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100 Pushups - 100 Squats - 100 Curls
Switzerland PetrChelcicky 
Title. I'm going to do this at least 5 days a week and post here. Who's with me? If you want to join just post in this thread each day confirming you did you your exercises. You might not want to do all 3 things or you actually plan on doing more -- that's great. Just do what you want and post here each day you did it. I actually plan on doing more than those 3 because I also like to do planks and calve raises.
2018-01-07 23:50
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-07 23:51
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-09 03:59
United States VerySwoleGuy 
Tomorrow you do double, brother - VerySwoleGuy
2018-01-09 08:31
Sweden F03BIA 
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-09 19:05
00:50 --> 00:51 = Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks. catched you slim medkitter
2018-01-10 13:43
Catched me? I did them before making the thread. I got the idea for the thread while working-out. You caught nothing. =o] BTW, the past tense of catch; is caught.
2018-01-10 13:46
Sweden F03BIA 
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-10 17:53
New Zealand JK_77 
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-13 03:22
Sweden F03BIA 
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-13 08:45
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-07 23:52
Are you also drinking a bottle of Red Wine like me? :O
2018-01-07 23:55
dont drink alcohol at all. it isnt good for you.
2018-01-07 23:56
True. Not gonna argue with you.
2018-01-07 23:58
many things arent good for you you dirty muslim. an occasional drink aint gonna do fuck all
2018-01-08 00:30
dirty? we pray 5 times a day. in order to pray, we must be in a clean state. google 'wudu'. if you ejaculate, you have to take a shower. google 'ghusl'. and an occasional drink? alcohol is the mother of MANY problems in society. it also has little to no benefit in it. it is always more harmful than good for you. please don't be ignorant and do your research. turn off the television, speak to muslims and start reading. :)
2018-01-08 00:33
i dont watch television and i dont really drink alcohol and i dont really care about muslims but i would really prefer if u stfu about ur religious crap everywhere and a good beer or wine is fucking tasty that is enough benefit for me
2018-01-08 00:43
if you don't like it, ignore it. and if you do want to drink alcohol, please relocate to an island in the middle of nowhere by yourself and do not have children. thank you.
2018-01-08 00:44
shut the fuck up dirty muslim cunt go pray to your gay child molester god and keep your ugly brainwashed opinion out of this website
2018-01-08 00:45
dirty? no. this is baseless and you are now delusional. gay? no child molester? no brainwashed? keep calling me 'dirty' even though i, as a muslim, have to wash myself VERY often. you also like drinking alcohol even though i've shown that it can affect your DNA. for some reason, you think islam is 'bad' even though it's really what is best for you - that is the issue; you don't like being told what to do and you are arrogant. just the way satan was arrogant when he said he is better than our ancestor adam because he got to rule over the earth instead of him. :) i shall end my comment with a more hltv-like phrase: cry is free
2018-01-08 00:48
u focus ur lfie around a fairytale xD pathetic! /closed
2018-01-08 00:56
/open if it's a fairytale, prove it wrong! <3 p.s. this 'fairytale' helps me to lead a pretty damn healthy and clean life. it's been the same 1400 years ago too :O /close
2018-01-08 00:57
are you retarded? you claim its true, so prove it! but there is no proof for anything, ergo its a fairytale. you can lead a pretty good life without believing in fairytales too. /closed
2018-01-08 00:59
/open the burden of proof is upon the one making the claim! 'u focus ur lfie around a fairytale xD' prove that my life is based around a 'fairytale'. also, there is plenty of proof to the contrary, but i've already proven that you're delusional so you're blind to it. Qur'an 2:171 - The example of those who disbelieve is like that of one who shouts at what hears nothing but calls and cries cattle or sheep - deaf, dumb and blind, so they do not understand. you have no right to decide what is good since you clearly have no religion. P.S. PROVE YOUR CLAIM. /closed
2018-01-08 01:02
your claim is that the quran is not a fairytale. you have to prove it. you cant. its thus a fairytale. you are delusional and retarded. /closed
2018-01-08 01:05
/open i haven't made such a claim. if i made it, i would prove it. so why dont you prove your claim correct? oh wait - you can't. thus it is not a fairtytale. <3 you are dumb, deaf and blind - exactly like the qur'an described the disbelievers i.e. you. /close
2018-01-08 01:06
well, if you didnt makje the claim, you admit you believe in a fairytale. fucking retard. /closed
2018-01-08 01:09
/open not claiming x=1 =/= admitting x=2 nt blind, dumb, deaf disbeliever /closed
2018-01-08 01:10
stop replying to me you fucking retarded religious sheep
2018-01-08 01:11
the sheep here is you. :) i know you might've had bad experiences (awww poor you <3) but you have to let go of that and actually face facts.
2018-01-08 01:12
i said stop replying u retarded religious sheep
2018-01-08 01:13
no, you delusional, blind, dumb, deaf sheep. btw, you're the real sheep here - you just follow what everyone else is following and get really emotional for some unknown reason. in sha Allah you will come to the truth. :)
2018-01-08 01:14
ok, noone cares you retarded religious sheep and its not gonna get better if u keep saying "no u" like a fucking 10 year old, now stfu
2018-01-08 01:34
you're the one saying 'no u' go away ;)
2018-01-08 01:36
no, you fucking degenerate cave troll, that is what you are doing. fucking pathetic wimp
2018-01-08 01:43
World ZMDR 
learn to have a discussion without typing like a degenerate. see you in a week.
2018-01-09 05:15
what discussion? there is no discussion to be had with deluded, misguided, mentally ill people. now stfu
2018-01-09 05:17
World ZMDR 
"I think hes an uncultured monkey so I'll act like a monkey too"
2018-01-09 05:18
also you just did it again further proving my point
2018-01-08 01:54
how do u know that your god is real?
2018-01-09 00:52
World ZMDR 
He doesn't and no one does, hence why most religions are referred to as a person's "faith".
2018-01-09 05:19
If that question was anwserable do you think anyone d argue about it ? so that ques doesnt mean anything
2018-01-17 23:43
so Quran is a fairystyle ? May i ask have you ever read it in your life and tried to understand it truly for once?
2018-01-17 23:37
thats not the way you supposed to approach someone ignorant as a muslim
2018-01-17 23:30
that's not the way to give advice as a muslim IF i did xyz wrong then tell me abc to correct it ty anyway
2018-01-18 00:04
you were being rude there and thats what triggered him . you should ve been more polite no matter what he says btw are you polish ?
