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SK community after ESL win
GuardiaN | 
Belgium The_Grey_Wanderer 
On HLTV: every toxic SK fan posting something like FaZe down Faze disband Faze laugh: Hahahahahaha, faze fake superteam Twitter SK: Cold: deleted tweet Cold>niko Fer>rain Fallen>guardian Taco>olof Boltz>karrigan That's just disrespectful to , their fans and the whole idea of SK (having good team play with strong fraggers.) And he
2017-12-11 10:17
He tells lies: Taco better than olof lmao Also fer tweeting the logo of FaZe upside down and says to Glave how good they are.
2017-12-11 10:19
Faze side: HlTV: some toxic ppl Twitter: Niko, karrigan,rain, guardian and olof saying SK is the best team Lost all respect for fer and cold, still respect fallen, boltz and taco
2017-12-11 10:22
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Retarded? (Well obv you are). Look what Gla1ve wrote against Dennis etc lol.
2017-12-11 11:12
Yeah, but mustn’t it be painfull for Gla1ve: He wins a major, he wins Katowice and then he doesn’t win anything and every time fer wins he makes fun of him. Then he comes in the blast final, loses close to SK. Every human thinks that if you had your normal lineup you would win? Isn’t that a normal feeling after you lose the final with a stand in.
2017-12-11 11:21
what did he write to dennis?
2017-12-11 11:23
That if he had device they would win. First he says: nothing wrong with dennis
2017-12-11 11:24
Brazil uz1king 
dennis carried astralis to the blast pro series finals kkkkkkk how can he said something like that, the worst player from that line up lul
2017-12-11 12:32
nice bait
2017-12-11 14:08
Brazil uz1king 
what korea micro penis understands about csgo mate, go back to your league of casuls
2017-12-12 01:32
Just look at this and stop the hate guys... EXAMPLE: lol! OTHER EXAMPLE: lol! LOOK AT THE INGAME CHAT: Translation (It's in portuguese that makes a little more sense than the translation): Niko: Suck Me! Cold: Your Ass! Niko: .i. OTHER EXAMPLE (funny): Started Here: Ended here (after the win): one more (least important, can ignore): The Banthers from SK (and ANY other team) are normal, if Faze have won there would be others on their side. If you research almost every player in some moment was considered "toxic" (" " = I don't consider it toxic) sometime. I think to a certain extent it's healthy for the game/sport. (If you like other sports, probably when a player from your team makes fun of your biggest rival you like it) These guys in the end are friends and respect the most out of each other. SK is only so great at the moment because of the very very competitive csgo scene (and everyone knows it). A lot of top teams all with potential to win tournaments and having an SK is good because the bar is always high. If the pros don't care about the banther... why do you guys care about it? Grow up and learn how to take a joke (example: get triggered because of #CryIsfree or whatever) !!!** Let's stop the hate (and racism) and talk about the game we love to play and watch **!!! The games were great today! a lot of entertainment and high skill plays! Unfortunately Niko didn't show up to his normal level but still great games and clutches! The knife kill from Guardian on Fallen on the last regular round of Train was sick! PLAYERS HELPING EACH OTHER (EXAMPLE) ** FOR A BETTER CSGO EVENT! SO Cool! maybe Cold was a little bit out of the line for some (not for me, but I can understand the opinions) but he apologised later and explained:
2017-12-12 01:33
The only brazlian that has a brain is falleN rest of them is just braindead retards
2017-12-11 11:39
Lol? Fer? Cold? Hello? You sure you’re not the brain dead one?
2017-12-11 12:40
2017-12-12 01:59
That shit from fer against glaive is funny and completely right. Glaive sucks and I hate his ugly egghead face. How does he even dare to talk to Dennis like that. And it's not a lie that taco is better than olof. Taco had better stats that tournament. Maybe you should man up a little bit and should try to not take things very serious.
2017-12-11 10:51
Finland hotdog^ 
2017-12-11 11:03
Rating Olof event: 1.14 Rating taco event: 1.14 But SK played misfits, far easier to play against than fnatic. So you think I must calm down and man up! This isn’t a joke m8.
