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Sweden best country?
Golden | 
Sweden racialdiversity609 
Hot women, rich culture, rich people, high IQ, viking blood, really great beards, amazing at CS, great genetics Is there any debate?
2017-12-16 20:32
Brazil eoteamo 
2017-12-16 20:34
Respect to Brazil too, beautiful country and great CS GO players :)
2017-12-16 20:41
United States sicknasty 
False, Brazil's cities are full of gang violence and trashy areas. One of the most violent and trashiest countries in that regard.
2017-12-19 03:58
Argentina dieguitwow 
yours isn't ?
2017-12-19 03:59
such an idiot american, your country is thousand of times worse when we are talking about big cities, what the fuck are you talking about???? also, brazil is considered safer than USA
2017-12-19 04:01
2017-12-19 04:46
2017-12-19 08:52 Brazil 108 USA 114 Cry is free.
2017-12-19 15:02
United States jcv999 
You really think third world shitholes like Uganda, Lesotho, Haiti, and Uzbekistan are safer than Brazil or the United States. That measurement in a joke.
2017-12-19 15:37
Just baiting, dude. I really doubt poortugal is third tho
2017-12-19 17:28
2017-12-20 16:07
It's a peace index, not a safety index.
2017-12-20 15:45
United States jcv999 
Yes, and he used it to reference safety, as I did.
2017-12-20 23:54
I don't know if brazil is safer than Usa, but In USA anyone can buy a riffle like candies in the stores. and almost every day there's a shooting around your country. for being a "first world country" is one of the most dangerous countries in the world.
2017-12-21 14:04
Buy me a riffle
2017-12-21 14:50
sorry, you're de murica here, go and buy your burgers and guns.. ;)
2017-12-21 15:58
Argentina dieguitwow 
best ass in the world. Brazil.-
2017-12-19 03:59
Yeah brazil is an awful poor country crippled with crime
2017-12-19 15:40
Sweden MrIgnii 
Dont forget bout hot asses
2017-12-20 15:42
just for people to know. not all of us swedes are like this. ofc i also think sweden is the best but i don't go around and shove it in peoples faces
2017-12-19 16:56
k libtard
2017-12-21 13:30
sorry have to disagree in some points - i have been in sweden now for 4 months on exchange and i think i got a overall good view now about how swedes are and in my view the chicks especially are not even as hot as everybody thinks due to the fact that they put on a looooot of make up. secondly, the swedish students i was with were not as smart as i thought sorry
2017-12-21 21:00
well i live on the countryside driving volvo and go out in the nature and ofcourse snus
2017-12-22 03:37
If you believe that your country is the best, you would not feel the need to create a thread to listen irrelevant opinions on the subject.
2017-12-16 20:34
2017-12-16 20:35
I'm just trying to enlighten people about the superiority of Sweden, that's all.
2017-12-16 20:37
Maybe the wisest post on Hltv since 2007.
2017-12-16 22:41
United States Droidd 
What was wiser in 2007?
2017-12-16 22:55
Nothing, it was a supposed to be a Hyperbaton.
2017-12-16 23:18
United States Droidd 
Oh :P
2017-12-17 00:49
I dont think you used hyperbaton correctly.
2017-12-20 15:49
Definitely possible, there is a variety of definitions for the term, so different usage is almost inevitable.
2017-12-22 00:34
+1 i 100% agree, that comment can relate to so many things In life, In general aswell. Someone that truly believes something is good would never need random peoples validation from a forum web, for example
2017-12-19 04:15
+ hot muslims 8/8
2017-12-16 20:34
they actually are
2017-12-17 01:03
muslim women hot lul
2017-12-19 03:47
Nez Zealand talking about immigrants lul
2017-12-19 08:54
never seen a muslim in the past 6 months only seen like 7 black people my whole life that i canremember
2017-12-19 14:31
Me too
2017-12-19 15:14
where do you live?
