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Brazil zptz 
we have always been legends and I hope to continue, although this major is a joke, if this happens, I do not care about that shit 56:20
2017-12-18 23:26
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What a nice life, OP!
2017-12-18 23:27
expected fer "twofase" toleido
2017-12-18 23:27
can some monkey translate this animal language?
2017-12-18 23:28
Brazil zptz 
we have always been legends and I hope to continue, although this major is a joke, if this happens, I do not care about that shit You're so dumb
2017-12-18 23:29
excuses are ready it seems. This Major is going to be best major mankind has even seen and couple monkeys shouting doesnt change that
2017-12-18 23:30
>going to be best major >tyloo without BNTET You're so dumb
2017-12-18 23:32
WHY the Brazilian suited you so well
2017-12-18 23:37
OHHH sorry wasn't my intention
2017-12-18 23:53
mika | 
why did u change flag, your name is meant for brazil :(
2017-12-18 23:47
Fixed fam thank for warn
2017-12-18 23:55
That's weak bait, bro.
2017-12-18 23:35
Brazil zptz 
there are teams that have been looking for a chance in the major for years or even having a sticker with their name, and now the teams that did not even arrive halfway (if they were a normal major) are already inside the major fer also said that in the video
2017-12-18 23:36
Russia f0wlie 
fake brazilian spotted
2017-12-18 23:35
Brazil zptz 
que que se ta falando mano
2017-12-18 23:37
Sweden HasseHomo 
why does he think that this major is going to be a joke?
2017-12-18 23:38
Russia f0wlie 
he doesnt even say that :D
2017-12-18 23:42
Brazil zptz 
because of the major's new rules
2017-12-18 23:43
Sweden HasseHomo 
haha. well imagine my shock this coming from him.
2017-12-18 23:59
Brazil SUVACO 
because of the stickers he wants the stickers only to himself he work very hard for his stickers and thinks the major has no value now that everyone playing in the qualify have stickers
2017-12-19 00:28
RpK | 
Iceland pumtac 
I agree but I want XANTARES stickers. So I dont agree
2017-12-19 00:42
Russia Rusev 
2017-12-18 23:49
did you actually watch this?
2017-12-18 23:39
yeah, the interview was excellent. I would watch it again if needed
2017-12-18 23:40
Brazil zptz 
Yeah, so good to watch
2017-12-18 23:42
Fer = GOD
2017-12-19 00:31
fer is one of the most retarded persons in Sk 1) fer is arrogant 2) fer likes to make excuses too much 3) fer is rude in his twitter etc.
2017-12-19 00:34
Brazil nicknameBR123 
he's just a known troll
2017-12-19 00:37
tell me when fer made excuses i only see Taco doing it
2017-12-19 02:00
Brazil nicknameBR123 
Despite everyone's opinions about this coming major this interview is very good and he even talks about some stuff he never talked before, so worth watch it. Very humble guy, hopefully there's english subtitles so you guys can watch.
2017-12-19 00:37
> fer > humble guy pick one dude
2017-12-19 00:38
Brazil nicknameBR123 
I pick #27
2017-12-19 01:05
very weak excuse of this arrogant attitude dude... it looks too honest to be just trolling.
2017-12-19 01:14
Brazil zptz 
Watch fer's player profile and you will see if he is humble or not
2017-12-19 01:49
I wish i could understand primate
2017-12-19 02:05
Brazil nicknameBR123 
2017-12-19 02:32
thanks ik it's a high quality bait... i think i need some new glasses however
2017-12-19 02:39
Brazil nicknameBR123 
You might aswell try a glass of human semen, they say it's great for vision improvement.
2017-12-19 02:42
you have experience with this i presume?
2017-12-19 04:32
Brazil nicknameBR123 
Everyday, son.
2017-12-19 04:34
NiKo | 
Denmark happyDane 
Always legends OMEGALUL They are legends last 4 majors, while fnatic are 12 times legends. but expected from twofaced fer toledo
2017-12-19 02:43
Brazil jstrr 
They've been legends since kato 15, which was their first major. what are you on about
2017-12-19 04:43
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