2018-01-18 00:10
i do agree that i could have been more polite but the outcome would have been the same yes im polish i live in the uk
2018-01-18 00:11
ofc he wouldnt admit that he was wrong but at some point he will question it for sure . how did you become muslim ?
2018-01-18 00:12
randomly came across some videos to do with islam just before last ramadan, after that i found debate videos in london, speakers corner
2018-01-18 00:14
nice I m happy for you and how did your parents react
2018-01-18 00:18
didnt tell them, eventually found out i got threats to be kicked out etc i got by and as far as they're concerned i dont have a religion all good for now
2018-01-18 00:42
i am straight edge so i am better than you
2018-01-09 08:34
ur a punk so ur better than me? makes no sense. ur a punk
2018-01-09 14:43
i am straight edge so i am better than you
2018-01-09 18:05
nice meme but ur not
2018-01-09 18:23
yes, i am better than you and that's because i am straight edge.
2018-01-09 18:26
2018-01-09 18:26
-Punk -Straight Edge Pick up one
2018-01-09 20:08
i actually dont know whats going on
2018-01-09 20:08
Brazil hltvsuckers2 
A Polish saying alcohol is not good for health... Mind-blowing!
2018-01-10 00:56
ScreaM | 
Canada Lokomo 
Red wine is good for the heart. Look it up.
2018-01-19 01:46
but did you have a very astralis day
2018-01-08 01:25
Come on guys, lets not be lazy-good-for-nothing-HLTV-losers who just waste their life away on the computer! Listen to the Outcast song "Get Up Get Out"
2018-01-07 23:54
Portugal paladinpt 
Saitama approves this
2018-01-07 23:54
United States GitnGuder 
What’s your bf%
2018-01-07 23:55
Never measured but I'm guessing around 18-22. I'm 6ft 190lb. I was working out very regularly for over a year and was down to 165lb and super fit but I got lazy last summer and stopped working out. If I'm not trying hard 190lb is my normal weight though.
2018-01-07 23:58
United States GitnGuder 
I’m 6’2 192 ~22% About what weight did you have a 6 pack?
2018-01-08 01:07
nah. I had one starting to show but just normal standing I didn't have one. I could flex and one would show though. I might be closer to 25 now. It's hard for me to judge though since I've never had it checked and don't really know what to look for. I can only go off guys on YouTube and what they claim to be.
2018-01-08 01:11
United States GitnGuder 
You can use a measuring tape to find it
2018-01-08 01:20
United States GitnGuder 
Look up us navy body fat calculator
2018-01-08 01:33
Ok, Thanks.
2018-01-08 01:37
im pretty sure that's broken because there's no way i have 6% body fat
2018-01-08 23:52
United States GitnGuder 
It doesn’t work for everyone.
2018-01-09 05:09
by my calculations, if your muscles atrophied and you weigh gained weight to 190, you wouldn't have been 0 then, but 1/5 of weight you gain whether it is muscle or not is not fat, it is things like vein and skin, you would be around 25%, not bad if you stayed active and it is subcutaneous fat you would look fine.
2018-01-09 05:51
I'm definitely not fat looking at all. I have a slight belly right now but you can't even really see it if I'm wearing a shirt. IMO I wear 190lb well. I actually think I start looking too thin when I'm down around 165-170lb. In 2010 I rode a bicycle 2500 miles across the US and went from 195 to 165 during the 40 day trip and then continued to ride once I was home and got down to 155lb but I started looking really skinny by that point. Though my legs were looking fit :D
2018-01-09 19:11
nice job, some people dont look good thin, but if you broaden your shoulders and back compared to not, 5-8 pounds of muscle there really makes a difference in looking bigger.
2018-01-09 19:43
I naturally have broad shoulders.
2018-01-09 19:48
then the thinner you are the better you will look when you weight more than like 160 at 6ft. Just need good pecks so you dont look shallow.
2018-01-09 19:49
30 days 7 mins hanging challenge, 30 days 30 mins squatsitting challenge. Starting the year with ido portal hipster Fitness
2018-01-07 23:58
Hanging challenge sounds cool. I have a pull-up bar in my room so I can do that. I actually do some squat-sitting. I don't do 30 minutes but it is something I've done a lot of.
2018-01-08 00:30
Bullshit just do 5x5 stronglifts program it is more effective.
2018-01-07 23:58
I don't own weights except for stuff to do curls. Plus I don't like heavy weights.
2018-01-07 23:59
Dont do that anime shit its only works on animes. Find yourself proper program. Do calisthenics and plyometrics or buy gym membership.
2018-01-08 00:02
I know what I'm doing. I'm not looking to win strongest man or any contest. I just like to be fit and have decent strength. Thanks for your advice though.
2018-01-08 00:04
You're right, it's not a bad program to stay in shape. Hell, any program is better than no program as long as you are not hurting yourself with improper technique.
2018-01-08 00:06
Definitely proper technique is key. Since I was a child I was always taught to use proper technique when doing any exercises. I also spent many hours researching and learning about this stuff so I'm confident in my approach. Plus I have real life experience with it. Before I stopped working out last summer I could do 75 proper push-ups in a row, I worked out with one legged squats and could go all the way down until my butt touched my heel, I could do forearm planks for 3 minutes with plenty of strength and stamina to spare, etc. But I lost it all. Basically back at square one now. Went from 165lb to 190lb, can't do a 1 legged squat anymore, and can only do about 25 push-ups in a row if I'm fresh.
2018-01-08 00:17
You will relearn faster your second time. Muscle memory doesn't fade like muscle mass. Good luck!
2018-01-08 00:31
That's good to know! Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.
2018-01-08 00:34
Ok mr.saitama
2018-01-08 00:11
dude doing 100 of situps wont get you ripped just fit and good stanima
2018-01-08 21:48
Calisthenics is push ups and pull ups and sit ups you dumb shit
2018-01-08 02:59
I meant to say find a diffrent calisthenics program. And thanks for enlightening me i didnt know what was calisthenics (!) smartass.
2018-01-08 03:16
you are such a loser
2018-01-08 21:48
cry me a river
2018-01-08 23:18
k i´m in :D Did squats pushups and curls (100)
2018-01-08 00:19
WOOT! Awesome! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!
2018-01-08 00:20
will do btw do you want me to post here ?
2018-01-08 00:21
IF you can. That was kind of what I was aiming for which is why I said "Who's with me? If you want to join just post in this thread each day confirming you did you your exercises."
2018-01-08 00:28
roger that boss man see ya tomorrow then ;)
2018-01-08 00:29
It is important for poor people to be fit, after all you are the arbeitskraft of our kind. Have a strange day! -VeryStrangeGuy
2018-01-08 00:22
Health and fitness is good for all people. It really helps not only the body but the mind as well. Life becomes so much more pleasant when you are in good shape.