2017-12-19 15:20
Andorra, but I have lived in Norway
2017-12-19 15:36
well i guess when you live in a micronation sure
2017-12-19 15:40
There's basically just tan french people and Catalonians here
2017-12-19 16:03
Sweden MrIgnii 
Dont forget about latinas
2017-12-20 15:43
Not that many though Unless you call Hispanics Latinas (Which is wrong)
2017-12-20 16:06
Only Muslim
2017-12-16 20:35
Sweden k4rlsson 
Denmark 5% muslim, sweden 7%
2017-12-16 20:53
World ///fuck 
Lol fake, so many unregisted mjslims in sweden
2017-12-16 23:45
sweden 10million people denmark 6million people = sweden much more muslims
2017-12-17 01:17
By your autistic logic the US has more muslims too :)
2017-12-17 13:50
+1 hahdhahhhgah
2017-12-19 04:30
2017-12-19 08:49
Denmark happyDane 
rekt LUL
2017-12-19 17:46
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
? Det US has alot more muslims? Are you fucking retarded
2017-12-20 15:44
Sweden Dino1 
You sir, are plain stupid.
2017-12-19 03:46
Sir? Are you assuming my gender???
2017-12-19 04:21
fuck off sweden has 18% muslims/africans/arabs
2017-12-19 03:48
New zealand isn't a white country either
2017-12-20 16:08
we are white
2017-12-20 16:10
Add in another 7 % not in the system.
2017-12-19 15:36
s1mple | 
France Selkom 
u small
2017-12-16 20:35
Sorry, can't hear you over the flapping of your white flag!
2017-12-16 20:40
s1mple | 
France Selkom 
i say U SMALL
2017-12-16 21:04
2017-12-16 22:10
s1mple | 
France Selkom 
Well sweden need better medical assistance
2017-12-17 00:40
And what the fuck did you do in world war 2? We (Britain) fought with our French brothers on the beaches to save your pathetic nation from gettting ass raped. Fuck off swedistan
2017-12-17 00:58
2017-12-17 12:01
We didn't need any help against Germans, we got along with them nicely.
2017-12-17 12:15
Sweden magist3rn 
Why fight in a war that isnt our war? thats like saying wtf did china do in the 30 years war. Why get almost destroyed and kill of our male population and hurt our country by going to war over nothing? Stupid comment.
2017-12-17 12:42
Bangladesh Ploxzz 
It was a world war dude :O it was our war
2017-12-17 12:53
Sweden magist3rn 
Just cause its a world war doesnt mean its our war. It became a world war as soon as England joined the war because they had land in every continent. The war had nothing to do with sweden at all.
2017-12-17 15:04
Stupid Comment? There's the truth pal. You'd be speaking German and heiling the reich if it wasn't for the Russians, French and British
2017-12-18 08:39
"England joined the war because they had land on every continent" Huh. Wasn't because of operation sea lion? No? You clearly know nothing about world war 2, the Battle of Britain or operation sealion. But "neutral" swedistan were very brave of course. No doubt would have fallen to the nazis had the allies not stepped in. Smh.
2017-12-18 08:41
That's not even what he said lol. He said it became a world war because England joined it with all land they owned in other continents.
2017-12-19 15:34
You obviously can't read? Swedistan cunt.
2017-12-19 15:57
That's not even what he said lol.
2017-12-19 15:58
Make up more excuses why you fannies didn't join the war. Swedistan cowards saved by the British
2017-12-19 16:00
Hmm, saved by the British? That's a new one. I've never heard it in Sweden, that anyone said we were saved by the ones fleeing and being trapped on their own island. Here you are as much irrelevant as the other. Instead we speak of how mother winter-bear rolled up the German defenses. But hey, if you're a little one you've got to sound, right?
2017-12-19 16:09
Autism. How can we flee if we're on an island. No back bone in any swede, all typical cowards, couldn't make a solider of any of you.
2017-12-19 17:12
Turkey AsLanMashadV 
You are talking like u were at the war fighting, pls stop
2017-12-20 15:52
It's our past. They fought for our present, educate yourself
2017-12-21 11:08
Sweden magist3rn 
You clearly don't know geography. The reason for the second world war being named "the second world war" is because the war happened on every continent. The reason for it being a world war is because france, England and the dutch had colonies in asia, north and south america and afrika. Sweden had nothing to do with this war. Just cause the war is named a world war doesnt mean that every country had a reason or had to go to war. So i would say you are the one not knowing shit haha. And saying we didnt do anything in the war is completely retarded we were neutral only on paper.
2017-12-24 22:46
Just like Ireland we're neutral whilst they helped nazi scum.
2017-12-25 04:13
Nope it wasn't. Just as it wasn't Finlands, Norways or Denmarks war before they all got invaded since they had the same policy of neutrality.
2017-12-19 15:39
Someone gets it.
