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Denmark vs USA
Sweden GabN 
USA is 57 times larger than Denmark, yet they only have 1 top 20 player compared to Denmark's 5. Plz explain, I thought Trump would make America great again?
2018-01-13 15:13
Sweden GabN 
57 times larger in population*
2018-01-13 15:14
cuz theyre losers who play cs all day. we get bitches, hence the population being 57 times larger.
2018-01-13 15:15
Sweden crindz 
roflll +1
2018-01-13 15:29
"we eat alot of fastfood, hence the population weighting 57 times more."
2018-01-13 15:33
at least our food is delicious enough so people enjoy eating it and get fat. enjoy your shitty rotten fish bro id rather have 5 guys & wendys
2018-01-13 15:34
Id rather eat fish than be 50kg overweight xddd
2018-01-13 15:36
Only 50 kg??? xd americans be out here weighting 100kg overweight at the age of 15, stupid american 100 kg=200+ pounds so you understand.
2018-01-13 16:15
Iceland _natas_ 
"We are producing thousands of poor and homeless people every day, we dont have time to play csgo"
2018-01-13 15:35
population doesnt matter
2018-01-13 15:18
Sweden GabN 
what what? Higher population -> more players -> more pros
2018-01-13 15:19
You have a logical fallacy. Higher population doesnt imply more players.
2018-01-13 15:22
Denmark benjics 
How is that a logical fallacy? Unless you're counting in percentages, population should be taken into account
2018-01-13 15:28
United States Quanxd 
player count > population, also there are a lot of casual players from the US too that don't take it serious, way more than europe
2018-01-13 15:28
Because larger population doesnt mean more player. As well as more players doesnt mean more pros. There way too many other factors to account . For example football . USA have larger population than Germany. Still there more footbal players in Germany than in the whole USA.
2018-01-13 15:33
Denmark benjics 
In this case, your assertion is incorrect. In the U.S, there are more than 1 million players, meanwhile in Denmark, there's roughly 100k Source:
2018-01-13 15:37
It comes down to culture not population. Like yes fuck ton of Americans own the game, but it comes down to how many players actually play it snd take seriously.
2018-01-13 15:29
United States MuMiX 
I think you are missing the bigger picture. I think it's safe to say EU has a different play style compared to NA and Denmark doesn't play Denmark players only, where as US basically plays US players. Denmark has all of EU to compete against where these smaller EU countries have higher skill...SK may be an exception.
2018-01-13 15:23
Australia CaoNiQuanJia 
Well, the US is a productive country and dominates the world market in almost all areas while people in Denmark are no life sad fucks so all of them play games
2018-01-13 15:31
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