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Bosnia and Herzegovina kick_pita_ffs 
are u hyped? Im not that hyped because no spunj,thoorin or semmler will be at major but there will be fucking bardolph.......
2018-01-11 16:12
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
nt nip
2018-01-11 16:13
nt nip
2018-01-11 19:04
@zdrica nt nip
2018-01-11 19:14
Estonia teremartin 
@KeraY nt nip
2018-01-11 22:22
s1mple | 
Denmark JustYes 
how can you not love bardolph? racist??
2018-01-11 16:13
Grow up.
2018-01-11 18:23
2018-01-11 18:25
You can now grow up with the E400 Sedan model, which arrives this year, boasting a 3.0L V6 biturbo engine producing 329 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque — the same powertrain that currently drives its E400 Coupe, Cabriolet and 4MATIC Wagon cousins. Paired with the 9-G-TRONIC 9-Speed automatic transmission and DYNAMIC SELECT, it promises a bracingly smooth way to experience uncommon luxury. Naturally, the 2018 E400 Sedan continues the tradition of E-Class brilliance. Look for the E400 4MATIC Sedan at your Mercedes-Benz dealership this winter, with an MSRP of $58,900.
2018-01-11 18:41
Isn't the 550i better tho?
2018-01-11 19:05
its copypasta xd
2018-01-11 19:10
2018-01-12 12:38
Estonia swag420weed 
Black ddk is greatt
2018-01-14 03:18
thought it was about the teams LUL tbh i won't miss any of the mentioned, altho spunj is def worthy. when i listen to semmler cast matches i think i lose iq points.. thorin is too selfcentered to be liked + he comes across like mentaly ill and if u dislike bardolph i dislike you edit: just remembered semmler casting, fck i already feel dumber
2018-01-11 16:21
My friend im not racist i just dont like his voice.. Well,spunj is a great guy with good CS knowledge and i think they shouldve hire him.Especially because there are only yNk and moses so people will get bored listening to the same guys all the time..with spunj and maybe thorin they could take turns.. Thoorin is asshole trying to be everything about him all the time but he can make thing more interesting tbh.. Amd semmler is now casting overwatch..
2018-01-11 18:22
United Kingdom Trico108 
definitely though SPUNJ should be there, and maybe Pansy too. Its pretty dumb having an odd number of casters. Also, I kind of find Richard Lewis boring as a desk host, maybe Machine or Redeye wouldve been better.
2018-01-11 19:13
Thats what im saying...but its eleague they do what they want
2018-01-11 19:24
Norway FLEX9INE 
I dont mind bardolph and ddk casting, but there is just one thing that i hate. They get side tracked so fucking much and fast
2018-01-11 22:50
They talked about urinating on plants yesterday. Okay.
2018-01-14 03:14
Norway FLEX9INE 
ik like wtf
2018-01-14 11:56
2018-01-11 18:49
2018-01-12 17:36
bardoplh is boss
2018-01-11 16:19
how can you not love bardolph? racist??
2018-01-11 16:20
2018-01-11 16:21
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
I am hyped af, no trash teams like NIP on this major!!! (We can say that for the last 2 majors but still hyped af)
2018-01-11 16:22
Nice you linked the 1 tournament at tier 1 that they did decent in that entire year. What did they do since? Oh yeah go out in groups twice in a row.
2018-01-11 19:02
France Chagror 
That's still better than 90% of the team at the major.
2018-01-11 19:04
If NiP can't beat some tier 5 shitters at the minor qualifier why should they go to the major?
2018-01-11 19:04
France Chagror 
Because they can beat Faze in a bo5. A thing that most of the top 5 can't do. That's enough for me. But I wasn't saying they should be here, they didn't qualify, that's it. I was answering to you and #7 saying that they were a trash team and that they did almost nothing this year. Oakland by itself proves them better than most of the team at the major..
2018-01-11 19:07
"Because they can beat Faze in a bo5". No, just no. Come on, even the most deluded NiP fans even admit that Oakland was a massive over-performance from NiP. Literally at Blast a week later they couldn't even beat Faze on Train, a map that NiP crucially won 16-10 at Oakland. 1 tournament where they massively over-performed, just like they did the year before, does not mean they are some consistent team now. I seriously doubt they could beat Faze in a bo3 now. Especially considering at EPL finals they were losing to teams like Misfits and NRG. "Oakland by itself proves them better than most of the teams at the major." 1 tournament that they over-performed at 2 years in a row means nothing. And if you don't think it was an over-performance, look at their poor performances at every other tier 1 tournament.
