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Guys can you recommend a good site for skin betting
2018-01-12 23:31
stop gambling its huge mistake
2018-01-12 23:32
Brazil coldzao2 
unless you all-in on SK
2018-01-12 23:33
Brazil coldzao2 
odds werent worth it anyway i wouldnt all in here
2018-01-12 23:40
Netherlands Deji 
not if ur mOe
2018-01-12 23:33
2018-01-12 23:33
csgopositive ofc
2018-01-12 23:34
Yes. I'm a big better myself. I have gone from 4€ to now 100€ and i'm still climbing. The sites I use are Csesport, Drakelounge and Vpgame. Though Vpgame has some problems with their bots atm, it's still a very popular and good site. Have a Danish day! -VeryDanishGuy
2018-01-12 23:37
2018-01-12 23:41
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