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god is great!
Faroe Islands wokedocto 
if we evolved from apes I ask you how could a intelligent being come out of a lesser being? The Universe and man are God's creation, just admit it pop If we evolved from apes and apes are still around why did it stop?
2018-01-13 12:03
2018-01-13 12:04
a polak allahu akbaring? rare
2018-01-13 12:06
yes i accept the truth no matter what it is
2018-01-13 12:06
allahu akbar is just a thing fake terrorist trained by the CIA and MOSSAD use to make the whole world hate terrorists. but ppl used already allahu akbar 1000 years back in a friendly manner to pray and praise allah. stop being the brainwashed sheep they want you to be
2018-01-13 12:07
wtf are you on about i didn't say anything about allahu akbar
2018-01-13 12:08
cogu | 
Brazil crankao 
fuck off thanks
2018-01-13 12:10
+1 shqiptare middle eastern guy kills 20 ppl its called terrorist attack norway guy kills 60 ppl also kids among them hes called psychopath and mentally unstable. murica boms a school 100 muslims 30 kids die and they are called heroes ... this world is a joke only propaganda to spread the hate among eachother.
2018-01-13 12:17
Germany MrMaxiKing 
+1 didnt expect such a well post on hltv.
2018-01-13 14:57
Norway guy kills 60 ppl and it's still called a terrorist attack and HE is a psyschopath. Middle eastern guy kills 20 ppl and they say he is '' asian looking on the news '' Murica bombs a school with 100 muslims, sounds like heroes to me.
2018-01-13 15:00
Netherlands Deji 
2018-01-13 12:16
Good sentences.
2018-01-13 12:34
Say 1 Christian that says God is great before killing a amount of people? Give me one please!! :)
2018-01-13 12:43
Europe EUR0PE 
He's a fake flagger
2018-01-13 15:48
France mintzz 
God does not exist unless we have real proofs of that. We have more proofs of evolution than we have about God. That says it all.
2018-01-13 12:08
correction, we have 0 proof of any god existing and 99% proof of evolution
2018-01-13 15:49
France mintzz 
Well yeah, basically that.
2018-01-13 15:53
abort this thread before u get cancer
2018-01-13 15:54
France mintzz 
I'm on hltv, it's already too late for me, bruh.
2018-01-13 15:54
2018-01-13 17:00
I agree
2018-01-13 12:08
Reported for racism You called brazilians a lesser being
2018-01-13 12:08
Germany mojalo 
LUL +1
2018-01-13 12:48
2018-01-13 13:06
sometimes i wonder alot also and im muslim , lets hope for the best and stop judging people for their faith or nationality :)
2018-01-13 12:09
cogu | 
Brazil crankao 
muslims should do that first
2018-01-13 12:11
there is alot of closed minded minded muslims , its hard to open their minds , but in future when all this extremist are dead and burned alive we will have a better reputation in this world
2018-01-13 12:13
Europe EUR0PE 
Do you think Islam is a religion of peace?
2018-01-13 15:49
Islam is a religion of peace! if you: aren't caucasian are a muslim aren't a woman or child
2018-01-15 10:36
the religion it self yes the people who follow it not really
2018-01-15 16:30
Europe EUR0PE 
So why are the extremists killing people, shouldn't the most extremist be than the most peaceful, if Islam is a religion of peace?
2018-01-15 16:49
they dont follow islam the right way , they kill innocent muslims/ non muslims they dont mercy anyone and then they claim they're muslim and the whole world blames almost 2 billion people because of the act of few . not all muslims are what your media shows you
2018-01-15 17:05
Europe EUR0PE 
But it clearly says in the Quran to do so, they are following in right but the ones that don't kill are not real muslims
2018-01-16 07:25
So you being an open minded person you wish to burn closed minded muslims? Bait or?
2018-01-15 12:45
Hungary Rollie 
Do you believe in evolution?
2018-01-13 12:12
i dont really believe it but i wonder about it , this point in my life i question alot of stuff about my faith too , its part of being human we are very curios about alot of things
2018-01-13 12:14
It's fact but okay.. whatever helps you sleep at night
2018-01-13 12:24
its not 100% , its a theory made by people and stop acting childish we are having an open conversation
2018-01-13 12:46
whatever helps you sleep at night
2018-01-13 13:03
Hungary Rollie 
I think it's a fact as well just like that the Earth is not flat
2018-01-13 13:07
yeah, people who don't usually don't understand it or have to completely deny it because of their beliefs, which is the most stupid reason.
2018-01-13 13:13
theory not a fact
2018-01-13 13:21
You need to look up the meaning of 'Scientific theory'. I'll stop replying, hope you come to your senses , have a nice day. lul it's fact. Some simple research will explain to you why.
2018-01-13 14:02
its a theory still , i dont believe in theory's sorry , if you want proof that god exist read the bible or quran . everything is mentioned there
2018-01-13 14:15
May i add a question to your open conversation? Then what makes religion not a theory
2018-01-13 15:02
very good question , your answer is in the quran not with me
2018-01-14 20:09
Ty for not misunderstanding my question
2018-01-15 10:25
LOL there is physical evidence for evolution .yet you believe in whats written in a book written by MAN, with 0 proof, and call it proof. thats not proof at all. stop misusing language, asshole.
