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Potti new team
Sweden TDK Em1L 
Potti is returning to CSGO with a MIX GENDER csgo lineup that hopefully will be able to challenge SK for the top 1 spot. I wish Potti and his teammates a best of luck on their journey to become the very best out there.
2017-12-10 23:43
Xizt | 
United States shiiieeet 
2017-12-10 23:44
Hahaha this is amazing
2017-12-10 23:46
Sweden TDK Em1L 
2017-12-11 12:33
2017-12-11 12:35
Norway insy 
Knitting-Knight PogChamp
2017-12-11 12:36
Sweden kallespann 
BirDie 1.9 % headshot insane, new ScreaM
2017-12-11 13:01
Other sogam 
2017-12-11 12:42
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
Is it true Potti has threesome with teen slayer and that other woman?
2017-12-11 12:45
Sweden crindz 
potti is doing good outside of cs, why would he return
2017-12-11 12:54
mixwell | 
Europe ramb1z 
to win the next major with silversnipers?
2017-12-11 12:57
OP is trolling
2017-12-11 13:10
Sweden TDK Em1L 
No? "For the first time in history a senior CS-team will compete against the premier eSports elite. " "He is the head coach of The Silver Snipers" (POTTI). Shame on YOU <tubewoody> for calling ME a troll.
2017-12-11 15:22
Wtf I didn't scroll down. I saw a video of the silver snipers a week ago or so, but nothing about potti lol. It's obviously just something for fun though, potti has a real job. The old people in the team said that they have played the game for like 2 months, so they're silver trash
2017-12-11 16:13
jks | 
North America NlFTY 
ez 4 vp
2017-12-11 12:58
2017-12-11 15:26
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Stop with your bs. Potti is not "returning to CSGO" Potti was only the coach for this team until DH Winter 2017. "SilverSnipers" was only a funny thing a company called Lenovo wanted to do. Because they wanted these 5 elderly people to challenge 5 teens/kids/grown ups at DH Winter.
2017-12-11 16:16
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