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- Trashedward + ?
FeTiSh | 
North America Prohnovskiy 
When? Who?
2018-01-12 23:14
Thoorin is playing as Edward this tournament, that's why he are suck
2018-01-12 23:15
he are
2018-01-12 23:18
AnimeLover dont talk to me
2018-01-12 23:19
Me are notalk to you. Me is just laugh because you no England skill
2018-01-12 23:19
Me better englando than you polish
2018-01-12 23:20
*spit on your mud hut*
2018-01-12 23:21
This is what a third worlder argument looks like. No need to thank me.
2018-01-12 23:49
Thanks for your opinion 1st worlder from Libya. Btw how did you get internet? Are you allowed to visit any international sites as arabian brainless dirty muslim?
2018-01-12 23:53
Polish people clean the toilets in my school, no bait. I heard him say "Kurwa" a few times, so I knew my assumptions were correct. The stereotype is true.
2018-01-12 23:55
After major some guy from vega
2018-01-12 23:15
Ukraine LeenReex 
-kane +starix -zeus +angel -edward +mir
2018-01-12 23:16
SeemsGood except overrated starix
2018-01-12 23:16
Ukraine LeenReex 
he is real good coach just check navi's strats and playstyle at eleague major 2017
2018-01-12 23:19
+HObbit would be awesome, but probably won't happen.
2018-01-12 23:16
France Nxtro1 
yeah would be great
2018-01-12 23:17
2018-01-12 23:21
mir is too loyal to his current teammates.
2018-01-12 23:23
If he will get offer from navi, I am 99% sure he will sign a contract with navi. Navi needs either hobbit or mir, but edward is rly weak (good aim retard moves)
2018-01-12 23:24
I think he won't. :) +HObbit sounds good, but why would he leave Gambit?
2018-01-12 23:32
If Gambit gonna be worse and worse, then he will leave, bcs he has some kind of "winner mentality" he wants to win and do everything for it. Do u rly think mir would decline Navi offer with x20 money?
2018-01-12 23:35
> Do u rly think mir would decline Navi offer with x20 money? Sure.
2018-01-12 23:38
I don't think. Every CIS's players goal is to play for NAVI or Gambit
2018-01-12 23:41
Most players probably have this goal, but not everyone. mir doesn't want to leave Vega, deal with this. :)
2018-01-12 23:48
nah, he just didn't get offer from Navi, thats all and Vega will mb ask at least 200k for mir
2018-01-12 23:49
How do you know he didn't get offer from Na`Vi?
2018-01-12 23:49
Only Ange1 and electornic got offer in august firstly and that has been said by Lamabot, HR manager, Navi ceo mir never got the offer, but imo shouldve to change washedout edward
2018-01-12 23:51
Don't be naive, CEO/managers will say only what you need to know (in their opinion of course, not yours :P) and nothing more. ;) mir doesn't want to leave Vega, no one from Vega wants to change their current roster -- that's the reality, everything else is just speculation. "Lastly, at the end of the last season there was a lot of rumours surrounding jR and mir. How were you guys feeling about it? Did the contract renewals change anything? Alexander "Lk-" Lemeshev: We did not really think about changes or anything like that as we are what you call a team. We are together, we are doing our own thing and we have a goal that we want to achieve. If we had some problems or if players were thinking that they would be leaving for another team, we would not have renewed the contracts. But we did it, these are long-term contracts, and we are happy with them".
2018-01-12 23:57
Long term bla bla bla electronic also had long term. If mir would get an offer from navi, he would accept it. I don't think he want to stay in a tier 3 team forever. cmon, everyone would chose a better team. Its like saying Naymar wouldve staid in a trash br team, bcs he is a friend with everyone there
2018-01-12 23:59
electronic wanted to join Na`Vi since the beginning, but signed contract with F3 because he didn't get offers from any other teams (Na`Vi decided to go with seized). Vega players signed their contracts because they wanted to stay together. Do you see the difference? > If mir would get an offer from navi, he would accept it. And again, it's nothing else but speculations. Just deal with the fact that not everyone wants to play in Na`Vi. > I don't think he want to stay in a tier 3 team forever. You can think whatever you want but what you think has nothing to do with what mir (or someone else) does think/want. Peace. :)
2018-01-13 00:07
Russia uyo123123 
disband this shit
2018-01-12 23:24
2018-01-12 23:24
Europe KrakeNCSGO 
after losing astralis in quarter finals with %92 pickem rate -_-
2018-01-12 23:50
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