2018-01-11 20:14
World sexhaver_420 
yeah but they still deserve to be here more than BIG lol
2018-01-11 20:25
France Chagror 
Oakland was clearly an over performance from them, but that doesn't change anything, at least half of the team at the major would have lost before the final even with an insane over performance. You think winning a big event against the best teams in the world means nothing, but that 3 or 4 bo1 online are worth anything to tell how good is a team ? Are you okay ?
2018-01-11 22:20
Online fucking CS.That doesnt mean anything.
2018-01-11 19:23
Greenland ilikeshrooms 
Doesnt mean anything yet that's the reason they havent been to a major in a year and a half
2018-01-12 12:42
i agree about bardolph part xd anyway hype is not about that 5 main problems are: 1. There is so much new teams, major itself is bigger but prize is still the same, 1 milion is not enough nowadays 2. Team rules, boltz cant play, other 2-3 teams got same problems, its pretty much disturbing 3. Because of longer break between majors than before, teams like BIG or teams like 100 Thieves which never played competetive before (as a team) have guaranteed spots at major, system is not good 4. Too much other tournaments every single fucking weekend, SS vs AGO was watched by like 40k at the time, just because whole this xmas/new year break did let ppl enjoy watching cs again 5. Some legendary teams are broken - fnatic is completely new, NIP not the same anymore, C9 etc, ppl don't really want to watch FaZe who bought all the best players and cant even dominate. Only Faze's fan are 14-17 yo boys
2018-01-11 16:23
Totally agree about everything except 5. faZe have money so why not spend? I mean yeah thats not fair for other teams but hey life is not fair.But i get really sad when i realize that NiP wont be at major even tho they can bet every team in this minor. The best example is bo5 vs faze..
2018-01-11 18:18
France Chagror 
I'm not sure they would beat all the team at the major qual, Oakland was a peak performance. They would probably lose against at least Faze and G2, but they would 100% qualify
2018-01-11 19:12
Im just saying that they can beat that teams when they have good day but no we have avangar,flash,qbf instead of NiP,Optic and etc
2018-01-11 19:22
France Chagror 
Broken system.
2018-01-11 19:23
I'll cheer for France amd G2,good luck brother.
2018-01-11 19:28
If you hate Faze for buying players, then you should hate every team. Every player is bought. That's how contracts work.
2018-01-11 19:03
i never said that kid
2018-01-11 19:08
no need for insulting..i just said my opinion and most of u just proved that u r not capable to accept different opionion meaning u r kids..i dont like him cause of his voice not cause of color of his skin u morons.
2018-01-11 18:16
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
It's not even started yet...?
2018-01-11 18:17
tomorrow is the first day of minor.
2018-01-11 18:19
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Yeah, not the CS:GO Major. Unless you meant the CS:GO Major qualifiers? In which, that hasn't even started yet either. Forgive my rudeness, but your title is incredibly misleading...
2018-01-11 18:23
As u can see my english sucks.. 7th world country..
2018-01-11 18:25
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I think your English is perfectly adequate for a public forum. Otherwise now that I know what you ultimately, I would disagree in your arguments. I like Semmler and I think the more staff/casters/analysts there are, the better the event. It'll be a great watch no matter who is casting/analysing, Space Soldiers, FaZe, Mousesports, Liquid and even G2. :) It'll be a blast to see the first tier 1 games of 2018 and I'm super excited for another year of CS:GO. :)
2018-01-11 18:28
I agree with you,I think they should've get Spunj,Thoorin and even some UK casters because there are some good casters from UK. But there are only moses and YNk on analyst desk and I'm afraid viewers will get bored listening same guys for like 14days of Counter-Strike. But,yes it will be great to watch yet another CSGO Major especially now when the scene was never more competitive.
2018-01-11 18:33
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Well I like them all. :D My favourite casters/casting duos are DDK/Bardolph, HenryG/Sadokist, Anders/Semmler and PansY/Moses. The more, the merrier, in my book. SpunJ is an incredible analyst and caster, as it Thorin who's an incredible analyst when he feels like it. He doesn't really "analyse" per-say alike Ynk, Fifflaren and Lurrpis, but he is knowledgeable about CS and I like his analysis on the desk sometimes when he isn't acting like a clown.
2018-01-11 18:40
major starts tomorrow, stop baiting
2018-01-11 18:32
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
No, the CS:GO Major starts in eight days, the Major Qualifiers start tomorrow. Learn to read before replying with idiotic assumptions. Have a good day.
2018-01-11 18:37
s1mple | 
Poland Hell2k 
Major start tommorow are you idiot?
2018-01-11 18:43
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I will not be baited once more. Have a good day, Hell2k.