2017-12-25 04:14
Sweden Dino1 
What? A country stayed neutral instead of killing people?? OMG THEY ARE SO BAD!!
2017-12-19 03:47
neutral and allowed germany to use their country to invade their neighbours?
2017-12-19 03:50
Sweden Dino1 
Mehh, i know the story since i'm Swedish. Just stupid logic right here. World wars or any kind of wars are a disgrace to humanity.
2017-12-19 03:51
Please keep telling yourself that. Big respect to the ANZAC above , an example of a country who did something for the greater good, unlike swedistan
2017-12-19 08:46
I see germany more as our brothers. We had people that helped Germany and ppl that helped finland and Norway. We were neutral on paper but thats not 100% true.
2017-12-19 16:52
Argentina dieguitwow 
2017-12-19 04:01
how come? there must be some terrorist attack going on if u cant hear him
2017-12-16 22:19
s1mple | 
France Selkom 
i laugh they heard me now im dead
2017-12-17 00:51
s1mple | 
France Selkom 
remember my name
2017-12-17 00:51
Israel PapaObama 
wouldnt be surprised tbh
2017-12-17 11:58
Brazil Karl_Tanner 
Sweden used to be the best country till cultural marxism took over.
2017-12-16 20:37
+1, everywhere that cultural marxism takes over, destroys totally the society
2017-12-16 22:15
Sweden MrIgnii 
Im actually marxist, whats the problem with that?
2017-12-20 15:45
Then, you dont know how bad that is
2017-12-20 23:49
Sweden MrIgnii 
Maybe you dont know how bad capitalism is
2017-12-21 07:55
Actually capitalism is not perfect, but communism is just impossible its called utopia for a reason. Capitalism does have people starving, but not that much people has communism has in fact, you starve people to death in purges to reach to the "new men" idea that is impossible, your ideology is a murderous and full lies ideology, the only rich people in communism are the people in power, while the other people starve to death with no freedom its called the dictatorship of proletariat for a reason, no dictatorship is a democracy. Also the eastern europe is poor because of years and years of communism your ideology destroys every economy where it passes by and guess what? it will take them years and years to regain their economy. Also communism has killed more then 100 million people and its still counting nowadays with north korea and cuba. Your ideology goes against human nature you want to make something perfect that is not perfect and it will never be because its impossible to make human nature perfect, its sinful and imperfect. And last but not last, you are a communist, you are a marxist, you should go live to north korea or cuba :D im sure they would recieve you with open arms and you would like it a lot, instead of living in sweden a country that is not communist go live to north korea and cuba, where you will have no freedom at all, no internet, you will be a slave of the state, you will have no private property, almost no food, and if you try to leave the country to another one, they will try to murder you or torture you brutally, in other words you will be a total slave, but im sure you will like it there :D
2017-12-21 13:25
Sweden MrIgnii 
Youre so bored to write all that and youre wrong if you think im going to read it. This world needs communism and as I see talking with you is not gonna get it
2017-12-21 15:04
so, you mean this world needs more 100 million deaths, gulags, starvations, dictatorships etc etc? plz, the western world does not need people like you, go live to north korea or cuba.
2017-12-21 15:25
Sweden MrIgnii 
Im not going to live anywhere dude, one day sweden will be comunist and maybe portugal aswell because we all will realize its the best way to live and capitalism has got all those things youve said but the government hide them
2017-12-21 15:40
no it does not have gulags, proletariat dictatorship, murderous ideology, lack of democracy, does not people pratice their faith, does make the whole country poor, thats communism. And guess what, sweden, france, netherlands, germany all EU rich countries are rich because they are capitalist. None of them are communist or were communist before thats why they are not poor. Communism makes people slaves of the state, Portugal will never be communist for your rage :D the communist party always takes less then 5 per cent of the votes in election everybody despises them except communists and guess what? neither sweden will be communist in fact, #SD2018, and you proved my point, no communist likes to live in communist countries, they only live in capitalism like you, communism is so good that people try run away from it and get shot for it :D "the world needs communism" deluded.
2017-12-21 20:21
Sweden MrIgnii 
Again, do you think im going to read all that? Fucking addicted to capitalism
2017-12-21 20:28
You cant read it because you know its truth but i will resume it for you, neither Portugal or sweden will be communist, #SD2018 and communist party of my country never gets more then 5 per cent of the votes, sit on it and cry about it, go live to north korea.
