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Pakistan players
Sweden f0restWC3 
How is this Portal team so good? 25-21 vs ORDER (Ex kings) Is very good for such a unknown team
2018-01-11 07:55
Austria L1GHT_ 
they got the real life experience
2018-01-11 07:59
India mak4u2 
not every paki is terrorist . common man in pakistan wants peace too . refrence - tiger zinda hai XD
2018-01-12 08:12
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-13 09:59
Austria L1GHT_ 
2018-01-13 12:43
hehe xd
2018-01-13 12:59
Order isn’t even a good team rofl
2018-01-11 08:11
top3 in australia
2018-01-11 08:23
In Australia
2018-01-11 08:47
the top 2 are in top 30, better than anything we’ve got lmao
2018-01-11 17:42
Only good Australian Team is Renegades l. (smurfs in Asia Minor for stat boost)
2018-01-11 19:53
Grayhound is decent
2018-01-11 19:58
What events have they attended with any remotely Good teams?
2018-01-12 08:10
Very few tbh
2018-01-12 08:20
I’ve only ever seen these teams vs lesser Asian competitors
2018-01-12 08:36
I know, they haven’t played many good teams but are still top 30, I’d imagine they’ll go to an international lan at some point though
2018-01-12 18:13
The top30 doesn’t meen much considering they haven’t played any teams in the top 50
2018-01-13 09:09
Malaysia K2tan 
Idiot chokers choke 15-11 vs order and 15-12 vs FD .
2018-01-11 08:21
first time LAN m8, lack of experience = choke ofc
2018-01-11 09:35
Today I did my push-ups, squats, curls, calve raises, and planks.
2018-01-13 10:00
Pakistan top 1. They are following the lead of mah boi shahzam
2018-01-12 05:52
pakistanis raping 8y girls just like indians
2018-01-12 08:02
who vs who
2018-01-12 18:16
And when you consider how Shahzam is doing at Misfits right now. It's safe to say that not only does the Pakistani pro scene show way more promise than the Chinese pro scene. But more so than the Malaysian, Singapore, Japan, Korea, you-name-it pro scene. So in conclusion? Pakistan > China
2018-01-13 09:57
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