12-10 04:24
Indonesia DezfanzeR 
Now he is the igl Maybe that's why he's struggling
2017-12-10 04:25
Italy steven513 
They're probably just facing a few issues working as a team, I'd say, I hope he regains his form.
2017-12-10 04:26
doesnt matter as they have bondik now
2017-12-10 04:27
Most of his stats are from online and best of 1s on LAN against shit teams I don't think he was ever that good just over rated because Asian scene is so fucking bad when any player shows even slight signs of skills people over hype them like crazy look at fancy1 for example remember hyped that guy was and he was dominating online and on LAN against Asian teams but against EU teams he just look like another average shitter.
2017-12-10 04:26
He performed better than this on last major offline qual
2017-12-10 04:34
Everyone has bad games/tournaments, why is it surprising that BnTeT is? Also some guys said he is IGL now? I don't follow this team so I don't know what's up for them I thought in 2015 they had potential but the lineup is way different now so that's out of the window for me, they are a way worse team then they were in 2015.
2017-12-10 04:37
2017-12-10 04:38
Do you think they would do better if karsa go back to tyloo?
2017-12-10 04:56
Not sure tbh but I think Karsa is playing now isn't he?
2017-12-10 09:47
asian cs, lets make our only hope an igl
2017-12-10 04:26
2017-12-10 04:27
jmqa | 
Russia Tuffywaf 
lol +1
2017-12-10 04:28
Italy steven513 
To be fair, bondik is kind of recompensating for it.
2017-12-10 04:31
He most definitely is NOT
2017-12-10 05:35
2017-12-10 04:35
He needs to find an international team Optic?
2017-12-10 04:27
Germany Bossi_15 
He is ingame leading a team consisting of the Leader who speaks chinese and english a bit, an ukranian who doesnt speak anything besides russian and english probably and 3 chinese dudes who barely speak english. To also have huge impact in that kind of situation is pretty much impossible.
2017-12-10 04:29
Cant Ukrainian speak chinese? I thought Chinese were friend with th ussr
2017-12-10 04:35
Are u kidding ? nobody speaks Chinese in USSR.I haven't seen anyone really :D
2017-12-10 04:36
Andorra Octopus1 
I noticed that Bntet has not been playing much CS:GO anyone... maybe that is why
2017-12-10 04:54
United States fz09 
does anybody know which tournament when Pala interviewed bntet? that shit was hilarious and i cant find it on the tube.
2017-12-10 05:21
France Matiyu 
its because he is igl, and it doesnt make sense. Its like Sixer or Hobbit igling
2017-12-10 05:30
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
He is now IGL
2017-12-10 09:49
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