2017-12-11 11:15
2017-12-11 14:05
Brazil Roufas 
That is not the first time fer posts that logo, fer is just being fer, a troll. Coldzera is and can be toxic, which is why I think fallen keeps him on a tight leash (hence the deleted tweet). I can see a scene in my mind, one where fer says "hey fallen they called me to do an interview for the 30th time, can I?" and fallen just says "no you cannot" lol
2017-12-11 14:38
is there an interview done by fer?
2017-12-11 14:43
fer | 
Brazil nt_prodka 
Both FaZe and SK fanbase are really toxic. Its so sad that people cant respect each other: even racism is common in HLTV.
2017-12-11 10:20
Indeed my friend
2017-12-11 10:22
FalleN | 
Brazil Gagazo 
Yes my BR friend
2017-12-11 11:32
Spain Hola) 
2017-12-11 11:54
2017-12-11 12:49
United Kingdom HarryBotter 
2017-12-11 12:55
Brazil brunobrrt 
2017-12-11 14:08
lol so true but fze fans should look up sk couldnt even qualify the competition that they are the defending champs in lul
2017-12-11 10:20
Hopefully we win ECS, maybe we get then the first place on HLTV (still SK is better)
2017-12-11 10:24
2017-12-11 14:11
They could not qualify because they played many games with their manager. Boltz can not play with them
2017-12-11 12:50
Faroe Islands xuan 
Cold>niko Fer>rain Fallen>guardian Taco>olof Boltz>karrigan
2017-12-11 10:24
Don't understand that you are so toxic
2017-12-11 10:26
Faroe Islands xuan 
it's the truth
2017-12-11 10:26
So you say Taco Vs olof You gotta be joking me
2017-12-11 10:28
Rating olof in ESL final 1.00 Rating Taco in final : 0.96
2017-12-11 10:30
Faroe Islands xuan 
2017-12-11 10:36
Cold>niko Fer<rain Fallen>guardian Taco<olof Boltz>karrigan
2017-12-11 10:40
Latvia pacanCSGOD 
cold=niko fer<rain fallen=guardian taco<olof boltz>karrigan
2017-12-11 11:28
Faroe Islands xuan 
Cold>niko Fer>rain Fallen>guardian Taco>olof Boltz>karrigan
2017-12-11 11:29
Latvia pacanCSGOD 
mad cuz bad
2017-12-11 19:06
nope 3rdie
2017-12-11 19:07
Latvia pacanCSGOD 
2017-12-11 19:08
Sk fans baiting hltv users. Hltv users baiting Sk fans. It’s like any normal day in hltv imo
2017-12-11 10:28
2017-12-11 10:29
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
Dont act like faze fans/Sk haters wouldn’t be talking mad shit if faze won. Even when faze won on NY and eleague ppl would talk shit about SK.
2017-12-11 10:32
+1 every hltv user are toxic, its the funniest thing in this place, i dont get why some people still fall in those bait
2017-12-11 11:50
FalleN | 
Brazil paumito 
Exactly. Actually I was surprised by the number of kind brazilians saying nice things about Faze. Didn't expect that. I'm pretty sure that, had SK lost, HLTV would have been infested with topics about cold being a baiter and eco fragger, niko being the best player of all time and brazilians being monkeys.
2017-12-11 14:14
Brazil rgto777 
2017-12-11 10:39
Ignore those subhumans, like I do after every SK match
2017-12-11 10:43
Other fans calling Brazilians monkey all the time Brazilians waiting for a chance to get back at them Other fans call them monkeys even more And so on Its the cycle of HLTV, if FAZE had won Im pretty sure many toxic threads like "Monkeys disband" would be made in HLTV Don't care about posts here, specially if you fav team loses, just watch the matches and enjoy them
2017-12-11 10:58
Brazil mrk_92 
Cold>niko Fer>rain Fallen>guardian Taco>>>>>>abism>>>>>>olof Boltz>karrigan Now is correct!
2017-12-11 11:00
2017-12-11 11:22
North America Techno_Lover 
Fallen's amazing video before the final, you can respect that.
2017-12-11 11:01
Brazil j10malaquias 
When SK loses, we did the about our team (but not in HLTV) hahahahahaha Later, on twitter, Cold says that "SK's tweets" are an answer for what pro players said personally. Didn't mention names. I believe in Cold. Without trying to apologize, I understand.