2018-01-13 15:55
United States 1mPeRvI0uS 
Go ahead and read the books that are full of contradiction. Investigate how it was determined which books are part of the bible for example. It's rather arbitrary. They've corrected the translations of the bible specifically, almost hundreds of times, just to discover that it changes the meaning of ideas that are at the pillars of the religion. For example, the "virgin" Mary translation, actually just means a young woman. Not to mention that there's almost no physical evidence of many of the events described there. On the other hand, the evolution theory has ample of physical evidence, and it's widely agreed on by a lot of scientists, subject matter experts, not a group of people looking for a way to control the masses. Also, you obviously don't understand what a scientific theory is. It's thousands and thousands of scientists and papers that corroborate the same idea, and come to the same conclusion. Verbatim from wikipedia for example: The definition of a scientific theory (often contracted to "theory" for the sake of brevity) as used in the disciplines of science is significantly different from the common vernacular usage of the word "theory. Nowadays, widely accepted scientific theories such as evolution theory, relativity theory, newton's gravitational laws are just that...scientific theories.
2018-01-15 12:26
Bosnia and Herzegovina Cevap 
I believe in evolution that some animals evolved to another but evolution that man become from monkey i don't belive in that. That's most stupidest thing ever.
2018-01-13 15:39
Russia YUWA 
such as you have vainly evolved
2018-01-13 12:09
World ZMDR 
0/8 but in case some moron takes the bait, humans never evolved from apes, common misconception amongst uneducated people that have 0 knowledge in basic biology
2018-01-13 12:11
Germany MrMaxiKing 
2018-01-13 14:59
nice bait, allmost got me
2018-01-13 12:14
Brazil FLXG 
2018-01-13 12:17
2018-01-13 12:17
Norway SpZ[9] 
"lesser being" dosent the bible tell us that all life are equal. And without a lesser races or lesser being? You cant just become a believer and talk about things you dont know bro :p GL next post tho! Hebrews 12:14
2018-01-13 12:33
OP is a perfect example of humans that are still evolving.
2018-01-13 12:39
god is real bro belive in god! <3.
2018-01-13 13:09
Ah, HLTV. A real pleasure. People are seriously believing in creationism, even in 2018.
2018-01-13 13:42
+1 i can create a religion rn and it cant be disproved here i go: i believe that the universe was created 2 days ago by my god called Howak and all your memories are fake. go ahead try to disprove it, you can't all i have to do is "move the goals" when you ask a question that would seemingly disprove it. If i can do that then why couldn't someone have done that with all the major religions? this is why i dont believe in any religion, if something can neither be proven nor disproved then what is the point of its existence except as a gratifying and pacifying thought/idea to our minds
2018-01-13 14:09
I believe in unicorns, can't disprove them, lul
2018-01-13 14:30
ikr fucking hell. long as no ones blowing up shit in the name of unicorns im fine with it
2018-01-13 14:31
hey, that's a good idea
2018-01-13 14:50
I agree with that it's actually pretty fucking great
2018-01-13 15:26
notify your school
2018-01-13 18:26
#17 almost killed me
2018-01-13 14:32
Germany MrMaxiKing 
well i dont know where you your info but we didnt evolve from apes we have the same ancestors as apes and it didnt stop. The currently population of living apes is still in the process of evolution they just started thousands of years later.
2018-01-13 14:56
France Underbre 
Iam a Fan of god
2018-01-13 15:00
God is a girl
2018-01-13 15:31
Aloha Snackbar! God is great!
2018-01-13 15:40
2018-01-13 15:46
CIS NewUser69 
we evolved from a specific type of apes that doesnt live anymore so u cant tell that " If we evolved from apes and apes are still around why did it stop?" .
2018-01-13 15:48
Malta 74c00 
God is a fucking hypocrite nothing else
2018-01-13 15:50
well said albanian bro
2018-01-13 15:54
LuLz. Most retarded argument ever. Even watches can be assembled by evolution mechanisms
2018-01-13 15:56
Maybe read some books about evolution and find out.
2018-01-15 12:28
Finland Aibbee 
Religion is stupid you know that? Invented by some stupid man who got everyone else believe in it aswell... same goes with money.. Its paper but someone invented it a value. religion is stupid and is holding back the develop of people.
2018-01-15 12:28
Turkey 0vercast 
'If we evolved from apes and apes are still around why did it stop?' Still there are some people who can ask this question in 2018 LUL
2018-01-15 12:30
Why do you need proof? You'll die like everyone else, and when you die, you'll see what you seek. Stop trying to find answers now, it won't be of any use for you right now. Stop thinking the universe has to prove you anything, you're apart of it, if there's a god or no, you'll not discover it now, and you shouldn't concern about this at all.
2018-01-15 12:40
We came from space. Either genetically enhanced monkeys or just a million things that lined up to get the human being but we came from space for sure.
2018-01-15 12:44
cArn | 
Serbia vraca 
Evolution is fact, not a belief system. It does not have to make sense to you at all. You don't have to believe in gravity either, you'll never spontaneously start flying though. Religion, on the other hand, is not a proven fact, you can choose to believe in whatever God you prefer from many available.
2018-01-15 12:47
Yes God created us and you should be worried about your sins because God is watching everything you do. Just because there is billions of galaxies with billions of stars doesnt means you ll not go to hell if you're a disbeliever.
2018-01-15 12:52
United States Benjii92 
beer is good
2018-01-16 07:25
You are 100% correct. God is rly great!!!
2018-01-16 07:30
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