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Norway Bryan95 
Anyone has screenshot of what coldzera wrote? Its been deleted and I'm just now finding out he wrote something toxic :DDD
2017-12-11 08:44
Germany Le0zzy 
i was checking the same thing. Hope someone will post it
2017-12-11 08:54
Estonia r0pz 
2017-12-11 09:03
Stop trying to force it. It’s not happening
2017-12-11 11:24
Estonia r0pz 
Of course it’s happening
2017-12-11 12:18
bump bump bump
2017-12-11 08:55
you mean the sk is the real superteam tweet?
2017-12-11 08:56
Tunisia wotup_newfag 
2017-12-11 08:57
2017-12-11 09:02
Germany Le0zzy 
Ok i found. He wrote Cold > Niko Fallen > Guardian Fer > Rain Boltz > Karrigan Taco > Olof We created a superteam 2 years ago and they didnt know it.
2017-12-11 08:58
Brazil yannjc 
i don't have a print or something like that but i will write what he wrote. "Fallen > Guardian coldzera > niko fer > rain Taco > oloif boltz > karrigan" And something about "who is the really super team" (but i dont remember in the same words)
2017-12-11 09:00
hm i actually disagree with his comparsion tbh...
2017-12-11 09:02
me2, taco is nowhere on the same level as olof
2017-12-11 09:11
i disagree with more things in it but yea,this one is the most retarded for sure:D
2017-12-11 09:12
i disagree with more things too :P
2017-12-11 10:39
taco>olof? LOL good joke cold
2017-12-11 09:11
Lol I think every Brazilian thinks in the same way. After winning one more event, he will tweet #SKtop1 #Cryisfree
2017-12-11 09:11
i think he wrote something along the lines of "shut up faggot kid"
2017-12-11 09:17
Actually the tweet was retarded! How did he created superteam 2 years ago if boltz has come to the team just now?!.....-.- and he compares boltz to karrigan ahahaha but one thing i have to agree with him, faze is overrated for a "superteam" just like g2
2017-12-11 09:33
Tunisia wotup_newfag 
it would be so cocky even for cold to type down fallen > guardian & karrigan together
2017-12-11 09:38
Sk beat faze 3-1 in a bo5 and faze would destroy g2 in a bo5 omegalul. So SK is insane
2017-12-11 09:39
He was right though, FaZe suck.
2017-12-11 09:47
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
I think their weakness is because they are international mix. Scandinavians with a few slavs communicating in English. Skill wise insane, but not mentally.
2017-12-11 09:51
Then they should practise English more, learn what every spot on every map is called to give proper info. It's not that complicated, but they're young and they do not want to spend so much time on their job I guess. And one more thing - karrigan lacks many qualities (c).
2017-12-11 11:16
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
Yeah fluent English would help, but their mentality is different in general. You can notice how the Yugoslav Niko rages the most. Guardian can get very tilted as Western Slav. The Scandinavians seem to lose focus when they get hyped. Just basic cultural differences which can create issues when mixed together. I think teams from 1 country (or at least cultural region) can be much more stable and consistent.
2017-12-11 11:20
Netherlands CaptainMarten 
Teamwork on SK's side is on a whole other level IMO. I don't think the communication is the problem in FaZe, but rather the 'teamskill'. Cause ye, I have to agree FaZe has amazing individual skill, but their teamskill is what makes them lose (probably why they go out of groups quite often (teams practice on tactics and teamwork ahead of them and FaZe just can't respond on the same team level))
2017-12-11 11:23
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
Basically and #28
2017-12-11 11:25
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