2017-12-21 20:34
Sweden MrIgnii 
Lol since when has people voted to go communist. Did the people do it on china?and on cuba? And on the ussr?
2017-12-21 20:37
Brazil Felipebrze 
2017-12-17 00:45
You spelled Norway wrong
2017-12-16 20:37
Norway is a wannabe Sweden. They wish they could be us.
2017-12-16 20:38
2017-12-16 20:38
2017-12-16 22:29
haha no
2017-12-17 01:04
Norway does not want to be sweden. Their politicians specifically uses sweden as "what not to do". And they should.
2017-12-19 15:40
We will be g8 if we send arabs to their shithole where they belongs, and we must end crazines of socialism
2017-12-16 20:42
Racism doesn't solve anything, we should accept everyone and not judge them based on their ethnicity or skin color.
2017-12-16 20:43
I judge them on rape and crimas that they commit, u must be braindamaged if u don't see this madness
2017-12-16 20:52
The madness is in the politicians ignoring the problems and in the few percentage of criminal immigrants. Most immigrants don't want you any harm
2017-12-16 22:13
if you don't count muslim immigrants, that's true
2017-12-16 22:26
2017-12-16 22:34
majority of muslim immigrants support sharia law and therefore do want to harm people
2017-12-16 22:35
I don't know any muslim that supports sharia law, but whatever your right wing media is scaring you into believing, idc.
2017-12-16 22:36
"I don't know any muslim that supports sharia law" yeah, that's literally an anomaly
2017-12-16 22:37
According to who? You? Some unreliable alt right news site? My opinions are based on what I've experienced and what everyone I talk to have experienced. Your view of Sweden however is only based on what you've read.
2017-12-16 22:39
Nice imgur pic. As I said before.
2017-12-17 02:25
Sweden Chicklick2 
2017-12-17 13:03
You are blind. I live in a small town with 3 000 people. And it has never been any crime here. Its rarely someone even fucking sells weed here. But last 2 years we have got 4 "flyktingförläggningar" and in those 2 years there have been: Rape, check Robbery, check House burglary epidemic, check Burned down stores, check Drugs, check Overdose deaths, check Not to mention our "state" welfare has gotten ATLEAST 500% more funding to suppurt more and more muslims.
2017-12-19 15:51
Has nothing to do with supporting sharia law. I'm not saying the immigration that happened in 2015-2016 wasn't a clusterfuck and had big consiquences, because it did. It was a huge failure and we're still dealing with it because of passive politicians
2017-12-19 16:01
Oh okey, sorry. Must have missed that it was about sharia law muslims specifically. All the muslim defenders gets blended together sometimes. They destroy their countries and the funny thing is that we pay the price for it :D
2017-12-19 16:17
They didn't destroy their countries, people can't help where they're born
2017-12-19 16:25
You are right, their countries wasent made that way, it was like now from the start.
2017-12-19 17:31
haha okey, what did you just prove? nothing. You just showed a picture of sharia law muslims vs 70s. Are you saying we introduced it to them? :D
2017-12-19 17:51
No you and me, but it has a lot to do with global geopolitics and USA fighting the Soviet by assisting Osama bin laden who then fought against the soviets. The US have done this even in recent times, supporting rebels and ISIS in order to fight Assad (which happened to be backed by Russia). There's many global powers involved
2017-12-19 17:57
Sweden Dino1 
Discussing immigrants with an polak LUL
2017-12-19 03:48
over half of all african/arab/muslim immigrants commit 1 serious crime in their life
2017-12-19 03:52
2017-12-19 12:21
2017-12-19 14:32
nice stats bro
2017-12-19 15:34
you calling me a liar?
2017-12-19 15:37
I'm laughing at made up statistics
2017-12-19 15:39
i swear i had it saved somewhere :/ i have plenty of other stats that dont prove that but should help make my post seem believable
2017-12-19 16:00
+1, some people are too blind
2017-12-16 22:16
thanks man! I love sweden, and i like blonde girls, and they like me too since im nice to them
2017-12-16 23:24
Denmark JustYes 
if SD wins next year they might be able to save Sweden
2017-12-17 01:13
Sweden magist3rn 
Save sweden? Save it from what? We are already sending back quite alot of immigrants so theres no need for SD, M has kinda the same idea on immigration as SD does.
