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New French Lineup (opinions)
Switzerland sovereiign 
ScreaM, rpk, ZywOo, kio, and Ex6TenZ I'd love to see this. I think it could work.
2018-01-13 02:32
Switzerland sovereiign 
Yes, I know ScreaM and Ex6TenZ aren't from France.
2018-01-13 02:34
you forgot to add +PetrChelcicky aka ClutchMaster as coach
2018-01-13 11:06
Germany zeolikk10years 
Better get kenny as well imo
2018-01-13 02:34
Switzerland sovereiign 
KennyS wouldn't leave G2. Also, ZywOo is an awper and I think has massive potential. He's only 17 so his best years are ahead.
2018-01-13 02:35
dupreeh | 
Sweden Gripz 
zywoo can play every position u set him in, no joke. Would rater take KennyS either then RpK. Then put ZywOo as an Rifler.
2018-01-13 02:48
Switzerland sovereiign 
I haven't seen him play much yet but I got my eye on him. He had the highest HLTV rating in 2017 and had the highest rws in the MDL so that alone tells me he's talented because you have players like AdreN, hOBBit, XANTARES, etc in the MDL and they are on better teams yet ZywOo still had better stats. The only game i've seen him play so far was the other day against Singularity where he hard carried aAa to a win. He's impressive for sure. I'm sure he's going to be a top player in the next year or two.
2018-01-13 02:51
I would personally say either: zywoo rpk kennyS ex6 ScreaM or zywoo kio kennyS ex6 ScreaM
2018-01-13 10:54
France StickyRice 
Good line up but i doubt EX6's abilities to build a team that would aim to play at a Tier 1 level.
2018-01-13 02:34
Switzerland sovereiign 
I think Ex6TenZ would love to get back to tier 1 play. I know he said a while back that was his wish. He just isn't going to do it with the players he has right now. I think Ex6TenZ deserves to be in tier 1 cs. But you might be right. Maybe he doesn't have what it takes anymore. idk.
2018-01-13 02:37
s1mple | 
Iceland cy_ro 
where xms
2018-01-13 02:35
Switzerland sovereiign 
2018-01-13 02:37
France Lasso^ 
Zywoo is 17 and he don't want to join an pro team because he want to finish school
2018-01-13 02:40
ex6tenz in 2017... nice joke happy > this overrated igl
2018-01-13 02:45
would be an insane team tbh Ex6TenZ - IGL+Support RpK - 2nd entry k1o - Entry ZywOo - AWP ScreaM - Star
2018-01-13 02:47
Switzerland sovereiign 
Pretty much. Though I think ZywOo would also be a star player. Also rpk has been impressive the past 8-10 months.
2018-01-13 02:52
NiKo | 
Belgium Akkawaka 
I agree with you, nV really needs a roster change and I think that with that team, they could shine again..
2018-01-13 11:00
kennyS | 
Europe Yuppie 
ex6tenz was good in 2015 but there's no more IGL from belgium/france
2018-01-13 02:47
Ex6TenZ last had a good team in 2015 basically, as his stay in G2 was so short. If you would have given him the same tools as Happy has had, he would 100% achieve much more. He is a brilliant IGL, but he doesn't have the trust or authority to lead players like shox or NBK. Give him RpK, kioShiMa and ScreaM and he'll make a team that is twice as good as nV. EDIT: Hell he even has almost as good of a team in LDLC, and he has 1/10 of the skill to utilize.
2018-01-13 03:11
Switzerland sovereiign 
I agree with you 100%. Well said.
2018-01-13 03:17
For those who say Happy > Ex6TenZ. Answer this question: Would Happy do any better in LDLC as their IGL than Ex6TenZ? Would Ex6TenZ do any better in nV as their IGL than Happy? Answers to those questions: No. With Happy, LDLC would sink harder than the Titanic Yes. If dennis proved anything during his time at Astralis, it's that some players simply need a better team to play with. Ex6TenZ is one of those players, LDLC aren't like the Gambit from PGL
2018-01-13 11:07
Germany 7|1 
As #10 said ZywOo is good in almost every position, and him main AWPing would be essentially what we are seeing with s1mple on Na`Vi or Device on Astralis. Imo. Ex6 Kio Zywoo Zerkje (AWP) Hadji
2018-01-13 03:04
anjing | 
Indonesia Fazadz 
Envyus fix Devoduvek Amanek/rpk Kioshima Maj3r Zywoo Ex6tenz(coach)
2018-01-28 15:00
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