2018-01-08 00:27
Life is so much more pleasant under heroin, and that's not to be in good shape. Have a strange day! -VeryStrangeGuy
2018-01-08 00:29
heroine is temporary fitness is longterm
2018-01-08 00:31
Life is temporary Have a strange day! -VeryStrangeGuy
2018-01-08 00:34
we speak of temporary and longterm in relation to life heroine = affects a tiny moment in ur life being fit = affects all ur life
2018-01-08 00:44
Does it ? Have a strange day! -VeryStrangeGuy
2018-01-08 00:47
bodybuilder muscle mass = / = fitness
2018-01-08 00:50
Actually, I did heroin for 6 months when I was 18 and I can confidently say it was a very very bad idea and in no way makes life better. I'm very experienced in hard drug use and know all about that lifestyle.
2018-01-08 00:32
Have you tried scopolamin or krokodil during your journey ? Have a strange day! -VeryStrangeGuy
2018-01-08 00:38
I'm not aware of those names. I've been away from that culture for 14 years.
2018-01-08 00:40
2018-01-08 00:42
krokodil, sounding like the croc, is so bad for you, there is picture proof of it making peoples skin fall off.
2018-01-09 05:54
All the drugs I did were weed, coke, crack, heroin, acid, speed, shrooms, ecstasy, lots of different prescription pills, alcohol, and probably a couple I'm forgetting.
2018-01-08 00:42
That is a short journey. You can't say earth offer no good view if you only traveled to a couple of country. Have a strange day! -VeryStrangeGuy
2018-01-08 00:49
LOL You're funny. Yea, I know there are many I've not tried but I'm done with that stuff and have been for many years. I like to feed my mind and body with good things now.
2018-01-08 00:52
Israel I_Hate_Faze 
2018-01-09 19:32
maybe i start next week
2018-01-08 00:39
2018-01-08 00:39
im not at home this week and what is curls?
2018-01-08 00:40
You don't need to be home to do push-ups and squats. <~~short video on curls
2018-01-08 00:45
i dont have this things, what should i do?
2018-01-08 00:47
Just Google or search YouTube "alternatives to curls". There are lots of different substitutes. But you don't have to do them. They are just a great exercise to improve your arm strength.
2018-01-08 00:51
im very very weak, im like stick, will it strengthen me?
2018-01-08 01:13
Of course. If you do push-ups, squats, planks, curls, everyday you'll get a lot stronger. The only thing is though you won't get bigger. You'll get a lot stronger and feel great, but you won't get bigger. If you want to get bigger with more muscle mass you have to do a different style of training which involves large amounts of protein and calories and heavy weights.
2018-01-08 01:14
I do Calisthenics, used to do weight training, and I have good muscle mass from Calisthenics. it can give you nice pecks, abs, sort of built arms, and muscular but not fat legs. it just takes as much time as weight training for gains.
2018-01-09 05:57
buzzfeed did 100 push ups a day for a month and their body didnt change at all, go to the gym if you really want to invest all that time
2018-01-08 01:18
That's not exactly science. I can promise you though, even if their body didn't change its look, they got much stronger. You can do 100 push-ups for a week and then take 2 days off and you'll already feel a ton stronger. I have a lot of experience with this stuff and my goal is to be stronger and in better shape. I was in super good shape until last summer I got lazy and quit working out. I'm just getting back on track here, not starting anything new. Also, I'll never pay for a gym when I have all I need at home.
2018-01-08 01:32
United States GitnGuder 
You get stronger, but you won’t look all that different.
2018-01-17 23:17
well at least for me it's wrong cuz when i do push ups i feel my chest is working when i do bench press im not feeling it 1month of push ups i burn alot of fat there was pure skin 1month of bench press yeah there were a progress but that wasnt so impressive
2018-01-17 23:47
United States GitnGuder 
I meant in the muscular department. IIRC, you don’t gain muscle mass, but the muscle you do have becomes more efficient.
2018-01-18 02:04
United Kingdom Icyzzz 
Is there a way to lose weight without doing actual weights, I want to lose weight and keep fit but I'm too embarrassed to go out and do it. I just need some thing's I could do in my rpom like push-ups?
2018-01-08 01:30
Yes! absolutely! Gym's are completely unnecessary. There are hundreds of exercises you can do at home. Push-ups, planks, squats, leg raises, stress exercises, curls, jump rope, and on and on. There are tons of great YouTube videos that will gives you all sorts of ideas about things you can do at home. Also, looks up Calisthenics.
2018-01-08 01:36
As for losing weight there are many options. 1) Be in a caloric deficit. 2) Get your thyroid function checked, about 8% of the general population have an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), look it up, it's really common. 3) The solution for lazy people: Amphetamine 10mg every morning, no noticable mental effects after 3-6 days due to rapid tolerance development, but enough to raise your TDEE and fairly safe as millions of people take the same thing for ADHD and other things. Really works wonders. Other stimulants such as clenbuterol work too.
2018-01-08 02:01
Caloric deficit really works. At the end of 2015 I was 215lb/97.5Kg and decided to stop eating meat. This made me unwittingly change my diet in many ways which caused my calories to go down greatly. After a couple months I noticed my belt getting much looser. So I weighted myself and I was 185lb/84Kg. This shocked me since I was never planning on losing weight but it happened naturally from me changing my diet. Then I started to track my calories and limited them to around 1400-1600 a day and by the end of the summer of 2016 I was 165lb/74.8Kg. I was down to 170lb/77Kg by July.
2018-01-08 02:12
Yep changing diet is key. Beginning of last year I was 11kgs more than now, mostly fat. All I did was getting on thyroid hormone replacement therapy and changing my diet. Generally feel much better now, I can move much more easily (like pull ups feel so much easier), I don't have any back pains anymore and of course I look much better.
2018-01-08 03:07
you don't need to do any exercise to lose weight. just stop eating trash and stop eating so much
2018-01-09 00:00
Portugal Guihenryques 
2018-01-08 01:31
Yugoslavia Ziky 
Ok i starting that from tommorow and Ill make a video, ok DEAL :D!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-01-08 01:46
NICE! Report everyday! You'll see this thread bumped everyday I do my workouts! Even if you guys abandon me!
2018-01-08 01:47
You done your exercises?
2018-01-08 23:34
I said i starting from today!
2018-01-09 03:19
You started yet!?!
