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Australia PmpkN 
What do you guys think of Eminem's new album?
2017-12-15 10:34
Australia USTlLO 
liked eminem in his 2000's, but his music doesnt quite get to me anymore
2017-12-15 10:36
Xyp9x | 
Denmark Almoe 
2017-12-15 10:42
Poland cGev 
Hey, ur the retarded kid from the hltv ungrateful thread
2017-12-15 10:44
Australia USTlLO 
yes that's me
2017-12-15 10:45
Israel MemeMachine 
+999999999999 he stopped being what got him this famous
2017-12-15 11:00
Listen to framed, river, remind me and heat. Those songs are pretty nice. Castle and arose are pretty good too
2017-12-15 11:12
what type of person gets addicted to running. lost all respect after i heard that. if it wasn't for Dre turning this guy into a star so he could sell rap to white people, he would be nothing.
2017-12-15 10:46
Australia USTlLO 
running gives you dopamine. and dopamine is something you can get addicted to easily. you get dopamine by playing cs, or gambling etc etc
2017-12-15 10:47
at least get addicted to smth awesome like opiates lululul
2017-12-16 09:25
Other Valeriana 
Can confirm. Can't get enough of the sensation myself
2017-12-16 09:32
I really like the new album
2017-12-15 10:52
Israel MemeMachine 
its really bad, if someone tells you its good then they're probably very young
2017-12-15 11:00
I'm 19, which is still pretty young I guess, but some of the new songs are pretty easy to listen to. I mean I'm not gonna skip them, but also not listen to them over and over on one day
2017-12-15 11:20
Israel MemeMachine 
everything about them seemed so not-eminem-like, he's very political and edgy (not in the normal eminem way) and it made them so insignificant i dont think ill ever listen to any of those songs twice because they're more of a speech than a song, nothing enjoyable just listening to his irrelevant opinion for 3.5 minutes at a time
2017-12-15 12:51
Well, you obvs didn’t listen to whole album, beside untouchable and walk on water, there’s noting much political
2017-12-15 13:01
Israel MemeMachine 
i downloaded the album as a torrent when it leaked yesterday and listened to the majority of it, nothing was catchy or meaningful
2017-12-15 13:20
Paraguay HighAIching 
Ok grandpa
2017-12-15 12:50
Why did I even get in here? I thought you'd be talking about music!
2017-12-15 11:02
Jovik back again with his music talk
2017-12-15 11:16
Music > gods of all religions. Don't fool around with that! Don't touch it.
2017-12-15 11:27
I'm not creating it itself, so I'm probably not touching it in your sens. But I'm listening to music probably everyday for at least one hour and I'm a Piano player, so I hope I'm not disturbing your religion
2017-12-15 11:30
Thanks for understanding. Music with me everyday, every hour, even now. I've let it into my veins so deep that I can't live without it. I respect it, I defend it, it became my religion. I don't want to ask what you're listening to, to not ruin this sweet thing you've made by being polite to me. I'll do the same and will wish you all the best and be healthy and wealthy in your life!
2017-12-15 11:32
Thanks for the kind comment. I can give that all back to you. Sometimes you just need to stand for something and that's music in your case. Give it your all and don't let people take it away from you. Good day
2017-12-15 11:36
2017-12-15 11:37
I love the first Eminem albums, but nowadays I just feel sad he has mmlp2, relapse, etc on his curriculum..
2017-12-15 11:05
Paraguay HighAIching 
Mmlp2 is one of his best albums
2017-12-15 12:53
2017-12-15 13:27
Other BoJaNwOw 
i like that one with Ed sheeran think its called river
2017-12-15 11:39
Ed Sheeran shouldn't be on a rap album, all the features were bad and there were too many. Album's definitely going to have mainstream appeal but it's not for me whatsoever, I miss old Eminem.
2017-12-15 12:57
Germany t_mmey 
i haven't listened to a single one of the Songs, should i try and not to do so to Keep my good memories about him ?
2017-12-15 12:57
Paraguay HighAIching 
There are a few good songs but around half of the album is meh or just shit
2017-12-15 13:04
Germany t_mmey 
hm :/
2017-12-15 13:04
Paraguay HighAIching 
Personally i mostly liked remind me, in your head, castle and arose
2017-12-15 13:09
some bangers on that album but not even close to his old stuff.
2017-12-15 12:59
Mmlp 2 best album yet
2017-12-15 13:50
Eminem lost his spark
2017-12-16 09:39
Europe kennyBeast 
So much political bullshit, old ones were the best.
2017-12-16 09:39
love the remind me,need me,river,untouchable.the political beats are good though but as he said u dont have to be agree with him
2017-12-17 08:14
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
i couldn't care less about em
2017-12-17 08:21
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