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Sweden Madrigals1 
People complained about old system for about year, but now that there is Swiss system, they want it back. Jesus, how stupid HLTV "analysts" are? Prime example of old groups system - ESL One Cologne: - SK, Fnatic and G2 - 3 top 4 teams at that moment in the same group, with 4th team being FaZe who were #8. - Na'Vi, F3 and Gambit getting legends spot due to other groups being shit, all of them got shrekt in QF. - Fnatic having easy opponent (Gambit) to get into semis. - Liquid having easiest run of their life, being lucky to win against slumping Na'Vi, slumping Fnatic to get into Finals + being heavily carried by s1mple. - SK getting easiest major belt of their life, rekting Liquid 16-7 16-6 (who were just lucky to be in finals), only team that wasn't shit at Cologne 2016 except SK was VP, whom SK won, but otherwise easy major and Astralis was not bad, but they had 2 standins. Swiss system is definitely not worse than old system.
2017-12-31 11:44
Portugal beast_ 
2017-12-31 11:45
2017-12-31 13:24
2017-12-31 13:30
Germany Constikdw 
+1 Swiss is much better
2017-12-31 11:46
Ukraine CISfan[Guy] 
Navi shit? U shit
2017-12-31 11:49
i remember you, you are the guy who never has arguments when trying to argue. Talking to you is waste of time.
2017-12-31 13:06
Ukraine CISfan[Guy] 
Navi maybe was shit this year but was good with Zeus in that moment u mean
2017-12-31 13:09
Only guy performing good in Na'Vi lineup at that moment was Edward, they were highly slumping. They went from constant top-3 to top-10, and the fact that they lost to Liquid does explain more than i do.
2018-01-02 11:04
i remember you, you are the guy who never has arguments when trying to argue. Talking to you is waste of time.
2017-12-31 13:17
"Liquid having easiest run of their life, being lucky to win against slumping Na'Vi, slumping Fnatic to get into Finals + being heavily carried by s1mple." what absolute bullshit rofl, Liquid's run to the final was probably the hardest they could get barring SK
2017-12-31 11:49
Germany ZMTL 
Thanks for defending Liquid. :-)
2017-12-31 11:55
They had group with VP, nV and mouz (last two were absolute garbage at that time) and were 2nd in group after VP. They beat Na'Vi who were 1 step to disband at that moment. They beat Fnatic who also disbanded not a long time after. When they met SK, s1mple didn't carry them and they got shrekt
2017-12-31 13:10
You obviously know nothing about the tournament. "They had group with VP, nV and mouz (last two were absolute garbage at that time) and were 2nd in group after VP." Other than the group of death (Faze, Fnatic, G2, SK) there weren't any other tough groups. The other two groups had some absolute garbage teams, also. Group A had Astralis with their coach, and 3 teams that were on the same level as Mouz and Envyus. Group B had " Na'Vi who were 1 step to disband at that moment.", Flipsid3, and two teams that lost to fucking Flipsid3. The teams in the playoffs were Na'Vi, Gambit, Liquid, Fnatic, Flipsid3, VP, SK, and Astralis. Liquid played against: -Fnatic - yes they eventually disbanded, but they also went on to get 2nd at Eleague Season 1 -Na'Vi - Na'Vi was not a great team, but for a quarterfinal matchup, they were pretty average -SK - the best team in the tournament Liquid didn't play: -Flipsid3 - the shittiest team in the playoffs, what a fucking joke -Astralis - without dupreeh and with BOT zonic, and Astralis was only in the playoffs because they beat fucking Dignitas 16-14 -Gambit - a fucking joke, got dad-dicked 16-3 and 16-5 by fnatic in the quarterfinals -VP - VP was a good team, but Liquid already played in the group stage, so they couldn't play against VP until the finals So yeah they got destroyed in the finals, but Liquid had an average or harder than average run at Cologne 2016. I agree that the old GSL system had flaws. but when you use bad examples, it makes your argument worse.