2018-01-09 19:55
Lol i started eating pomfrit :D
2018-01-11 21:11
Europe pizdolizac 
count me in, will do some similar exercises
2018-01-08 01:51
WOOT! Look forward to hearing from you. Please post each day you do them. Just post "done" or something simple. Or you could say "did 100 push-ups, 150 squats, 75 curls" or something like that. GL my friend!
2018-01-08 01:54
You did your exercises?
2018-01-08 23:32
Done for today 100 pushups 100 curls 150 squats
2018-01-08 21:38
fuck man you´re forcing me to do 50 more see ya in 1 min ;)
2018-01-08 21:42
done :D
2018-01-08 21:44
awesome! Glad you're doing it with me. This thread is motivating me.
2018-01-08 21:45
you got it man ;) doing it alone is boring however with people is way better as proven by the fact i need to do 20 more asshole
2018-01-08 21:47
how do you do 150 squats wtf? my thighs are basically dead after 40 and i don't even weigh that much (63kg)
2018-01-09 00:01
I've always kept my legs decently strong. I could probably do 500 squats easy and I'm not even in great shape right now. Up until last summer I was actually working out doing one legged squats and could go all the way down until my butt touched my heel. I also have two 25lb weights and when I was in shape I could do 100 squats in a row while holding both weights. Keep working out and you'll get stronger. Don't push too hard at first because you'll get super sore. A long time ago on the first day I was starting a workout plan I did way too many squats and I could barely walk the next day and my legs hurt extremely bad.
2018-01-09 00:27
Yeah it's probably because I did almost no exercise for 5 years.
2018-01-09 18:39
done (100 all) expected more updates tbh ;)
2018-01-08 21:41
I just did 20 more squats. So 170 now :D I'm done with pushups and curls though. Upperbody is weak right now. My legs are fine though. I could do a lot more squats :D
2018-01-08 21:44
i´m the opposite what i need to do know is to gain mass i´m slim as fuck ( fit though) EDIT:sorry for englando
2018-01-08 21:48
Your london is fine :) I was super fit up until last summer. I was on a solid workout plan for about 15 months but got lazy. Now I lost everything. On a good note though I had a couple minor pains that I got from pushing myself too hard and they would never heal 100% even when I would take off a week and one time I think I even took off 2 weeks trying to heal them but they never went away. Since I took off 5 months they are healed and this time I'm not going to push my self as hard but work up slowly.
2018-01-08 21:54
i understand had a lot of friends that had injures and had to stop.It´s hard coming back so take it easy i need a partner ;) btw 20 done
2018-01-08 21:59
I'll see you tomorrow :D
2018-01-08 22:28
Haha. No run for me though :P
2018-01-08 21:46
go to the gym
2018-01-08 21:46
2018-01-08 21:48
poor excuse
2018-01-08 22:41
don´t have the time with exams + kickboxing classes plus extra training is always good :)
2018-01-08 21:49
obviously depends on goals, kickboxing is fantastic for fitness! keep it up bro
2018-01-08 22:41
will do ;)
2018-01-08 22:46
I'll just do 100 thieves
2018-01-08 21:48
I was looking for this.
2018-01-09 05:42
curls ? what kind
2018-01-08 22:50
2018-01-08 23:31
Europe pizdolizac 
100 pushups 100 squats 200 curls 200 how the fuck is this shit called when you lay down and you only move your upper body part i feel like car ran over me, cannot move my fucking hands
2018-01-08 23:32
Nice! Crunches I think you're talking about. And omg the timing. I literally just asked you if you did your exercises and I got a notification as I was pressing post.
2018-01-08 23:33
Europe pizdolizac 
yeah i noticed =D yes, thats it, crunches i hope i will notice some results in 2 weeks
2018-01-08 23:38
i heard sit ups were bad for you how to do curls if you don't have weights?
2018-01-08 23:42
Europe pizdolizac 
Hm, fill water bottles?
2018-01-08 23:55
funnily enough i actually did that for a couple of months before moving house. use 10l water bottles that have some shitty handle that always hurt my hand
2018-01-08 23:57
But it makes curls not effective.
2018-01-09 00:32
This thing makes no sense. This is only challange and it can just only increase the amount of these things you can do.
2018-01-09 00:29
doing exercises such as these will greatly improve your strength and stamina. And it's healthy to keep your muscles active.
2018-01-09 00:35
Its not healthy to do this everyday. Muscles need good rest and time to rebuild + food makes very big part too. You can lose muscle mass by doing this.
2018-01-09 00:43
I understand the body needs rest. Like I said in the OP, I plan on doing it 5 days a week. But if my body feels it needs more rest I'll rest longer. I'm not new to this and have done long workout programs in the past on many occasions with a lot success and great results. Thanks for the tips.
2018-01-09 00:48
Just did 60 more squats so I'm at 230 for the day :D
2018-01-09 00:34
100 push-ups is too easy, do 300 at least. :) I'd also add pull-ups (100 per a day was good enough for me).
2018-01-09 00:50
My upper body isn't strong enough to do 300 right now. And I don't plan on doing pull-ups because the last time I started doing them I pulled a muscle in my arm and it wouldn't heal. It's healed now because it has been 5 months since I stopped working out but I was working out with pain in my arm for many months before and even 2 week breaks wouldn't help. So I don't plan on doing pull ups again. I'm 38 now and the body just isn't quite what it was in my 20's :)
2018-01-09 00:55
38 is not that old (especially if you have good diet), you just need time to recover and start working out again, but pay attention to good technics in first of. ;)
2018-01-09 01:01
300 pushups per day everyday maybe when you are an anorectic vegan with no upperbody LUL
2018-01-09 03:48
> 300 at least That means "300 and more", i.e. it can be 500 or 700 or even 1000. Maybe it's hard to understand such simple things when your IQ is barely higher than 50 LUL.
2018-01-09 08:49
i implied you are a retard m8
2018-01-09 15:38
Aliena vitia in oculis habemus, a tergo nostra sunt.
2018-01-09 19:03
This is an international site, please write your comments in English. Comments in another language will be deleted.
2018-01-09 19:10
You're free to report my comment. Cry is also free tho.
2018-01-09 19:16
Copy-pasting latin from a pedophile suicider is free also
2018-01-09 19:17
Who? I was trying to ignore you guys bickering like children but I'm curious who you are talking about.