2018-01-11 18:43
shox | 
France Kabby 
The major qualifier is now part of the major.
2018-01-11 19:09
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
It is not the actual CS:GO Major, it's the Major Qualifiers... The only comparison is that they are both hosted by ELEAGUE as official tournaments in relation to the CS:GO Major, but the actual CS:GO Major is obviously far different. I don't understand why people are getting so confused about this... Just because they are both hosted by ELEAGUE, that means both are CS:GO Majors? No - there is only one and that is in eight days.
2018-01-11 19:17
shox | 
France Kabby 
What about souvenir drops ? What about team stickers ? CSGo major we used to know are now gone, the new major have 24 teams in it. Some say it sucks (i'd say it sucks) some may like it, but that's it, Valve made it clear.
2018-01-11 20:57
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
It's definitely going to be unique, but honestly it could be a delightful change. I didn't really care about the drops anyway, otherwise the Pick'Em Challenge is still up for grabs I think.
2018-01-11 21:06
Will it be there drops at Major qual.?
2018-01-11 21:34
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
No, only at the actual CS:GO Major, if drops are still a thing (which I assume they are). The only think they changes were the stickers; in that even those who make the Major Qualifiers are now eligible for stickers. They still have to "qualify" for the actual CS:GO Major. I was instantly attacked and accused of baiting by user "Mantasas", yet he was extremely misinformed in actuality. Very ironic... Anyway - I wish you well and I hope you have a good day. :)
2018-01-11 22:45
Thanks bro but my friend said me now when he opened up CSGO that will be drops tomorrow u can check if u want.Open csgo and go in news..Somewhere i dont know i dont play csgo. U are really nice dude and have a nice day too!
2018-01-11 23:09
major qualifier in 2018 lol stop living in 2017 pls
2018-01-11 19:17
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
You can attempt to bait all you like, the reality is that the CS:GO Major starts in eight days, the CS:GO Major "Qualifiers" starts tomorrow. I'll reply no more to bait. I wish you well and that you have a good day.
2018-01-11 19:18
you can attempt to bait all you like, the REAL reality is that there is no more "major qualifier"
2018-01-11 19:20
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 - Tomorrow. - Eight days. Exposed of baiting, Mantasas.
2018-01-11 19:21
This major qual. now is called New Challengers Stage so I think thats why he is trying to piss u off. Anyways,he is a kid
2018-01-11 19:26
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I know the semantics of the Qualifiers, but it's listed officially as: "ELEAGUE Major Qualifiers" and "ELEAGUE Major 2018". His attempt at baiting is obviously idiotic and childish, but I hope the user is well regardless.
2018-01-11 19:37
How can u stay so calm and not lose your mind when dealing with the level of retardation of some users? Im jealous. :D
2018-01-12 12:48
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Haha, well I get this question a lot, but ultimately it comes down to the fact I've no reason to be triggered or angry. :D Obviously it's annoying when dealing with these people, but there is also no need to stoop to their level either. ^^ Simply wish them well and that they have a good day - it matters not how they act. Mind you, I'm very weird anyway when it comes to social interaction, as I'm extremely qualified in the subject of social constructs and psychology - sometimes it's nice to be able to help others and make them feel better. :) Anyway - have a good day. :D PS: I remember your username and also remember you were a fantastic user. Added you to my profile, friend. Keep up the good work and it's a pleasure to see you again. <3
2018-01-12 16:44
Wow, thank Mr Johnty04l32!
2018-01-12 16:47
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I hope to see you more active on the forums again, like last year. :D
2018-01-12 16:51
nah, will be less every year i think :/ I still read a lot but Uni takes a lot of time :/
2018-01-12 16:53
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I remember you talking about university last time, too. Still - one can hope, eh? :D You'll always be immortalised on my profile, friend. So here's hoping life treats you well for the next we speak again. :) Have a wonderful day. ^^
2018-01-12 16:55
Cheers back, Mr Jonty!
2018-01-12 17:23
yes because its not a qualifier anymore and the teams are already officially in the major "kid"
2018-01-11 20:01
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Only the "Legend" teams are officially already in the Major. Once more, you accuse yet remain misinformed.
2018-01-11 21:05
then explain why everywhere it says there are now 24 teams in the major, all 24 teams got stickers and are now a part of pickems
2018-01-11 21:51
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
Those who attended the Qualifiers has stickers, they still need to qualify for the actual Majors first. It's the first time they did something like this, but there since the CS:GO Major itself is using the Swiss format, there can only be 16 teams at the major, not 24. You've got your facts mixed up here... yet you've accused me of baiting.
