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real madrid throwing ?
United States tampon_too_stronkh 
these guise are playing like lil grills wtf giving soo much to barca doesnt feel like a clasico wtf anyway ez 16.67 odds :D
2017-12-23 14:24
2017-12-23 14:25
you gotta be capeable of winning to throw matches real always gets cucked by barca
2017-12-23 14:25
lol check the ods for real now LUL
2017-12-23 14:27
yea they're a man down obviously they wont come back from this
2017-12-23 14:28
made the switch now
2017-12-23 14:30
Spain Ayrr 
169 games between RMD and FCB Balance says: 69 wins for RMD and 65 for FCB. cya, we got smashed today tho yeah
2017-12-23 14:59
Spain ferk 
No, we're just bad.
2017-12-23 14:28
dafuq is zidane doin man
2017-12-23 14:29
Spain ferk 
Zidane does many things wrong but he's not at fault of Carvajal and Kovacic believing they play for Barça in the first goal. He will be at fault if he puts them in the pitch again in the short term future with that attitude.
2017-12-23 14:37
but the overall decision makin has been off lately check twitter , headbutt spoilin his head memes all over LUL
2017-12-23 14:39
Spain ferk 
His obsession with playing Benzema at all costs is obviously hurting the team, because it's basically playing with one less player and things are more difficult this way. But what can we do about that, I mean, he's not going to bench him and Florentino just gave Benzema a new contract, unless Zidane gets the boot we're already doomed for the future, and even if we somehow get a new manager, there is no insurance of things getting better in this department. Best case scenario for us is Benzema going full Diaby and injuring himself for the rest of his career. It sounds bad being a fan and wishing your player to get injured, but... edit: but seeing how 'hard' Benzema plays his chances of getting injured are pretty low.
2017-12-23 14:47
couldnt have said any better . me personally like atletico more than real now i mean yeah real has the names but the decision makin and benzema fiasco has been killin them and messi just scored another while i am writing this LUL
2017-12-23 14:51
Spain ferk 
Well, Atlético isn't anything special right now, Simeone did things in the past that shouldn't have been possible with the players they had, but just yesterday he started Torres upfront, I mean, not as bad as playing Benzema but still not a good decision. Costa will be a big upgrade for the remaining of the season but they still play like shit anyway.
2017-12-23 14:58
but still better than real lately i mean check the statestecs man , la liga placings also say the same story. zi should have a long brainstormin session about how to tackle the matters now for reals near future as summer transfer approaches
2017-12-23 15:00
coldzera | 
Germany s1kecs 
16,67 odds?
2017-12-23 14:31
No... Barca the best team in the world :) #CryIsFree #BarcaN1 #FaZeN1
2017-12-23 14:31
tbh idc about any club. I just saw barca at top of the standings so I picked them, added some overdogs and easy 6x odds. ty fans
2017-12-23 14:32
omg i did the same LUL im gonna win a ticket of 5.54x odds if barca wins this , places 240$ Christmas monehh
2017-12-23 14:34
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
They are losing and they change benzema to nacho? Well done zizou
2017-12-23 14:36
yeah even commentators questionin this now real tryin everythin but barca wont let em do shit ! but its fun watchin real playin agressive now
2017-12-23 14:38
mb cuz benzema is shit?
2017-12-23 14:38
ile | 
Finland Vkims 
True but still he better than nacho
2017-12-23 14:42
why dint they do this earlier overall benzema has been off
2017-12-23 14:51
lmao that ronaldo miss xD
2017-12-23 14:38
xD ballsdragging miss bruh
2017-12-23 14:41
ty for money
2017-12-23 14:38
wtf u are talks you are notevn brazil
2017-12-23 14:40
ty for money real fangay :D
2017-12-23 14:41
2017-12-23 14:42
Denmark pdn- 
Benzema is horseshit and has been for many seasons now. Ronaldo is done, all he can do now is stand in front of goal and tap it home. Last season they were carried by the midfield of Casemiro, Kroos and Modric and they clearly cant do that again this season it seems.
2017-12-23 14:40
zizou keeping popular players just for sponsor money
2017-12-23 14:42
Denmark pdn- 
Benzema and Bale are done by the summer transfer window. Ronaldo should go play in the US. Modric and Kroos might be done as well. They should build around Isco, Casemiro and Asensio and find a striker.
2017-12-23 14:45
2017-12-23 14:40
hltv infamous user jangbi888 would say: Sure throw this one why would these people be working during xmas :D
2017-12-23 14:42
2017-12-23 14:44
ez 350$ bet @ 2.85 live odds ty real fangays #FORCABARCA
2017-12-23 14:44
if real wont win the cl they will kick zidane
2017-12-23 14:53
Myanmar xdavidlm 
Catalans rekting Spaniards. As usual
2017-12-23 14:56
Denmark muggge 
this is the 3rd time I see this today, feliz navidad
2017-12-23 15:06
Kovacic clearly throwing for the first goal lol sick tracking back. No urgency at all xD
2017-12-23 15:03
Korea yuh 
Zidane and Benzema, the two bald retards today, and the ref should eat ass
2017-12-23 15:04
Romania EdwardGabriel 
Lionel Messi dribbles, assists, creates chances and still SCORES goals.
2017-12-23 15:05
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