2018-01-09 19:18
Cry more. :)
2018-01-09 19:19
jokes on you I work out on a regular basis good on you boys for doing the same, made me a much better person
2018-01-09 00:58
nexa | 
Italy marxie 
Curls are for bitches, pull ups are for men. Can’t stand those douchebags from the gym that think they are bug and strong but can’t do even 3 pull ups with full range of motion
2018-01-09 01:03
Brazil doriscsgo 
Try diamond push-ups or wide grip pull ups if you want to get stronger
2018-01-09 01:42
Definitely. I mix my push-ups around. Some wide, some standard, some tight, and some diamond. Once my strength is back I'll be doing mostly diamond and tight ones. Right now my strength isn't there so they are bit too hard. I don't think I'll be doing any pull-ups. At least not for a while because I pulled my arm last time doing pull-ups and it wouldn't heal. I worked out for months with pain in my arm and even 2 week breaks wouldn't heal it. It's better now because I went 5 months without working out so this time I'm going to build up slowly because I pushed myself too fast before and ended up with a few pains that would never go away.
2018-01-09 19:17
Brazil doriscsgo 
Maybe you had poor form with your last pull up
2018-01-10 00:40
IF bad form were the cause then how are crossfitters even alive? LuL :D
2018-01-10 00:47
you need to do some rows and hamstrings or ur gonna fuck up your posture
2018-01-09 03:46
World ZMDR 
cant convince myself to do anything more than cardio
2018-01-09 05:25
United States VerySwoleGuy 
you need to double what you do every day, brother - VerySwoleGuy
2018-01-09 06:09
Eventually I'll add more reps. Got to build my strength back. I quit working out 5 months ago after going good for 15 months so now I lost most of my strength.
2018-01-09 19:13
United States VerySwoleGuy 
its a good start, brother. you need to push yourself to your maximum everyday, brother - VerySwoleGuy
2018-01-09 23:31
why fakeflag ?
2018-01-09 14:44
Because I don't care about nations and hate the US flag and will never ever get caught flying it for any reason.
2018-01-09 14:55
so you chose medkit flag ? nice
2018-01-09 15:16
I've always liked the Swiss flag. I would even use it in old 1P PS2 games like 16 years ago.
2018-01-09 15:41
I was using the Czech flag for a couple weeks recently because my name is from a Czech guy who lived in the late 1300's and early 1400's.
2018-01-09 19:06
no shit brother, i went to school ....
2018-01-10 11:12
I didn't know they taught about him in the Czech schools. Is he famous there? I first heard of him from reading a Leo Tolstoy book which led me to read his book 'The Net of Faith'. I've read it twice.
2018-01-10 13:37
yeah he is, we learned about him in the first grade of grammar school, he was quite important during the hussites wars
2018-01-10 13:57
Germany Lennard 
you cleary have no idea about your body
2018-01-09 19:13
Well then, teach me. I'm always willing to learn things from those more knowledgeable than myself, but it doesn't really help me much and is very condescending to just say I have no idea. Would it not be better to share your knowledge rather than mock those who don't know?
2018-01-09 19:22
Germany Lennard 
doing workouts 5 days a week is retarded + doing that many without resting will hurt your muscles and wont make them grow
2018-01-09 19:27
Lol, you underestimate adaptive capability of human body.
2018-01-09 19:45
Germany Lennard 
you overestimate yourself, do it for 12 weeks and lets see :>
2018-01-09 19:46
Actually I tried it for few months when I couldn't go gym. :)
2018-01-09 19:48
I understand your point. I'm not new to this as I'm 38 years old and have been super fit at times in my life and have always led a pretty active lifestyle. I know when my body needs rest and I've gathered a lot of knowledge from various sources over the years. Thanks for your input. I never mind hearing others thoughts and opinions on a subject.
2018-01-09 19:52
Germany Lennard 
if youre experienced enough, surely you can optimize it. Good luck
2018-01-09 19:55
2018-01-09 19:59
I simply heard the anime intro in my head while reading the thread title. ONE PUUUUUUUUUUNCH
2018-01-09 19:13
lel +1
2018-01-09 19:41
You did your exercises today?
2018-01-09 20:49
sorry hadn´t seen this comment yup go below for numbers ;)
2018-01-09 21:20
Hahhahahahahahhaa wont change anything, stop watching youtube videos
2018-01-09 19:25
Why so toxic? And I used to think you were one of the better users on HLTV. Never noticed this side of you. It actually does do a lot. It drastically improves your strength and stamina. You aren't going to get super ripped and look like a bodybuilder but you will certainly benefit greatly from doing some simple exercises 3-5 days a week.
2018-01-10 00:42
You're clueless that's why. I've seen alot of people like you, and there are even worse cases out there. Just by doing this exercises you won't gain anything besides stamina. It's like seeing those fake videos on YouTube where a guy films himself doing a "200 pushups a day" for a month challenge and other bullshit. Then they just flex their muscles and pose in front of good lighting to look good. I just don't want you to have high hopes from just doing some simple exercises. If you want to achieve something then you should start going to gym or anything else where you can actually do something with your body. I was like you, so that's why I was being like that. I might be harsh but, that's the truth, if you don't believe me ask someone who you think that has great knowledge about this stuff. Good start would be a local gym. Also you can gain a tiny bit of muscles, but that's *very rare* and depends what kind of body you have. Hopefully you get me. I'm sorry. Have a good day.
2018-01-10 00:59
You're wrong. I have experience in this and have done it before. For instance the last time I got on a home workout plan I started off barely being able to do 10 push-ups, couldn't do any one legged squats, couldn't do any diamond push-ups, could only do a couple pull-ups, etc. After a few months I could do one legged squats all the way down until my butt touched my heel, I could do 75 push-ups in a row and like 40 diamonds, And I could do about 15 pull-ups, etc. But I'm not going to argue with you about this because it's clear you're the one who is clueless if you think exercising isn't going to change anything.
2018-01-10 00:59
Well that's preety obvious. Didn't actually thought you'd bring that up. That just shows your inexperience. You're not completely inexperienced, but you still have a long way to learn. Of course you can do this as much as you want, but afterwhile you'll get bored and you will start thinking of gym. It has always been like that.
2018-01-10 01:08
I'll never think of the gym. I have no desire to go to a gym. For one I don't find exercising around a bunch of strangers an appealing thing. Two, I'm not going to waste my money when I can get in shape at home for free. Three, when I'm done I can go get in my own shower and enjoy my privacy. Four, I live in a very rural area and the nearest gym to me is a 30 minute drive away so not only would I be paying a monthly rate but throw on another $10 a day in gas. Those are only a few reasons, there are others. Saying I'm inexperienced for not wanting to go to a gym is ridiculous. The location by which you get in shape is not evidence of your experience.
