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Star wars The last jedi
Spain Todd_Howard 
idk i feel disappointed, i liked the force awakens way more.
2017-12-16 18:57
device | 
Sweden losobaby 
Star Wars in 2017 lmao.
2017-12-16 18:57
i liked it...
2017-12-16 19:00
You're not the only one
2017-12-16 19:53
Poland Commonwealth 
Expect that bs Leia scene it was ok to me.
2018-03-17 21:09
Didn't seen yet.
2017-12-16 19:01
Russia ez4u 
That moment with Leia in the space, i have no... wtf was that?! Just fucked the whole movie.
2017-12-16 19:05
Norway Pear_ 
Made no sense. In the old movies we never saw Leia ever using the force other than "sensing" stuff, yet here she is, freezing to death in space but can somehow levitate herself back into the ship LMAO
2017-12-16 19:08
Yeah that was pretty stupid
2017-12-16 19:10
Spain Todd_Howard 
it took me literally out of the movie, one of the most pontless and nonsense scens i've ever seen
2017-12-16 19:52
Yeah for real what the fuck was that? How was that the final scene that the director decided to settle on? It made no fucking sense and looked stupid as well. Should have just gone with the typical cliche "Thrown away by the explosion into a corner but somehow surviving"
2017-12-18 10:27
She turned into Superman, I just started laughing.
2018-03-17 21:09
Russia disillusion 
2018-03-17 21:16
imo all the 3 new star wars are just completely shit and has nothing to do with the real star wars. black guy and a girl as main character? wtf is this shit? then the guy who looks like nicholas cage as evil guy. remember when evil guys were robots with 4 arms or some cripple in some robot that gave him air? good old times
2017-12-16 19:08
so since theres a white girl and white male, and a black side-character it doesnt feel like the first 3? what about leia/lando
2018-03-17 21:24
strong women make him feel akward i feel
2018-03-17 21:33
yeah, and he also refrenced the other 2 villians in old star wars was general grievous (didnt spell it right) and vader as a cripple
2018-03-17 22:18
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
> black guy > girl > real star wars The absolute state. Just off yourself already you wannabe fanboi.
2018-03-17 22:25
JW | 
Belgium M4RTEN 
full blown trash, they raped star wars in front of hardcore fans
2017-12-16 19:11
EliGE | 
United States mehrfth 
it was terrible lmao
2017-12-16 19:12
worst star wars movie EVER. the first 10 minutes i thought this is BAIT.
2018-03-17 21:06
Poland Commonwealth 
Is there any info about the next spin off? Please Disney make a movie about Boba Fett or Darth Revan. But if they're going to pull some bs into Revan film like this flying in space Leia then maybe its better if they dont do it at all.
2018-03-17 21:08
Han Solo movie coming later.
2018-03-17 21:09
Poland Commonwealth 
So many good other options..
2018-03-17 21:14
2018-03-17 21:14
Poland Commonwealth 
2018-03-17 21:17
Poland Commonwealth 
Thanks. Yet still they couldve just do a movie about antagonist for once.
2018-03-17 21:21
The next spin off will be about obi wan kenobi in 2020. With a bit of luck we get a spin off about an antagonist in 2022 xd
2018-03-17 21:25
Poland Commonwealth 
Yeah fuck. We will get a movie in 2022 about Leia before New Hope. Then in 2024 about origins of Chew. Then in 2026 about Yoda origins. Probably the next in the line are Mace Windu, some random Clone and Jar Jar.
2018-03-17 21:30
A movie about Jar Jar :DDDDD would be more like a comedy movie
2018-03-17 21:32
jar jar was going to be the big villian
2018-03-17 22:26
their coming out with star wars movies every year
2018-03-17 22:18
Really smart from Disney, this franchise doesn't need the shit fanbase they had, they need new fags and that's what Disney went for good job by them.
2018-03-17 21:16
What did you say to Ben Swolo
2018-03-17 22:19
it fucking sucked ass, thay have completely ruined everything.
2018-03-17 22:22
worst SW movie. Force Awakens is so much better, Rogue One is fucking masterpiece in comparing with Last Jedi
2018-03-17 22:30
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