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Man City Invincibles?
Estonia s1mpletop1awp 
I think yes.
2017-12-10 20:25
Romania EdwardGabriel 
2017-12-10 20:27
Gabriel Jesus too strong
2017-12-10 20:37
Portugal samf0rd 
2017-12-10 20:46
Italy EzForMagiskb0Y 
They lost to Shakhtar
2017-12-10 20:39
Actually I am mad at Guardiola he forfeited the invincibility in all tournaments.
2017-12-10 20:42
Portugal CRMN1 
He was already qualified in first place in the groups and had the Manchester derby knocking on the door. Understandable player management.
2017-12-12 10:47
yes if it was la liga or german/french league.
2017-12-10 20:40
Arsenal did it in 2003/4
2017-12-10 20:42
they lost 7 games lol
2017-12-10 21:07
in the league EPL they were invincible
2017-12-11 09:32
no they lost 7 games that season in other competition, and united denied their 50games unbeaten streak at old trafford the next season, yes they didnt lose a game in EPL but they lost 7 that season. not invincible
2017-12-11 11:19
"in the league EPL they were invincible" "no they lost 7 games that season in other competition"
2017-12-11 11:28
doesn't make your team "invincible" autistic finn
2017-12-11 11:29
In English football, "The Invincibles" has been used to refer to the Arsenal team of the 2003–04 season managed by Arsène Wenger,[1] and the Preston North End team of the 1880s managed by William Sudell.[2][3] Preston earned the nickname after completing an entire Premier league season undefeated, while Arsenal were undefeated in the Premier league,they were defeated in the cup competition but had the longest undefeated streak in the history of the Premier league and football or as you say in America soccer.
2017-12-11 11:35
United Kingdom swellis 
it's about domestic competitions not fucking continental learn to read you fucking retard, expected NA to be retarded
2017-12-11 11:39
2017-12-11 11:46
LOL ArseAnal mad fan. they lost 7 games in that season deal with it cuck
2017-12-11 12:32
United Kingdom swellis 
lmao joke of a club sort of team clueless rednecks like yourself would support
2017-12-11 14:08
huh? im a united fan and im not even ameriCUNT lol nt, stay in your lane
2017-12-11 16:17
United Kingdom swellis 
you call yourself a football fan yet don't understand what an invincible season is of course you are lmao get in the bin, fat fuck
2017-12-11 16:58
hmm, they lost 7 games that season, doesn't make them invincible sorry but thats a fact.
2017-12-11 18:37
United Kingdom swellis 
It means they never lost domestically which they didn't, how hard is it to understand? Am I using too big words for your NA peanut brain? Stick to nascar and fucking your sister you hillbilly fucker you're clearly clueless about this
2017-12-12 09:49
they did lose, 7games.
2017-12-12 10:19
United Kingdom swellis 
They played 38 league games, won 26 and drew 12. That's 0 losses domestically, fucking americunts gotta speak to them like babies just so they understand simple english
2017-12-12 10:38
#60 that team lost 7games. and united denied their 50 unbeaten streak the next season. GGMU
2017-12-12 15:03
United Kingdom swellis 
why the fuck are you talking about the next season? genuinely stumped by how hard you're finding it to understand such a simple concept
2017-12-12 15:05
I was just giving you an extra fact, they lost 7game season 03/2004 and united denied their 50th unbeaten streak the next season. GGMU
2017-12-12 16:54
Israel BoyMcFacto 
2017-12-10 20:43
They're looking great on Premier League,but i dont think they'll make it so far in Champions League. Maybe they can achieve a great spot in it,but it would be such a surprise to see them making it to a Final.
2017-12-10 20:44
Portugal samf0rd 
Semi-final at least imo, they are really strong at this moment
2017-12-10 20:47
If they are lucky to get some easy games i think so.
2017-12-10 20:50
Still 18 matches left, including two against Chelsea and one against the other top English teams. I think City will win the league but not without any losses. Even if you favor them to win all their remaining matches, anything can happen, red cards, penalties given against them, injuries etc. They're still undefeated in the Premier League but their overall streak was broken by Shakhtar.
2017-12-10 20:46
two against chelsea? sorry but we already destroyed them once, not a threat at all + we are already having bad injuries, stones and mendy are out and its hurting us but still winning games
2017-12-10 20:59
My bad, I meant two against Tottenham.
2017-12-10 21:01
prob will lose against place or west ham something like that
2017-12-10 20:57
United States NotiriousROB 
Confirmed use superstars in every position in boring ways and spend 500m win championship. Also confirmed tiny tear on Mourinhos right cheek as overhyped Lukaku silver fails corner clearance for 2nd time and subpar centerback Otamendi stuffs it in past flailing fish De Gea. Also confirmed Conte to be fired. Also confirmed Tottenham to win Champions League.
2017-12-10 21:13
Snax | 
Spain Arzheus 
football in 2017 OMEGALUL
2017-12-11 09:43
Ukraine CISfan[Guy] 
Shakhtar the best beat them ez
2017-12-11 11:21
If they invincible how can we see them play???
2017-12-11 11:32
Denmark Baitvice 
I'd say they are invincibles but their defense is so shit.Hard to go unbeaten with that defense.
2017-12-11 11:45
They look really good, i think they have the league won already if im honest and i would like to see them match Arsenal season of going unbeaten, just to shut arsenal fans up, they like to go on and on about it.
2017-12-11 16:19
United Kingdom tomtmh 
If Mourinho wasn't a scared little man, If Man utd had Pogba, If Lukaku wasn't a fucking donkey, Would have been a different game
2017-12-12 09:54
Portugal CRMN1 
Lukaku had the most unfortunate game of his career possibly. And probably one of the most important as well as United were desperately trying to recover from the point disadvantage. With the right pieces and that bus parked Mourinho style, City wouldn't win, I'm so sure
2017-12-12 10:50
Cyprus Jardeet 
Alan shearer best of all time Top premier league goal scorer unmatched by anyone Alan shearer play for the club he loves instead of chasing money Nobody beats Alan shearer #RunShearer #cryisfree #PraiseAllahShearer
2017-12-12 11:07
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