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Thorin please leave the scene, we dont need you
Brazil Hyzek 
@Thooorin That new Gambit lineup looks like it will be terribad. Prison sentence for AdreN and HObbit 11:02 - 14 de aug de 2016 @Thooorin .@TeamDignitas is legitimately elite tier and @Magiskb0Y is a top five player in the world. 15:39 - 23 de out de 2016 What a clueless idiot.
2017-12-13 21:58
the second one, at the time dignitas was good the first one I agree with you
2017-12-13 21:59
Who cares what he talks about? If he was really good, he was a coach of some important team and would be making REAL MONEY, not begging you tube for a bunch of lay kids. He always talked about shit from the sk, always been a hater.
2017-12-13 22:02
2017-12-13 22:03
he's not wrong too lol
2017-12-13 22:05
Europe pringlez42 
libya flag = budget br flag LUL
2017-12-13 22:14
Other mekkicsgo 
Libya is richer than brazil tho, so which one is the budget flag?
2017-12-13 22:29
Europe pringlez42 
libya as i said. you cant read?
2017-12-13 23:02
yeL | 
Brazil guferreti 
are you sure about that? I think we make more money(GDP) and we have an lower unemployment rate
2017-12-13 23:41
What will happen to Libya when they run out of oil and gas? Will they start selling their sand? Libya has no future or present for that matter
2017-12-13 23:50
first visit both countries. Then you can talk about them. /close
2017-12-14 01:36
Libya is not wealthier than Brazil. Brazil has a tremendous amount of wealth. Trolling right?
2017-12-14 01:41
Sweden 1nc0g 
u famous man
2017-12-13 22:25
I'm getting scared of you.
2017-12-13 22:25
Sweden 1nc0g 
i not stalker or crazed fan, i promise :-)
2017-12-13 22:26
2017-12-13 22:28
Sweden 1nc0g 
A simple smile to brighten your day, mr 74CO nothing more :-)
2017-12-13 22:30
2017-12-13 22:31
Sweden 1nc0g 
what a fuck is that video cute dog though :-)
2017-12-13 23:09
It is a commercial of rental apartments.
2017-12-13 23:05
Sweden 1nc0g 
so it means i can come and live in brazil with u?
2017-12-13 23:06
No, I'm unemployed,I can not support you. Sorry m8
2017-12-13 23:07
Sweden 1nc0g 
oh i thought you werer rich since al famous people are but its okay, i can pay for it myself now i am going to bed good night :-)
2017-12-13 23:09
2017-12-13 23:09
What a wholesome conversation. Have you ever thought about marrying 1nc0g? Or at least sending him a handwritten letter so he can insert your skin oil into his bloodstream via papercuts to the wrists?
2017-12-13 23:34
That would be too gothic.
2017-12-13 23:34
Understandable. I usually allow my friends to take small samples of my DNA with them, such as pubic hairs or excrement myself. Have you considered either of the two options? At any rate, I'd definitely consummate (in a proverbial sense) some sort of relationship with this other user, as I think that'd be a beneficial relationship for both parties.
2017-12-13 23:37
In fact, love relationships are beneficial to people, I completely agree with you. But the user in question lives far away from me, there is no possibility that a distance relationship works. Anyway, I'm grateful for your kind words.
2017-12-13 23:45
you guys care obviously otherwise you wouldnt check his twitter and rage at him there
2017-12-13 22:36
Who said I read what he writes? If they post the link here I see, not necessarily that makes me care. He's just a mad hater seekfor attention.
2017-12-13 22:38
and you brazilian faggots give him that attention by raging at him on twitter or creating stupid hltv threads
2017-12-13 22:39
Stop projecting on others. Funny, now should people post only what pleases you? Go Fish.
2017-12-13 22:42
go take your bow and arrows and hunt some wild boars tarzan
2017-12-13 22:44
Realize that you are ignorant and have no power of argument, be talking to yourself, I do not know to communicate with people like that. Still need to put European union, should be ashamed of own country.
2017-12-13 22:46
Germany Roflcopter234 
you are talking shit because you maybe never watch his videos. He actually is very intelligent but also he wants attention, that's why he is sometimes so "strange". moreover he doesnt want to be coach of a team. He earns his money as a journalist. And in last time he never talked shit about sk. you are just the hater. Dont comment if you dont have anything valuable to say...
2017-12-13 22:59
nt: thorin
2017-12-13 22:59
Wallen best awper in na
2017-12-14 08:36
Netherlands malse_man 
yes obv people who makes mistakes should leave their work
2017-12-13 22:04
He's an attention seeker who always goes against the grain to be different and stand out. And it works..
