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most inspiring movie
Skadoodle | 
United States Kdg90 
chariots of fire?
2017-12-16 04:57
Russia Ozzy_Osbourne 
Emoji movie for sure
2017-12-16 04:58
Brazil eoteamo 
yea it inspires me for a suicide
2017-12-16 05:09
2017-12-16 05:19
NAF | 
Other afk47 
2017-12-16 06:35
apEX | 
Australia basim 
2017-12-16 12:42
Europe gervin 
haha +1
2017-12-16 12:04
the emoji movie
2017-12-16 04:58
Planet of the Apes
2017-12-16 04:58
hltv when sk wins a match?
2017-12-16 14:08
United States gtmaniacmda 
The Secret Life of Pets
2017-12-16 04:58
North America Catterific 
Emoji movie
2017-12-16 04:59
The Nightmare Before Christmas.
2017-12-16 05:07
Norway Sparta_amatory 
Forrest Gump ofc The director uses so many instruments in the film. Just what costs this bird feather in the beginning og the movie and the end. It makes the movie so beautiful. He also explains the protagonist from all the sides, indicating possibilities not only for him but also for others which has eveything to be successful, but do not do that . For example, the girl he loved had everything but ended up like nothing but drug addicted whore
2017-12-16 05:11
has to be top 5 most inspiring absolutely
2017-12-16 05:19
end your life please
2017-12-16 12:45
Grow up
2017-12-16 12:46
Look at what you just wrote and tell yourself the same thing
2017-12-16 12:48
Whats wrong with my comment? I reflected a short preview
2017-12-16 12:57
You are either gay or a woman
2017-12-16 13:04
I just think too much
2017-12-16 13:06
"Toki Wo Kakeru Shoujo".
2017-12-16 05:11
can proudly say i've never seen the emoji are you people doing actually watching it anyway
2017-12-16 05:20
Portugal R0cketOG 
Into the Wild
2017-12-16 05:21
you must be an outdoorsman eh
2017-12-16 05:24
You don't have to be an outdoorsman to enjoy Into the Wild. It's a great movie with an awesome story.
2017-12-16 07:20
Portugal R0cketOG 
Yup I am. Like most kids of my generation I grew up ougdoors, we had time place and safety to play around. And life gave me the opportunity to travel to amazing places too (never been to Alaska tho). But I do agree with #19 you dont have to be an outdoorsman to enjoy the movie. The movie is about a guy that had a dream, and he followed it. Ps: funny enough I bought the ticket to watch it without knowing what it was about just because the OST was all made by Eddie Vedder. Ended up loving it
2017-12-16 12:09
you don't but the fact you listed it as your top led me to guess correctly heh. it's defintely a great movie. my dad loves that movie and he is a big outdoors guy. he is retired and travels the world now
2017-12-16 12:05
Portugal R0cketOG 
Yup you got it right bro. My retirement is probably a few years away from me but if I get there I wouldnt mind doing the same!
2017-12-16 12:12
best of luck my friend!
2017-12-16 12:15
That's an amazing movie. One of my all-time favs.
2017-12-16 07:20
Russia boris321 
go eat potato plant and die bic
2017-12-16 12:26
boku no pico
2017-12-16 05:24
2017-12-16 06:48
India mak4u2 
Gifted Hands : Ben Carson Story USA <3
2017-12-16 12:04
SAW series
2017-12-16 12:06
what kind of work has it inspired you to do i would love to see some pics
2017-12-16 12:25
I am supposing you never watched any saw movie due to your question. Saw movies do show the difference between ethics and ethics in law, being him the one who determines the social ethics. Each series has its own topic.
2017-12-16 12:34
i've seen only a little of the first. but i know his victims are not innocent
2017-12-16 12:35
Yeah they're never innocent, he usually picks those who did something really bad and got away with it thanks to ethics in law or somebody who caused them to go undercover (also chosen as victim)
2017-12-16 12:38
ya vigilante justice is cool and all but i personally wouldn't get off on torturing people in the ways he does lol. like i wouldn't mind waterboarding or electrocuting some serial killer/terrorist but holy shit i couldn't destroy them like jigsaw does lol
2017-12-16 12:41
Its all about the ideas and principles behind the torture scenes, a movie doesn't have to be drama always to teach things.
2017-12-16 12:44
2017-12-16 12:17
Brave heart
2017-12-16 12:22
2017-12-16 12:25
:D yeah
2017-12-16 12:26
Australia enspia 
american gangster
2017-12-16 12:26
Russia boris321 
2017-12-16 12:27
antichrist dogville ken park irreversible salo
2017-12-16 12:33
those make you feel good or you're joking?
2017-12-16 12:34
Antichrist so inspiring <3
2017-12-16 12:45
Schindler's List
2017-12-16 12:45
2017-12-16 13:54
Brazil AN89 
2017-12-16 14:06
2017-12-16 14:12
2017-12-16 15:31
United Kingdom Izula 
2017-12-16 13:59
The Human Centipede 1, 2 and 3
2017-12-16 14:02
Romania EdwardGabriel 
American History X
2017-12-16 14:03
2017-12-16 14:04
A Peaceful Warrior, and if you are into depression and have some past shit that you cant get over then you must watch The Shack amazing movie.
2017-12-16 15:33
Europe L30n@rd0 
2017-12-16 15:35
Rocky of course!
2017-12-16 15:36
Never back down
2017-12-16 15:38
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