2017-12-17 12:46
Denmark JustYes 
from what I've heard M and S are pretty alike
2017-12-22 00:31
Sweden Trkmag 
>Fascists >Save Sweden Choose one
2017-12-19 12:40
I think if you end socialism this first problem will disappear.
2017-12-17 02:31
Ye it's true, w/o social arabs will move somewhere they don't have to work to have decent life
2017-12-17 11:55
One of the best. Would prefer living in germany or canada though
2017-12-16 20:55
Don't move to Germany or Sweden. Trust me.
2017-12-17 01:05
2017-12-17 01:44
trust me
2017-12-17 16:25
Germany popaxanny 
Hot women-true rich culture-true rich people-dont know about that high iq-no u are dumb as fuck vikin blood-dont know if u can be proud of that realy great beard-countrys with way better beards exist amazing cs-no great genetics -dont know about that
2017-12-16 20:57
Lithuania YungDavid 
Hot women? Yes but only fuck with negros and muhammeds. Rich culture? yes but about to be replaced by third world culture. High IQ? yes but not for Long. Viking blood? yes but not for Long. Really great beards? yes and i dont think that will Change in the future. Amazing at CS? not in 2017, but good Tier 2 Teams. Great genetics? yes but if u cant sustain them their worthless.
2017-12-16 20:59
Sweden Revil0csgo 
+1 sweden is best
2017-12-16 22:12
2017-12-16 22:16
1.swe 2.nor
2017-12-16 22:17
Based on crime statistics and living standards 1. Norway 2. Denmark 3. Sweden 4. Finnland
2017-12-17 01:08
world or scandinavia
2017-12-17 01:11
Scandenavia, but Norway, Denmark and Sweden are in the top 10 (Norway is a contender for 1 and Denmark is definetly top 4)
2017-12-17 01:18
Sweden magist3rn 
Finland isnt even in scandinavia...
2017-12-17 12:48
2017-12-17 16:22
Finland dotto 
watefak Finland best, no bias.
2017-12-17 12:19
Finland is the little loser cuck country who loves submitting to others. How are you enjoying the obligatory Swedish?
2017-12-19 16:06
How are you enjoying mass immigration?
2017-12-19 16:20
2017-12-21 07:52
Finland dotto 
Expected from a Swede :DDDDD
2017-12-19 17:02
You Spelled Finland wrong
2017-12-19 16:19
so sorry, I'm half Norwegian and in Norway we spell it Finnland
2017-12-19 16:35
kalle | 
Norway Fant0s 
2017-12-19 20:41
Well, I guess I'm wrong.
2017-12-19 20:52
Norjan perkele
2017-12-20 15:39
But you have very bad servers on mm
2017-12-16 22:21
Sweden TDK Em1L 
What do you mean? I always get 1-2 ping, sometimes 5 maximum on le Swedish master race servers.
2017-12-16 22:37
Scandenavian people get low ping and only Scandenavians, the rest get shit
2017-12-17 01:09
Sweden magist3rn 
cause we got better internet.
2017-12-17 12:49
5ping-50ping the delay on these servers is insane, ping does not matter on north servers. The worst servers rn are Poland,Spain,North.
2017-12-19 16:55
u fucked ur country with all those immigrants but i agree otherwise on most of it
2017-12-16 22:23
Pretty ironic hearing that from an american
2017-12-16 22:38
im ok with western immigration, but africans and muslims aint compatible with western society imo
2017-12-16 23:21
mexicans are ?
2017-12-16 23:25
well some latino countries is fine, most of cuban people tend to be very nice.
2017-12-16 23:27
read again and answer then.
2017-12-16 23:31
id prefer it over muslims for sure... but i guess we'd be better of without them
2017-12-16 23:36
looking at your english you must be fakeflagger roflmao
2017-12-16 23:55
u can think what ever u want i dont rly care
2017-12-17 01:29
2017-12-17 13:06
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
muslim cold homosexual people. Probably worst country EU
2017-12-16 22:39
Sweden magist3rn 
Says a guy from poland. You are as third world as you can get in the western world.
2017-12-17 12:51
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
Poland >Sweden and dont cry ma frend
2017-12-17 13:17
Sweden magist3rn 
That is probably the worst bait that i have ever seen.
