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Choke Soldiers
Turkey KindBoi36 
Hello first as a SS fan im gonna get cancer soon.Guys,tell me what kind of team has really good aimers riflers but has no game sense and choking everytime every fucking match e.g losing eco rounds very very slow play as a T site and losing CT site always.What is Space Soldiers problem and yes there is a main awper player but its not a main problem i guess.
2018-01-13 10:18
NiKo | 
Serbia Jevtic 
get cancer
2018-01-13 10:19
Yes i am but we dont deserve this
2018-01-13 10:21
NiKo | 
Serbia Jevtic 
ikr ss in underrated
2018-01-13 10:21
Israel BingoBango 
re-read your comment
2018-01-13 13:41
gabs | 
Russia DiaRhea 
Very bad team coordination no smart IGL and no trade frags means team lose
2018-01-13 10:22
When i am play esea rank B, even we are trying to getting trades and CT as well. Idk they are even dont trading each other when their teammates dies. FFS
2018-01-13 10:25
nice english my friend
2018-01-13 10:42
Thx i know ahaha
2018-01-13 11:02
Finland hotdog^ 
2018-01-13 10:22
Im also sad for 100thieves they are really good
2018-01-13 10:31
Finland hotdog^ 
2018-01-13 10:45
Russia Sur10n 
Except tier 1 and strong tier 2?You should take a look at Sprout/Misfits/Vega,cuz they have a potential to become strong tier 2 teams.
2018-01-13 10:23
They are not tier 1 i know but at least they can take place in boston 8/16.they can but they are choke soldiers.
2018-01-13 10:29
gabs | 
Russia DiaRhea 
denis/ spiidi - "strong" lmao
2018-01-13 10:30
Xantares and pazzzers like a superb i think they better both of them
2018-01-13 10:32
Maybe year ago when they was in mouz now no
2018-01-13 10:40
THEy were topfragging against space soldiers and both were playing great overall in the last month
2018-01-13 10:34
ropz | 
Sweden fearl3ss2 
what did you expect really? OnlineSoldiers
2018-01-13 10:23
I am expecting they would become a legend team in major and i believe but when they choke im getting so angry
2018-01-13 10:26
ropz | 
Sweden fearl3ss2 
maybe if the major was played online, lan? never
2018-01-13 10:28
they are the same shit online... always choke in important matches.
2018-01-13 10:29
Man look stats last year ss was better on lan but 2018 is curse for SS
2018-01-13 10:29
Petra | 
Netherlands taorus 
VP need good gym to make Pasha to preform.. Maybe SS need a good kebab bar.. Just an idea
2018-01-13 11:19
Man we are dont just eat kebab Okey :)
2018-01-13 11:46
Petra | 
Netherlands taorus 
;-) sorry just wanted to help ^^
2018-01-13 13:17
Drink vodka also would help them lol
2018-01-13 13:39
Petra | 
Netherlands taorus 
Kebab and vodka, best combi :D
2018-01-13 16:27
they will never get legends with this little german/turkish cuck ngin.
2018-01-13 11:08
Yep ngin should be replaced.
2018-01-13 11:10
Judging on the first game of major... Zero team play. Everyone's trying to do plays on their own. No utility used. Overthinking strats and fake yourself while trying to fake enemy lol. Also bad at playing ct, especially on cbble. cant play passive due to terrible positioning.
2018-01-13 10:28
Okey one match but how about mdl ? Did you watch that event?
2018-01-13 10:30
yes i watched it and there they were sloppy as well. i thought they'd come up with different stuff in the major. only improvement was Xantares looked in better form than mdl. however others were worse. i am really disappointed with majer and calyx.
2018-01-13 10:44
Space soldiers some of rosters must change.
2018-01-13 11:14
with who? there is no decent turkish awper except woxic. also there is no good igl available. perhaps you can add another rifler like mini, but not much will change.
2018-01-13 12:16
I just watch mdl and major match already but according to last year even they didnt improve themselves also there is some game problems e.g their CT side never was like bad like now.
2018-01-13 12:41
cbble was ss best map in the past. but now it is the worst. probably everyone analayzed ss game on cbble. they mustn't pick it anymore imo.
2018-01-13 13:02
Turkey Mustafa- 
Xantares is overrated likeScreaM
2018-01-13 10:34
No his perform was really good in last match but their coordination like a silver team.
2018-01-13 10:36
They are band of egoists no team play just hunting frags too mayn ,,star players"
2018-01-13 10:40
I totally agree.
2018-01-13 12:39
SS exactly represent the turkish nation.. good aim but no brain
2018-01-13 10:52
Wtf lol dutchman it was funny
2018-01-13 11:03
Ss is bad team with good players.
2018-01-13 10:52
We need better igl and main awper i think
2018-01-13 11:05
majer is good igl. Lack of awper is not good. But it is not the main problem either. The problem is turkish mentality.
2018-01-13 11:26
2018-01-13 11:52
they ate too many kebabs lul
2018-01-13 10:54
Eating kebab is very good man kebab is best food xd
2018-01-13 11:05
Need some young talents and hard work
2018-01-13 10:57
Like who
2018-01-13 11:06
Idk, still got big potential but looks like they lost motivation. Changes could effect team in a good way.
2018-01-13 11:42
No one even us cant think their perform will always top level but at least they could start to not throw game anymore and dont make stupid mistakes in that international event . they can lose but they cant choke .that is my opinion
2018-01-13 11:51
Turkey Shadowdances 
we choked man , we not gonna win single match of this major :(
2018-01-13 11:30
Yes i think so sad for turkish supporters...
2018-01-13 11:44
rain | 
Hong Kong lonely123 
ss overrated, they need better igl. fix maj3r
2018-01-13 11:58
2018-01-13 12:39
i think the problem is ngin and hardstyle whats the job of that fat fuck
2018-01-13 12:03
They dont even taking timeout,interesting.
2018-01-13 12:49
Lmao ss just very overrated, bad overall CS, only 2 talented players and they also get overrated (unproven on lan), if SS want to be taken seriously they need something to show for it... But they always fail to bring it when it matter, beating AVANGAR 2day not gonna be shit, they will not qualify for the major, not even with 9 slots
2018-01-13 12:42
Yes i agree with you they dont improve themselves in major they going solo duels no teamplay they cant qualify with that sorry about paz calyx and xantares they are really good players.
2018-01-13 12:47
They should add woxic for sure and get way better igl, idk if GobB speaks turkish but if he does they should try for him when BIG fly out of the major
2018-01-13 12:55
Man like we all turkish supporters of SS we banging their facebook page in comments but they are dont taking any can translate all of comments their page but they are like three monkeys you know.No problem fixing and doing exact mistake again over again ffs.
2018-01-13 12:58
BotB used to play for Turkish National team back in 1.6 Those were shittiest days for Turkish CS, getting beat 16-0, 16-3..etc by anyone. He knows Turkish but i don't think he will leave BUG.
2018-01-13 13:12
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
their problem is a lack of good leader
2018-01-13 13:03
2018-01-13 13:15
Finland ginbay 
2018-01-13 13:18
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