2018-01-10 01:13
I mean, all I know is about gym, and I already told you in my first reply after the gym part that you can try other things. You didn't read carefully.
2018-01-10 01:16
You are acting as if you need to go to the gym to get in shape. Ever heard of calisthenics? There are hundreds of high stress intense workouts you can do at home. You don't have to go to the gym to get in shape and become stronger.
2018-01-10 01:02
ofc he won't be hulk with this but don't spread bs either doing this very regularly helps a lot. Depends on the body, I personally got a 6-pack in few months not even trying hard, it's just that i naturally have 12% body mass starting at local gym is not a good advice, at least not if you know the owner knows his stuff. Many gyms the owner is a braindead guy who just love muscles. If you want to go to gym you need to have a biologist/scientific approach. Local gyms just want your money. Buying good books is way better. Eating and sleeping so important too
2018-01-10 01:09
I have a great gym here in my town, it's huge, and it has ton of people who like to help newbies like myself when I came there for the first time. I had no real dedication or motivation, maybe just a slightest because of my friends and people who have been there for years started helping me since the day first til I got on my feet. You just need to ask, act a bit and people will sympathize for you. Also this works better in gyms with more people. You can also always hire someone, but it's an expensive way to get in shape.
2018-01-10 01:14
Yeah it's a friendly world, people want to help you, but that doesn't mean what they say is the truth or the OPTIMAL way for you to get better like the resting time between reps is very very important and changes a lot depending on your body
2018-01-10 01:20
Well I did. Even made more friends there then on work in that short period of time when I arrived there. Maybe it's because of who am I. I try to be friendly as possible with anyone.
2018-01-10 01:21
But you should be as friendly in gym as at work no ? I just think ppl at work don't really wanna be here so it's harder to have good times in every sport clubs i've been a member of, ambiance was always on point
2018-01-10 01:23
Hehe no, my work requires a lot of patience. When all put together there is little time where I can socialize with my colleagues. How did this turn up like this for you to ask me such things. I don't even know why I'm still responding to you. Im gonna head to my bed now. Have a good day.
2018-01-10 01:29
may the insomnia god spare you
2018-01-10 01:32
Estonia cunt669 
I do 50x50 in the morning when I have enough time
2018-01-09 19:29
100-100-100 done for the day. Might need to take tomorrow off. We'll see.
2018-01-09 20:07
done for the day i think 200 curls 175 push-ups 100 squats ( legs are with a weird pain didn´t wanna force it )
2018-01-09 21:16
Dang dude. You're killing it. My upper body is pathetic right now. A few weeks though and I'll be much better. I might have to skip push-ups tomorrow. I should be good for curls and squats though.
2018-01-10 00:39
1hour hometrainer session for me today
2018-01-10 00:59
2018-01-10 01:02
you don't do any cardio ?
2018-01-10 01:05
Not really. I used to. I have a nice exercise bike in my room and I'll ride it time to time. My cardio isn't bad actually. A few weeks ago I did a 40 minute session on my bike no problem.
2018-01-10 01:07
I was gonna try this with pushups, did 100 one day, woke up next day with so much fucking pain in my upper body, couldnt move my arms for a week. Almost considered hospital, i felt so broken. Dont be an idiot like me, build it up if ur gonna try this, if u usually dont train that is.
2018-01-10 01:11
You just pushed yourself way too hard to start, which obviously you're aware of now. I've been there done that many years ago. Happened with my legs once back in 2002. Couldn't hardly walk for a couple days and felt like knives were stabbing my thighs. lol I got a lot of experience with this stuff though. Thanks for the advice anyway. :)
2018-01-10 01:18
Why waste soo much time? With sooo many reps you're training for endurance and won't get any stronger nor get the good lookings. That's what you should do: 3x8 pullups (with proper form - none of this kipping bullshit from CrossShit!). Too easy? Start adding weights. Too Easy? Archer Pullup. Too easy? Pullup + L+Sit. Too Easy? Archer pullup + weights. Too easy? One arm pullup... and so on and so forth... Well. See this vydia from Antranik (man is a beast!) and fall in love for calisthenic.
2018-01-10 01:19
I used to watch tons of videos about calisthenics a couple years ago. Learned a lot of great things.
2018-01-10 01:20
Hm so why doing those 100 x challenges or it's straight up bait? (which I would r8 8/8 due to soo many replies)
2018-01-10 01:25
This isn't any challenge. It was just intended to be encouragement for myself and others who wanted to participate to get up and do something. Any physical activity is a good thing and not all of us are looking to be able to do professional athletics and high end body building but simply want to be fit and have some strength. The 100 push-ups, squats, and curls is just a base. People can do as they please. For instance, I'm also doing planks, hanging knee and leg raises, calve raises, different dumbbell movements for the shoulders and back, among other stress exercises. This was never meant to be an extreme course for body building and strength training. Just a base to build off.
2018-01-10 01:31
Lithuania alon9 
i'm assuming more than 50% of people here are doing the push-ups the wrong and easier way, just to get a higher amount of reps.
2018-01-10 01:21
well it depends which muscle group you want to favour ofc you have really bad push ups that won't do anything, but you have a lot of "right" push ups
2018-01-10 01:26
OMG you guys are making me lose my mind. I just wanted this thread to be people saying they also wanted to do these exercises and post each day that they did them. Now every freaking HLTV expert has come out to share their infinite wisdom on all things related to body movement. PLEASE FREAKING STOP AND LET US BE. WE CAN RESEARCH AND INVESTIGATE ON OUR OWN. I CAN'T COUNT HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE MADE ASSUMPTIONS THAT WERE COMPLETELY BASELESS AND WRONG AND IT'S GETTING HIGHLY ANNOYING. JUST STOP AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!!
2018-01-10 01:25
+1 pushup
2018-01-10 01:28
People who obsess about working out and body building are such elitist butt-heads who accuse everyone who doesn't do exactly as they say as being ignorant fools who won't see any benefit. A lot of the commenters here have literally claimed that doing 100 push-ups, squats, and curls a day will not benefit you at all and it's a waste of time. It's borderline retarded.