2017-12-17 15:05
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
Not bait Poland>Sweden /close
2017-12-17 15:22
2018 poland > 2018 sweden
2017-12-19 03:54
2017-12-19 10:47
2017-12-19 12:33
2017-12-21 07:53
viking blood swedes pick one
2017-12-16 22:40
viking blood
2017-12-17 12:35
Finland BillNye 
2017-12-16 22:42
2017-12-17 01:09
Yay finally we get mentioned :D
2017-12-17 01:44
Switzerland VerySwissGuy 
2017-12-19 15:26
Honestly, Denmark is pretty much the same. Accept for the fact that we have half the population of Sweden and we have insanely high taxes. (and no, i'm not trying to start a some sort of fight where 12yrs are gonna start arguing about who's better, what i said was meant to be positive)
2017-12-16 22:52
I saw your tax percentage, its insane!!! I tax 30%, and I thought that was much :P
2017-12-17 12:37
Sweden flippig 
sweden=denmark=norway all pretty much as good as a country gets
2017-12-17 12:51
Så trångsynt så att det är helt sjukt, bra för arbetslösa CHECK, bra för immigranter CHECK, bra för låginkomsttagare CHECK. När det kommer till kritan för oss som har en utbildning och har byggt en karriär så faller det, jag betalar ca 19 tusen i skatt. Det är mer än vad en kassörska på ica gör under en hel månad. Fattar du hur sjukt det låter? Visst vi har en exemplarisk välfärd men orättvis är den, varför ska jag GE pengar jag har tjänat ihop till Mohammad som totalt skiter i att utbilda sig och eller jobba. Dom här jävla sossarna är fan pesten i Sverige.
2017-12-19 10:54
Dominican Republic g8Q0wHY 
This is an international site, please write in English. Reported
2017-12-19 16:54
Im sorry, it was a respond to him, here is a translated verison of that post. So narrow minded that it's completely sick, good for unemployed CHECK, good for immigrants CHECK, good for low-income citizens CHECK. When it comes down to us that have an education and has built a career it falls, I pay about 19 thousand in tax. That's more than what a cashier on ica (a swedish supermarket) earns in a whole month. Do you feel how sick it sounds? Certainly, we have exemplary welfare, but injustice is it, why should I give money I have earned to Mohammad that doesnt give fuck about education or working. Socialism are the plague in Sweden.
2017-12-19 19:10
Dominican Republic g8Q0wHY 
2017-12-19 22:04
Europe MpK_ 
fuck taht i lived there for like 23 years, Shit country
2017-12-16 22:56
Norway SkaMathias 
Thats why you changed flag from swedish to norwegian on hltv?
2017-12-17 00:43
Europe MpK_ 
No. Moved to norway
2017-12-17 01:12
Norway SkaMathias 
Emh yes, I remember you had swedish flag earlier.
2017-12-17 01:54
Europe MpK_ 
Yeah, Lived in sweden until 28 november, 1 december i moved into my new home in oslo, norway
2017-12-17 02:29
Norway SkaMathias 
Welcome and enjoy brother
2017-12-17 03:16
could you list some of the major differences so far?
2017-12-17 13:02
Sweden naturen 
2017-12-17 12:40
Europe MpK_ 
Fuck you, skitland
2017-12-17 12:59
+1 norway 100% gooder
2017-12-17 12:50
Denmark > Sweden
2017-12-16 23:20
2017-12-17 12:38
Sweden naturen 
2017-12-17 12:40
2017-12-16 23:21
Finland is better
2017-12-16 23:25
You'll always be our bitches, you little dirty mongolians :) How are you enjoying the obligatory Swedish in your schools?
2017-12-17 01:00
fuckin rekt
2017-12-17 13:00
thats racist
2017-12-19 04:14
wow dude that's racist
2017-12-19 04:41
Actually Finland is better :(
2017-12-19 12:35
2017-12-17 11:58
Brazil AN89 
Which country is 100% heir of the Vikings? Denmark, Norway or Sweden?
2017-12-16 23:47
iceland, all those u listed are arabs
2017-12-17 02:00
2017-12-17 13:01
Switzerland sovereiign 
top kek
2017-12-19 03:44
Portugal FFaria 
2017-12-17 00:42
You say it as if it's something bad.
2017-12-17 12:21
Sweden naturen 
nt wildfire
2017-12-17 12:39
Portugal FFaria 
World Best Destination 2017, first european country win the award ;)
2017-12-19 03:41
nz > portugal tbh fam
2017-12-19 04:15
Sweden naturen 
in terms of what?
