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need college?
United States drewcifer 
Degrees and diplomas don’t guarantee dollars Ive seen drop out millionaires and homeless scholars if you're lazy and do things you don't enjoy you will not become anything. Pls hltv no bully its early mornin
2018-01-13 11:47
college homeless>homeless with primary school Could happen, but percentage is much lower
2018-01-13 11:49
Nice fake flag
2018-01-13 11:56
True in 3rd world countries,but not in the West.
2018-01-13 11:58
Netherlands raiiNen^ 
Ofcourse there are dropouts that earn crazy amount of money, but those are just rare occations. Overall, college degrees lead to higher income compared to high school degrees. Whether or not you ''need'' college is a different question, because that also depends on your own goals in life. If people are satisfied with a normal income, you may not need to go to college etc. The need of college is imo a more personal question that differs for everybody.
2018-01-13 11:59
I think nowadays everyone can become successful if he sacrifices all this Partying, Videogames , Netflix, Phone, Social Media and other time wasting shit and instead studies like maniac on his own, theres no degree needed u just need to have the balls to commit to it.
2018-01-13 12:02
Netherlands raiiNen^ 
Define successful, because that term is also different for everybody. Succesful for you may mean you want 1M once you reach 50-60 years old, whereas succesful for someone else may mean to just have a stable income. A degree may not be needed, but it definitely helps.
2018-01-13 12:06
You can literally have 1 million once you reach 50-60 with a 1.5k monthly salary all you need is 7%+ interest and invest 150-200€ every month to your saving account in your early 20's. with 50 - 60 you will be millionaires. but most ppl early 20's rather spend on party and useless things :D if u smart u can make so much money out of nothing all u need is patients and knowledge.
2018-01-13 12:13
good luck getting 7% interest nowadays haha u can be happy if u get 1-3%
2018-01-13 12:21
Netherlands raiiNen^ 
That logic is kinda retarded. If you earn 1500€ a month and want to save 150-200 each month, you have to live with 1300€. 1300 to pay bills/food/and all other costs is really living on the limit. Furthermore, saving 200€ each months will only give you 96000€ at the age of 60 (if we start at 20). This is not even close to a mil, not even with 7% interest rate which you won't get anyway because no bank will give you that right now.
2018-01-13 12:33
depends if u study something u love its good but if u just study something to fit in society and to make your parents happy or proud its totally wrong.
2018-01-13 12:05
+1 to that. I'd rather earn less but have a job which is close to my hobbies than one that makes no fun at all.
2018-01-13 12:08
I agree. Especially in USA people take a lot of student loans only to pay them off for decades later. Colleges are overrated unless you want to be a doctor or a layer.
2018-01-13 12:07
JW | 
Turkey arkham 
Hi this is the adminstrator of Burger King. We know you are too lazy to study. We have minimum wage. Visit us soon!
2018-01-13 12:20
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