hostage has been rescued NOT
2017-12-30 02:54
lol these "cops" wanna be cowboys shoot before interpreting the situation properly what a clown state this is
2017-12-30 02:55
Hitler wasn’t any better
2017-12-30 04:49
Yes he was, he killed jews not innocents.
2017-12-30 05:06
omg i laughed so hard at that you made my day
2017-12-30 05:25
))) moy brrat
2017-12-30 09:10
hi clown
2017-12-30 11:36
get owned
2017-12-30 11:44
Soon you will be found not guilty when you shoot at the police :D Legit reason to fear for your life and defend yourself if you see flashing lights.
2017-12-30 02:55
he got what he deserved.. this is what yousget for playing on console. peasants
2017-12-30 03:04
Finland hotdog^ 
the guy that was killed didnt play though, he was some random innocent guy
2017-12-30 03:06
i know but he was a console player nevertheless, deserved
2017-12-30 03:23
REZ | 
North America f^rax 
Nope, he didn't play console at all. Your interpretation of this context is beyond stupid, think harder.
2017-12-30 05:05
He’s Jewish. He’s just jealous he didn’t the $1.50.
2017-12-30 11:40
2018-01-04 18:09
Albania XLN7 
Retard, read the article first. And ffs, how can you make stupid jokes about something serious like this?
2017-12-30 03:12
because human life isn't worth more than animal's life and if you think otherwise kys
2017-12-30 03:24
Said the child.
2017-12-30 03:47
Expected from Jews , the land taker and civilian killer
2017-12-30 04:59
Germany GiiGa88 
just look at his flag
2018-01-04 18:12
United States PsychoLogical 
COD community in a nutshell, swats swats swats. Full of retarded kids that need to kys for being bipolar
2017-12-30 03:07
2017-12-30 03:09
NA LUL gets shot when he opens door LUL
2017-12-30 03:13
damn, that made me laugh :D
2017-12-30 05:15
fuck this seriously. if you look at them the wrong way they will probably go bang bang skraaa @@@@@@@@@ boom
2018-01-04 18:10
Police violence will be available through Amazon Prime soon
2017-12-30 03:15
its okay buddy , you tried
2017-12-30 03:16
2017-12-30 03:20
world is fucked up LUL
2017-12-30 03:16
France GAITS 
No, American's brains are fucked up. Too much chemicals, fat and reality shows.
2017-12-30 03:48
nah, just humans in general ego, materialism.... people vibrating hate everywhere, theres no way back lol
2017-12-30 04:02
France GAITS 
It's not the same everywhere on earth. There's many places, many regions, many countries where this kind of shit will never happen because they're not braindead and know how to behave in community.
2017-12-30 04:04
REZ | 
North America f^rax 
i.e. denmark, iceland, switzerland etc.
2017-12-30 05:08
still the same motive, what changes is concepts and believes, but the source is all the same =p even if religion disapeared from earth, humans would find another reason to do the same shit... never gonna end xD
2017-12-30 05:40
NA btw
2017-12-30 03:17
BnTeT | 
Germany cucKing 
NA cops lmao.. I hope the cop who killed him goes to prison for at least two years.. same for the stupid kid who called the cops
2017-12-30 03:21
Finland hotdog^ 
nothing will happen to the cop i bet
2017-12-30 03:35
United States PsychoLogical 
The cop got suspended
2017-12-30 03:56
Finland hotdog^ 
with pay?
2017-12-30 03:57
United States PsychoLogical 
Idk according to articles, he just got suspended for what he did.
2017-12-30 03:58
"administrative leave" which is the same as paid time off.
2017-12-30 05:08
Sweden Trkmag 
Shoot civilians and get paid vacations, NA in a nutshell
2017-12-30 11:53
any time there is a shooting this happens, not just ones that might not be justified. clearly justified shootings still require an internal investigation and paid leave, it's protocol.
2017-12-30 19:02
REZ | 
North America f^rax 
he got suspended and is on paid administrative leave.
2017-12-30 05:11
He actually got swatted that is so damn sad. Hope they catch that moron and send him to jail for a lonnngggg time.
2017-12-30 03:30
United States PsychoLogical 
The cod community know who it was, his twitter got suspended after saying he didnt get anyone killed.
2017-12-30 03:57
United States PsychoLogical 
And another thing is that the guy was an serial swatter who has done these in the past, with apparently the bomb threat at the FCC being one of his works
2017-12-30 04:00
Brazil vinnyzeraNTC 
"That results in an excessive display of force from police, who have no other information to go on and typically respond to such calls with an extraordinary amount of aggression." LUL NA "In this case, Wichita local Andrew Finch, whose family members say did not play video games and was a father of two young boys, answered his door only to face down a SWAT team-level response. One officer IMMEDIATELY FIRED upon Finch, who later died at a hospital. It’s unclear why Finch, who is said NOT TO HAVE A WEAPON ON HIM, was fired upon." LUL NA²
2017-12-30 03:37 @ 4 min Interview with the swatter.
2017-12-30 04:10
"Due to the actions of a prankster we have an innocent victim," Wichita deputy police chief Troy Livingston said during a press conference Friday night. " Swatting people is dumb but inexperienced 'murica cops shooting is just ... 'murica. Interview really shows how dumb this kid is. Have an HLTV day! -VeryHLTVGuy
2017-12-30 04:21
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd 
NA cops at its finest, so sorry for the guy that died :/
2017-12-30 04:29
NA cops are literally the biggest criminal organization
2017-12-30 04:50
if u want to get away with killing innocent people just get a job @police department ez imo
2017-12-30 05:17
"Lisa Finch said the family was forced outside barefoot in freezing cold and handcuffed after the shooting. She said her granddaughter was forced to step over her dying uncle and that no guns were found in the home." Wow, just wow
2017-12-30 05:22
Finland hotdog^ 
2017-12-30 09:09
Other VladimirLucas 
lmao Americans what do you expect? their whole culture is fully of bullying and mockery makes me disgusted to even have american friends
2017-12-30 11:46
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