2018-01-11 22:25
"there can only be 16 teams at the major, not 24" please, this isn't 2017 anymore
2018-01-11 23:36
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
The Swiss format only allows 16 teams? I don't know where you get your knowledge from, but it's ludicrous.
2018-01-11 23:55 not my fault hltv doesnt update their info
2018-01-11 20:03
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
No, but it is your fault for idiotically assuming so little of others. The Qualifiers and the actual Major are very different, they just take place at the same stage. The actual events themselves are played on completely different days, it is your own fault for instantly jumping to conclusions and presuming the worst without knowledge.
2018-01-11 20:11
I wish thorin and spunj were there but not semmler
2018-01-11 18:21
Yeah..Ppl will get bored listening same guys all the time i think
2018-01-11 18:22
Semmler had no insight in the game he was just there for screaming for when something cool happens
2018-01-11 18:23
he quit bro moved on to overwatch
2018-01-11 18:24
Still i loved him,its just that when u like someones voice.
2018-01-11 18:27
i think this major will be boring. no machie, no semler, no spunj, no SK full lineup, astralis with sick device. it will be a easy major for faze tbh...
2018-01-11 18:45
It will be exciting but not as much as it could be. SK without boltz is really going to harm the tournament because they will probably get to the finals and in finals without boltz vs FaZe,Astralis or even G2 i think they will lose and make finals not interesting as it could be..
2018-01-11 19:00
i really think sk will not get out of groups with felps training alone in Brazil, but lets see.
2018-01-11 19:02
Who cares ? Anders enough for me . Have an angry day! -VeryAngryGuy
2018-01-11 18:47
India akashcsgo 
bardolph is shit
2018-01-11 18:47
It’s sad how NA ruins majors :/
2018-01-11 19:04
shox | 
Germany klashie 
no hype coz no skins rip :'(
2018-01-11 19:08
fer | 
Brazil pedrok 
sad but true
2018-01-11 19:13
semmler is so shit, omg
2018-01-11 19:15
f0rest | 
Russia 1.6 FTW 
majors without nip = S H I T #f0restisonfire #NinjasiNPyjAmAs #huiKota
2018-01-11 19:16
Semmler annoying as FUCK Thorin will miss the banter SPUNJ dont care
2018-01-11 19:17
Sweden mini_f0rest 
Im not that hyped because no NiP. /close.
2018-01-11 19:25
When i realize that,i almost cry.
2018-01-11 19:29
Argentina [Darkaren] 
It hasn't even started lul
2018-01-11 19:31
Andorra |Borowcy 
I'm glad Thooorin and Semmler won't be there, however no hype for me since I don't really care much about any team other than NiP (as in hoping to see them go far). I think it'd be very fun to see some teams go out in groups though ;)
2018-01-11 20:18
Sri Lanka ezfaze 
+1 no more Anders + Semmler CSGO = ruined
2018-01-11 20:27
Poland bjaly 
fuck thorin
2018-01-11 20:29 Listen to that, my friend One of the most famous sentences you've ever heard in an esport match "This is not FPL, this is a major!" "IT'S A NOSCOPE! IT'S A NOSCOPE! There was one button, dan. There was NO ZOOM!"
2018-01-11 20:34
Bro,im just not fan of his voice.
2018-01-11 21:36
United States admiralcrunch 
yeah ikr, he sounds like a homeless dude, really dont like his voice either. Thooorin should be on the desk any given day, and SpunJ is a funny dude, you're pretty right
2018-01-11 22:28
Thoorin would make things more interesting for sure with his roasting and calling people out. Spunj is funny guy with nice accent and good CS knowledge. Don't know what tf is ELEAGUE doing thinking people want to listen only 2 guys on analyst desk for like 14 days of CS.
2018-01-11 23:14
Ofc im hyped
2018-01-11 20:58
United States admiralcrunch 
Fucking finally! The fucking truth!
2018-01-11 22:26
more nip fans coming out
2018-01-11 22:34
bro, even besides my team not being in Boston. With different people on the desk/casters, it would've been a lot more exciting than it is. Still gonna watch it, but I think, that's a petty
2018-01-12 06:36
Slovakia HanSoloBerger 
BOT Bardolph > Semmler any time
2018-01-11 22:31
World spaaace 
literally cringe at everything bardolph says, awful awful caster
2018-01-11 22:55
This is becoming really sad..U cant even have ur own opinion on this shitty website. Frankly they should just shutdown any kind of communication in here.
2018-01-11 23:11
+1 agreed
2018-01-12 17:24
RIP Faze 3-0
2018-01-14 03:12
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