2017-12-13 22:04
Poland boltzzon 
2017-12-13 22:05
Sweden 1nc0g 
yeah, he is the typical brit
2017-12-13 22:25
Vietnam rollofocker 
why does it make you mad that he makes his living off shittalking? he got his opinion, you can agree you can disagree. only people who are not creative themselves bash on other people their opinion. form your opinion, discuss with people, disregard people who you disagree with. like it or not, he's good at what he does. he's like the grandfather of e-sports telling boring stories. but guess what, some people are willing to pay for those bs stories. live with that pleasE.
2017-12-13 22:05
Brazil HappyVela 
+1 these ppl don't understand Thorin's just giving his opinion
2017-12-13 22:27
Yes because Gambit was so successful after losing Zeus. Also nt we all know that he said it in 2017.
2017-12-13 22:12
He's like Connor McGregor, if McGregor was a shitty fighter.
2017-12-13 22:17
KK | 
Denmark s0denone 
cry is free br nerd lol
2017-12-13 22:19
If he is a clueless idiot why don't you become the greatest analyst csgo has ever seen and stomp him into the ground with your superior opinions?
2017-12-13 22:23
rain | 
Slovakia verg1ll 
he lives from controversy
2017-12-13 22:29
Hyzek please leave the scene, we dont need you
2017-12-13 22:30
2017-12-13 22:47
Cry more
2017-12-13 22:33
yeah thorin will leave the scene cuz a brazilian kid wants it
2017-12-13 22:43
SileNt | 
United States rad1ey 
its almost like he was only proven wrong about a yea after the tweet. fuck
2017-12-13 22:39
United States Degree|CSGO 
Only people asking for Thorin to leave are monkeys
2017-12-13 22:41
>only people >monkeys pick one
2017-12-13 22:44
ropz | 
United Kingdom Roarhaven 
2017-12-13 23:09
2017-12-13 23:15
2017-12-14 01:24
he will leave when people will ignore him talking about him, watching videos of him, browsing websites, seeing sponsors is all that matters
2017-12-13 22:41
You're right.
2017-12-13 22:43
Brazil hugoooo 
He just need attention, so he uses his twitter as a way to spread shit all over the place, so people will talk about him.
2017-12-13 22:48
Just unfollow him on Twitter, he has some great points and banter at events. He certainly makes the analysts segments more enjoyable
2017-12-13 23:13
That's what I did, his analyst segments and desk work have always been enjoyable but his Twitter is like going on a 16 year old girls, him trying desperately to trigger people for attention.
2017-12-13 23:15
I like him cuz he is different... U like Ynk more? xD
2017-12-13 23:14
Lurrpis is the best
2017-12-13 23:15
I like most of them... Only find Sadokist a bit annoying with hes bad jokes... Sometimes u can tell he is putting Henry G in a akward situation
2017-12-13 23:18
I like Sadokist a lot, he's probably my favourite caster other than Anders.
2017-12-13 23:24
flusha | 
Netherlands davin 
Thooorin = best
2017-12-13 23:16
Lord | 
El Salvador Marega 
Ofc he's a fraud. He's a expert of all esports. How can you know in detail CS, LoL, Dota2, OW, etc and be a analyst and expert of all of them?
2017-12-13 23:18
oskar | 
United States tmbs1 
You've contributed 0 to esports. Thorin has a lifetime of work in esports.
2017-12-13 23:31
nt thorin
2017-12-13 23:41
oskar | 
United States tmbs1 
Here's the thing, I am definitely not Thorin.
2017-12-14 08:23
SileNt | 
United States rad1ey 
2017-12-13 23:53
nt thorin alt
2017-12-13 23:55
He wasn't wrong about Gambit,they didn't do a lot besides a nice finish at Malmö
2017-12-14 08:31
Random retard on hltv saying that thorin is a clueless idiot is soo ironic btw
2017-12-14 08:34
classic retard on hltv bashing thorin based on incorrect predictions
2017-12-14 08:44
When Thoorin tweeted about gambit they had spaze and hooch and he was right, they achieved nothing, it wasn't until they got Zeus and Hobbit that they did well so on the first point you're completely wrong and he's right. When he made the comment about dignitas (now north) they were doing exceptionally well and magisk was destroying and at the time could have been considered top 10 by most and sure even top 5 at a stretch. So basically he's right on both tweets and you're an idiot.
2017-12-14 08:46
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