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Match of the year?
Brazil Setrock 
In my opinion, probably SK vs VP epicenter 2017 or SK vs FaZe IEM sydney 2017, but this might change with the EPL final in while. What do you guys think was the match of the year?
2017-12-10 15:04
Chile Cristoff 
SK vs VP in epicenter was the most exciting match i've seen "this" year, so many highlights and close rounds by both teams
2017-12-10 15:11
byali | 
Poland BYALl 
SK vs VP was the closest bo5 i have ever seen SK vs Faze will be 3-1 with one sided maps propably
2017-12-10 15:11
coldzera | 
Brazil RIJK 
it was the most exciting finals i've ever watched, even than luminosity vs g2 in epl finals season 4
2017-12-10 15:13
Switzerland hanniba1fade 
vp vs astralis major final was good as well
2017-12-10 15:14
Indonesia Not_A_Carry 
Yeah, very close at overpass and train
2017-12-10 15:16
Brazil Setrock 
Yes, yes, forgot about that one, that one was really good as well.
2017-12-10 15:17
Europe Pear_ 
Match of the century
2017-12-10 15:14
Big vs sk at pgl major
2017-12-10 15:16
NiKo | 
Asia ZirkonX 
whatever happened to vp... they losing their touch
2017-12-10 15:19
VP vs Astralis Eleague Major, SK vs FaZe at ECS Season 3 and VP vs SK at Epicenter were definitely the best this year don't think this one will be that good
2017-12-10 15:22
Denmark oskarsports 
agree, agree, agree agree PogChamp Edit: and this
2017-12-10 15:27
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