2018-01-01 05:31
You are saying exact the same thing as i do, but using other words, like if it wasn't me who said, that teams in QF were so shit because of old GSL system, which led to Liquid meeting only slumpng teams until finals. All because every fucking team except SK and VP was bad, thats why all this shit happened. Liquid did have easy run not because they met easier teams than SK (which is true, but not the case), but because QF had only 2 strong teams. When you meet shit team team and win, it doesn't make you good. It just makes you less shittier than the team you won. Well i forgot, right after Cologne Liquid -s1mple turned them from top1 NA team to arguably top3 at that moment. All my arguments are based on the fact, that tournament was shit, groups were shit, quarterfinals were shit and finals were ULTRASHIT. Saying, that Liquid didn't have easy run is just plain stupid.
2018-01-02 11:00
Gas | 
Austria AdolF 
Yeah like Immortals reaching QF by beating F3, Navi and Vega GSL with bo3 for elimination and promotion matches
2017-12-31 11:56
France Gneronimot 
Yeah Immortals had a pretty easy run but GSL is either full bo3 or shit
2017-12-31 17:43
Gas | 
Austria AdolF 
even gsl with bo1 is better then swiss
2018-01-01 00:12
Russia Jovik 
Swiss system is obviously much better. I like it. 2 wins is not enough to secure the playoffs, it should not be so.
2017-12-31 11:58
And 2 losses = go home. With swiss system you have 3 matches at least 3.
2017-12-31 13:33
Yeah, as I said, it's a much better system. I sincerely think so. Don't you agree?
2017-12-31 14:39
I agree. Never liked GSL.
2017-12-31 14:40
Now a silly addup, I deadly wish Team EnVyUs will go a bit further than Major Qualifier and what team you'd want to see succeeding?
2017-12-31 14:42
I have a liking for many teams, but I don't cheer any specific team. SK, Astralis, G2, mouz, VP, Na`Vi, Gambit, Vega, 100 thieves, Liquid, fnatic... Other teams are a bit less interesting for me, but I'd like to see they're succeeding as well.
2017-12-31 14:51
At least we may agree we'd like to see a great show overall.
2017-12-31 17:27
BnTeT | 
Indonesia TopChek 
Tbh i would say envy don't have such a big chance, since there is teams like liquid (but they have zews), faze, i wouldn't say ss are better than envy just cause they won EU minor championship over envy but they are almost at same level, Mouz, Navi in my opinion there is so much better teams and better qualifying chance, but you never know
2017-12-31 17:39
I'm aware of that but I speak my heart, not mind. I just want it to happen even though I realise how big a chance for this.
2017-12-31 19:16
BnTeT | 
Indonesia TopChek 
I totally understand that i want to see TyLoo to get into major through the qualifier and show some asian cs
2017-12-31 20:55
I would be happy of that too because Asia would bring so much more into CS.
2018-01-01 04:58
still better than krakow joke where fucking BIG abusing some glitch on inferno playing 3x this map securing legend status
2017-12-31 13:13
Mongolia AfRiCaNnIgErO 
idk how other but i had tons of fun watching their games lol tons of money aswell lul
2017-12-31 13:23
No one forced their opponents to keep inferno in map pool.
2017-12-31 13:31
suck my ockc
2018-01-01 05:32
title gives cancer, fuck the swiss system
2017-12-31 13:14
2017-12-31 13:23
We are better in absolute everything
2017-12-31 13:28
Europe keNLey94 
the swiss system is better no matter what people are saying you can meet everyone in the group and you don't win or lose the group without it is deserved
2017-12-31 13:39
Poland KamilOnline 
But I think the new Katowice system is better than old Cologne and Swiss system
2017-12-31 13:59
Ex6TenZ | 
Finland qBeY 
People have complained about Swiss system for half a year
2017-12-31 17:28
Turkey Shadowdances 
Why there is no lower bracket in cs like dota guys ?? Im new here for cs.scene but i followed dota 2 pro area since 2013 mushi orange team and there had been always lower bracket in dota 2 major championships.... Why dudes just why ?
2018-01-01 00:17
Just want to say that XANTARES is trash and i feel thank you
2018-01-01 05:33
Turkey Shadowdances 
Iam thanking feel you u
2018-01-01 07:19
Brazil cadik 
+1 only faze fans are scared of swiss system
2018-01-01 07:20
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