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Cryptocurrency HOW TO:
Grim | 
Hey guys, since it is Christmas I wish you all happy holidays and nice evenings with your family and friends I also would like to ask those of you who are experienced with crypto currency trading. - I have money in my bank account right now, and want to buy some coins, can you explain what I have to do? I dont have any e-wallet or anything, just money I saved up in bank account
2017-12-15 02:33
Qatar Alexander9910 
it's to late ship sailed.
2017-12-15 02:34
For bitcoin yes, not the others
2017-12-15 02:34
Bitcoins % return is still higher than alot of smaller coins, stop spreading shit if you dont even know how to buy cryptos.
2017-12-15 19:52
BTC will crash
2017-12-16 23:03
I'm completely green, so please explain as simple as you can, thank you I appreciate those of you who try to help
2017-12-15 02:34
What about Google? Try to type the question in the search thingy on google. Good luck
2017-12-15 02:37
on google its always smart ass websites explaining as if I am expert in this I like when people on HLTV explain things, many are highly intelligent in Bill Gates style, they find easy interpretations on complicated things
2017-12-15 02:38
Norway Sparta_amatory 
private massage
2017-12-15 02:46
what kind of massage, eh? ;^) *xoxo*
2017-12-15 03:04
;^) *xoxo*
2017-12-16 10:59
ask mlodagdynia or VeryNiceGuy they are crypto gods in HLTV
2017-12-15 02:47
Sweden mrarrogant 
* Buy bitcoins from CoinBase with ur cc * Pick your coin here and click on exchanges to see which sites trades your selected coin * Transfer ur bitcoins from coinbase to the exchange * Buy from the exchange * Transfer to the coin's wallet (u can have it in exchange if it's just short term, for long term u should send them to ur own wallet as u don't technically own the coins when having in exchange)
2017-12-15 02:49
Thank you so much my friend, I will remember you the day my investments go hardcore green, and I'll send you a headset or gfx card in your mail
2017-12-15 02:50
Canada LongBaguette 
2017-12-15 02:53
How does this wallet work, I heard it is like 150gb large, is that neccessary?
2017-12-15 02:55
Make a account on buy BITCOIN XBT on the swedish marked. Good luck.
2017-12-15 02:59
150gb large? nope lol
2017-12-15 02:59
Sweden mrarrogant 
nop there are often lite versions, i'm not too familiar with many wallets though. if you're just gonna hold you can uninstall the wallet, as long as you save .dat file and your private keys. don't think space will be a problem
2017-12-15 03:01
United Kingdom INGEMARSSON_ 
Taking advice from HLTV about cryptocurrencies/investing... Enjoy losing your money.
2017-12-15 03:01
Mate, these are all 17-23 year olds with a fucking proper track record.
2017-12-16 22:57
buy RaiBlocks, thx me later
2017-12-16 23:01
Germany PeKay 
EOS will fuk eth when its released
2017-12-16 23:02
Buy Ripple. Thank me later.
2017-12-16 23:08
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