2017-12-11 11:10
Germany t_mmey 
I really need someone to link me all those tweets from fer and cold, can't friggin find them
2017-12-11 11:13
Twitter fer. Scroll down
2017-12-11 11:16
Germany t_mmey 
ok i found one, but coldzera? did he delete it?
2017-12-11 11:19
Yeah he did
2017-12-11 11:22
Because he now how toxic it is
2017-12-11 11:22
FalleN | 
Brazil paumito 
Fer is a troll. Can't be taken seriously. Cold was upset about pro players saying something to him personaly, we'll never know what it was.
2017-12-11 14:17
Estonia birbik 
ye cuz they´r earned it
2017-12-11 11:17
Brazil Smartzilian 
Cry is Free
2017-12-11 11:31
Not even an SK fan but I agree with what they are doing, no matter how good and humble they have been no one respects them and they want the respect they deserve
2017-12-11 11:41
Faze fans = kids Sk fans = toxic era i like both teams , i'm fan of both teams but what i see here on HLTV ... its a disgrace
2017-12-11 11:46
Sweden X-rAy 
imagine if FaZe had won? everyone would be saying niko best in the world and Niko would probably say something least they won us a map or anything similar. just like he did to nip. now they lost bad and suddenly they are all humble (niko) cause olof rain and karrigan have always been nice ppl... and btw dont forget... they are friends and laugh at ur whining.
2017-12-11 12:11
This match was hyped up as "THE FINAL OF THE YEAR", Bo5 between FaZe and SK, the top teams, the match to watch, no match in the coming months will be like this (with SK having Felps at the Major) And SK won this match very convincing, outperforming FaZe on Overpass and Mirage, edging Train and losing close on Inferno. They deserve to say this, after all the hype, after all the "banter" against them. Especially the fAzE down (ass up) picture from Fer is nothing to complain about.
2017-12-11 12:16
Brazil uz1king 
2017-12-11 12:25
2017-12-12 01:43
Brazil uz1king 
2017-12-11 12:27
Brazil uz1king 
2017-12-11 12:28
Brazil uz1king 
Cold>niko Fer>rain Fallen>guardian Taco>>>>>>abism>>>>>>olof Boltz>karrigan
2017-12-11 12:28
Brazil surfin 
Now let's stop to wonder if FaZe had won. You FaZe fans would be calling us monkeys all the time, saying that Sk should end, etc etc ...
2017-12-11 12:31
Brazil uz1king 
We are monkeys from Brazil And u guys are euroCUCKOLDS from refugees Enjoy your wifes and kids getting raped by muslims kkkkkkkkkkkk xdddddddd
2017-12-11 12:37
elemeNt | 
Russia G0A1L 
FaZe Fans are so funny. Check his Twitter)
2017-12-11 12:44
stop crying cant understand what u say kkkkkkkkk
2017-12-11 12:59
Brazil Bruno_BK_ 
disrespectful? or out of breath? you're only seeing one side! Have you ever wondered, why are they like this after this final ESL? they received rains of offenses before the championship, especially when they lost only one game! you should enter more in the forums, when your 'European friends' are speaking bad of them, and even more so, calling us of 'monkeys'! This is a crime here! So stop talking bullshit!
2017-12-11 14:34
+1 sk fans so toxic and arrogant
2017-12-11 19:09
denounced for defamation
2017-12-12 01:39
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
FaZe community after SKs ESL win "WUÄH WUÄH, I am a baby and need to complain, but when my team win i spam HLTV with FaZe bullshit and #FaZeUp" lol
2017-12-12 01:33
monkeys,trashs,favelas,monekeyzera, we're disrespecting please, do not cry, you do the same when astralis or FAZE wins some championship, crying is free
2017-12-12 01:38
United States ItsImpact 
Tbh all players are pretty much equal except slightly better than the other one. Cold is slightly better than NiKo Fallen and Guardian are equal in terms of awping Rain is slightly better than fer Olofmeister is slightly better than boltz Taco is slightly better than karrigan
2017-12-12 02:34
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