2018-01-10 01:35
United States BLaCkKobRa 
Lol on my sports finals I had to do as many squats as I can in a min or so, did 60, and right after I finished I couldn't even stand, when ever I tried to walk my legs just bended, they were so weak for like 2-3 days xD Got 2 questions: -can I lose belly fat by working out, but without watching my diet? I just don't have the mental strength to start counting protein and eat right after training or in specific hour. I'm just eat what ever I want when I want it :X (not fat tho, skinny, just have some belly fat I wanna burn) -can I build my body by working out at home only without weights and stuff like that? And again, without all the diet and healthy food and stuff
2018-01-10 02:48
Simple answer to your questions is yes. You can lose weight without changing your diet but it takes work. Yes, you can get very strong and even cut with a nice body just by doing home exercises. There are many instructional videos on YouTube that can teach you how. It's best to look up Calisthenics. You aren't going to get a super awesome body by doing 100 push-ups, squats, and curls a day. A lot of people replying here seem to think I believe that but that isn't the intention of this thread. IF you really want to get cut then you'll need a more focused and complex program. This channel IMO is one of the best on YouTube. Almost 2 years ago for quite a few months I was watching hours of videos about calisthenics, working out, diet, health, etc and that channel was maybe the best of all the ones I found. Only thing to keep in mind is if you want to get fit and super cut you're going to have to work very hard. It's not too hard to get in shape and strong, and feel good, but if you want to look like the guys on videos you're going to have to work hard.
2018-01-10 04:04
United States BLaCkKobRa 
I hope your'e right, since iv heard if yoh workout without healthy diet its basically wont build ur body at all, thanks for the answer mate
2018-01-10 14:20
It all depends. Body builders tend to not be healthy eaters, they just take in tons of protein and calories. But if you are trying to get super thin and cut then you are going to need a good diet. But no matter what your diet is if you burn more calories than you take in you're going to lose weight -- it's physics. Also, any daily physical activity is going to benefit you. Just start doing 100 push-ups a day and rest when needed, and you're going to see that you will get stronger. Whereas, doing 20 in a row might be hard at first, in a few weeks 20 won't be as hard. Then in a few months 20 won't feel like you're even doing much and it will push you to do more since 20 is easy. And it's the same with any exercise. One thing to remember if you really want to get stronger is to push until failure. What I mean is say your goal is 100 Push-ups. Your first set just do something easy. Maybe 5, or 10. But don't push until you're unable to do anymore. This will warm your muscles up. Then the sets you do after that push until you can't do anymore, or very close to that point. Then rest a bit. And the next set do the same. If you are always pushing until failure or close to failure you are going to progress in strength and stamina. Also remember to rest. When you are felling sore and tired take a day off. If the next day you still feel tired and sore take that day off as well. This is actually the time when your muscles are growing and developing. The way you develop muscles is you tear them down, and allow them to rebuild. After you allow your body to rest that first day you start working out again is awesome because you are going to see how much stronger you've become.
2018-01-10 15:13
Calories in vs. calories out, that's what matters. Nothing more. Now..this means it's diet related but yeah technically you could eat the same, just exercise more. I'd suggest you to eat a snickers bar less though instead of running it off for 45 minutes. ;) Yes, it takes that long.
2018-01-18 02:11
United States BLaCkKobRa 
haha thanks mate :P
2018-01-18 02:13
Europe pizdolizac 
Forgot to post yesterday. 100 push ups 200 curls 100 squats 200 crunches Will take day or two break, my hands are dead.
2018-01-10 14:20
Nice! I think i'll be taking today off myself. Let the muscles recover.
2018-01-10 14:55
thats my warmup dude.
2018-01-10 14:21
:D Once my strength builds back up I'll be doing more. This is meant as a base to motivate noobs to start a program. I was going strong myself until 5 months ago. Just trying to get back at it. But I know what you mean that it's a warm up. For someone already fit and strong it's easy and won't even feel like you're doing anything.
2018-01-10 14:53
today i have training so update at a later time :)
2018-01-10 21:20
Ok! Don't think I'm doing any today. Need to rest. I did have to go to the lumber yard and get some lumber for a table and bench I'm about to build. I also had some furniture to move around today so that will have to be my workout.
2018-01-10 21:46
you slacking bro even with a training did 100 :) see ya tommorow
2018-01-10 23:01
I don't want to take the day off. My arms and upper body just need a rest. I could do squats but figured I'll just wait. Don't worry though! I'm not getting lazy! I'm very motivated!
2018-01-10 23:05
i know as thoorin fans would say it´s just banter ;)
2018-01-10 23:05
:D I feel I let you down though :'(
2018-01-10 23:12
it´s fine m8 but now remember that tomorrow you have 200 to do See ya XD
2018-01-10 23:28
lol. We'll see. After my strength builds I plan on doing more anyway. Before I quit working out 5 months ago I could 100 squats in a row while holding 25lb weights in each hand. And I could do 75 push-ups in a row.
2018-01-10 23:44
190 push-ups 115 curls 120 squats Done.
2018-01-12 00:17
sorry forgot to update had movie night :((( did 100 all
2018-01-12 00:57
nice! I think we are the only ones doing this but that's fine with me. Even if i'm the only one i'll update this thread everyday I workout. :D
2018-01-12 01:03
seems so XD anyway 2 is better than none so let´s keep this alive and perhaps more people will come not that i care your lazy ass is more than enough ;)
2018-01-12 01:06
:D I am lazy though :'[ Only because I work for myself out of my own shop at home. So no clock to punch, no massive bills to pay, no expensive property to maintain, just a simple life with simple pleasures. So it's very easy for me to be lazy :D I didn't even do hardly any work for the past month since I didn't need to.
2018-01-12 01:09
true same with me as much as love exercise sports etc sometimes you just feel like you cannot be asked to do anything that´s why you have other people to push you
2018-01-12 01:13
Yea man. Worst part for me is I have this super comfy recliner that I use as my computer desk chair and it's so easy to just melt into it and forget the world.
2018-01-12 01:16
use to have the same switched it with a shitty skinny ass chair on the one side : I kinda miss it on the other :now i work more so yeah :P
2018-01-12 01:19
140 curls 250 squats 240 calve raises 4 minutes of planks. No pushups today. Chest a bit sore.
2018-01-13 01:28
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-13 09:53
Do some exercise lazy noobs.
2018-01-13 01:44
sorry had night out so only 100 tommorow i will do 200+ though :)
2018-01-13 01:55
heh. We need days off though. Not good to push everyday.
2018-01-13 01:57
true however if we don´t push everyday the day off becomes everyday XD
2018-01-13 01:59
Well don't think that about me. I'm 38 man and will need days off. When you get in your 30's the body doesn't heal and recover as fast and each year it gets a bit worse.
2018-01-13 03:19
Actually it's pure bullshit. We hit our peak around being 28-36 y.o so for most of balls carriers being in ur 30's is even better than being hormonally unstable teenager. With ur "gameplan" u mainly care about slow-twitch muscle fibers and those are capable of working lots of hours everyday. Only exercise u should sometimes skip are pushups (ofc depends of the type of pushups you do, of ur technique, of ur bodytype - but with normal pushups and avg body i'd go 2-4 days in, 1 day off). The thing u said applies only if you haven't been working out regularly before hitting 30's.