2017-12-19 15:38
no objections, have a good life!
2017-12-17 01:17
+0.5 Austria is better
2017-12-17 01:19
But high percentage of immigrants is huge disadvantage. Everything else is perfect btw.
2017-12-17 01:22
Gal Gadot + Bar Refaeli > All sweden girls. Israel has highest number of academics per capita in the world and the highest proportion of startups.
2017-12-17 12:52
I aren't think that
2017-12-17 13:33
Google it.
2017-12-18 15:14
And having the highest proportion of startups is positive?
2017-12-20 16:04
Moldova ez_4_shox 
Probably yes
2017-12-17 13:01
2017-12-17 13:35
Switzerland sovereiign 
If Sweden was so good you wouldn't have been forced to the edge of the world freezing your asses off :D jk I love you!
2017-12-19 03:43
with that name it has to be b8
2017-12-19 04:45
Fuck Sweden and fuck it's people
2017-12-19 08:52
Sweden naturen 
Fuck USA and fuck its people
2017-12-19 15:39
Sweden: 1. insecure people that have to boast about things to feel important 2. Likes to throw millions of dollars to a celebrity family who has never worked in their life, and have a delusion they can be that family sometime 3. Blind eye to immigration and immigrant crimes 4. Guys are gay hipsters, girls are sluts with 1kg makeup 5. Norway has better girls
2017-12-19 10:40
Finland dotto 
2017-12-19 17:04
United Arab Emirates Rashy 
Just becuase of Zlatan Ibrahimovic i agree.
2017-12-19 10:45
United Kingdom swellis 
Viking blood yet you turned out to have the softest male population of any country, n1 faggots
2017-12-19 10:48
African Union hdlmb 
Sweden has better countries both to it's left and right.
2017-12-19 10:56
2017-12-19 14:32
Finland dotto 
2017-12-19 17:04
'cause they are far from russia
2017-12-19 15:13
Hot women i give you that one. Viking blood yes! Great beards, im not 100 % satisfied with mine so maybe? Amazing cs yes. High iq? i dont se sweden having more or less then others. Awful politics, disgusting drug laws. Cold and dark for 6-7 months of the year. Muslims sucking the welfare dry. Weird genderless schools :S 10-15 years ago, hell yes! now? f no!
2017-12-19 15:29
United States jcv999 
Communism is coming... and so are the uneducated immigrants... Definitely not the best. That's how you have a country fall apart
2017-12-19 15:38
0/8 bait
2017-12-19 16:01
Sweden is the worst Nordic country lol.
2017-12-19 16:06
World TjaY02x 
best for allahu akbar
2017-12-19 16:07
Immigrants will ruin culture, wealth, hot women, viking blood and genetics in few decades. Have fun!
2017-12-19 16:13
Is this "viking blood" from finland?
2017-12-19 16:57
2017-12-20 15:41
not rich or high iq. bad weather.
2017-12-20 15:48
Turkey AsLanMashadV 
2017-12-20 15:55
Spain Arnau_Sil 
Uk laughing about bad weather lmfao
2017-12-21 16:01
Turkey AsLanMashadV 
swe is easily best country in the north
2017-12-20 15:54
Norway is better
2017-12-21 07:53
Agree, Sweden and Denmark are the best countries I think.
2017-12-21 07:56
Sweden osty17 
2017-12-21 08:10
Norway anMu 
"amazing at CS" sadly not anymore brota, it's not 2015
2017-12-21 11:11
Denmark Noevell 
Best country for immigrants and rapist yes
2017-12-21 14:08
Spain Arnau_Sil 
2017-12-21 16:00
2017-12-21 20:39
Spain Arnau_Sil 
Spain is way worse I know and? I'm surounded by moroccans and I'm sick of it
2017-12-21 20:56
2017-12-22 00:32
Not sure if the best but I've been in Sweden 3 times and I loved it
2017-12-22 00:39
sweden is fucking trash, full of muslims who rape innocent women and children. fuck you and your shitty ass fucking country and ego. i hate you bitch
2017-12-22 03:43
Germany Nuvock 
Germany is better.
2017-12-22 03:56
Europe vasseldomau 
What a joke Sharia is dominating this place that once was good!
2017-12-22 04:11
Europe vasseldomau 
The best place in the world cant have millions of muslins
2017-12-22 04:12
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