2018-01-13 09:27
You're wrong. The body recovers much faster when you're younger. Ask any professional sports athlete. I played sports at a high level until I was 18 and have been physically active my whole life and as I've got older my body does not recover as fast as it did when I was in my teens and 20's. Not to mention the aches and pains that happen which never did when I was younger. And those are not from injuries since I've never experienced a major injury in my life and have never had surgery either. I'm not sure why you would try to claim this isn't true but you are 100% wrong.
2018-01-13 09:42
Ofc it recovers much faster when you are young but it's much easier to fuck up something when u are young. With years u got proper technique, with proper technique u ain't having such bad injuries and according to the exercises mentioned in op ur statement about regeneration time has nothing to do with such "exercises" (like really calve raises, such a fucking exercise for a grown man that does sports for "many years") and second thing (as i mentioned) with such training plan u care about slow-twitch muscle fibers
2018-01-13 10:22
A Perfect example of this is actually the sport I played the most which is tennis. Male tennis has the one of the earliest retirement ages of any sport with most men retiring around the age of 30. A rare few make it into their early and mid 30's and even fewer make it to their late 30's. The reason for this is because in tennis you have to compete in tournaments which last at least a week and majors last 2 weeks. To win a major you have to win 7 matches in those 2 weeks. And all the male pros will tell you the reason they can't compete past 30 as well as they did when they were younger is because once they get into the second week of the tournament their bodies aren't recovering 100% and they start to get worn out -- whereas, it's not hard for the guys 18-25 to go the whole 2 weeks and be fine. Look into it for yourself if you doubt this. Many have done interviews and wrote books talking about this reality of mens professional tennis and why it forces them to retire so young.
2018-01-13 09:53
1. Still it has nothing to do with exercises mentioned in the topic. 2. It's not like they can't compete just cause their muscles do not recover fast enough. Their bodies are just overused, regeneration time is a second ascpect. Also the way u use ur muscles in sports like tennis is totally different thing from "daily routine" you've posted in op.
2018-01-13 10:21
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-13 09:54
Did 80 more squats and 150 more calve raises.
2018-01-13 03:20
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-13 09:53
100 pushups 100squats 100curls but no major for 100thieves
2018-01-13 09:44
2018-01-13 09:51
125 done today
2018-01-14 00:18
:D gj man. I haven't done anything today. But it's still early (18:25) and I may yet. Haven't decided yet.
2018-01-14 00:24
200 - squats 130 - curls 150 - pushups gonna do some planks soon. Probably 5 minutes worth.
2018-01-14 22:30
Did 5 minutes of planks
2018-01-15 03:48
I'm all alone now :'( Well I don't need anyone! I shall workout alone!
2018-01-15 03:48
i'll do it from tomorrow! thank you for the motivation
2018-01-15 22:46
Nice! Then that will make 3 of us. I_was_a_potato and myself are dedicated!
2018-01-15 22:49
Why are y'all so lazy. Get up, get out and do something.
2018-01-15 04:35
sorry m8 took sunday off to chill with with my family ( father´s birthday) done for the day 125 ;)
2018-01-15 21:20
Awesome! No worries. I've been working in my shop all day. Might do some later.
2018-01-15 22:39
good to hear anyway sorry for the offline time ( phone is broken +prep for exams + a lot of other unimportant crap) however i´ll try to keep you updated :D
2018-01-15 22:44
Did 150 squats, 110 pushups, and about to do at least 100 curls. Just posting early because it might be a couple hours before I do the curls and I know it's late in EU. I did the pushups and squats while I worked in my shop today.
2018-01-16 23:23
.....why everyone so lazy....
2018-01-17 04:51
Brazil MommyStealer 
i will workout on something today.
2018-01-17 05:00
But you have to commit! Join us in at least 100 pushups, squats, and curls. I've been doing more of each as well as I_was_a_potato. We are trying to get more people to join us. If you are willing to commit post here each day you do your sets.
2018-01-17 05:02
Brazil MommyStealer 
the problem is that i cant do 100 pushups :( weak arms :(
2018-01-17 18:11
Just work up to it. Also try starting with doing knee pushups. It makes them a bit easier. After a couple months you'll be much stronger and 100 pushups will be easy.
2018-01-17 23:14
Norway rogueplayer 
haven't been to the gym for 3 months... maybe it's time to come back and greet my good old friend, mr. iron
2018-01-17 05:03
Dude! I worked out non stop for over a year and had got super fit. Went from 215lbs/97.5Kg to 165lb/74.8Kg and was insanely fit. Then last summer (5 months ago) I got lazy and stopped. Now I've lost everything. Back to over 190lb/86Kg and out of shape. But I'm motivated now to get back at it. Being lazy sucks. I miss being fit. Life is so easy when you're fit.
2018-01-17 05:09
late update from yesterday 125 all
2018-01-17 10:21
2018-01-17 16:20
you will end up with undeveloped back and rounded shoulders.
2018-01-17 10:32
yep they should do pull ups too or chin ups at least
2018-01-17 23:57
Just go to the gym none of this calisthenics bullshit.
2018-01-18 01:02
You go to the gym and leave me alone. ;)
2018-01-18 04:04
Keep digging your own graveKeep digging your own graveKeep digging your own graveKeep digging your own graveKeep digging your own graveKeep digging your own graveKeep digging your own graveKeep digging your own graveKeep digging your own grave sub4sub gl0wen
2018-01-19 00:37
Germany VeryNiceGuy 
GL, keep it up! Have a nice day! -VeryNiceGuy
2018-01-18 02:16
2018-01-18 04:05
About to start my workouts. Had a really long and busy day. Was out most of the day then got home at 1700 and went out to my shop because I had to get some things to get done there. Now it's 2200 and I'm in the house about to start my workouts.
2018-01-18 04:06
150 squats, 125 pushups, 120 curls, 200 calve raises. Done.
2018-01-18 05:38
at least do a pullups/rows or you will fuck up your posture. go to the Strenght work. Every exercise has a progression so you will not end up with useless 100 reps.
2018-01-18 07:34
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-19 00:38
update for yesterday and today ( sorry potato memory XD) -Yesterday 75 all + a kickboxing training -Today 50 all + a 2 hour basketball game + i have to study (so i can do more : / )
2018-01-18 19:27
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-19 00:38
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