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Turkish come here
oskar | 
Czech Republic Lukooo 
2018-01-13 18:34
some retards but most turks are nice af
2018-01-13 18:35
We don't call them Turks here. We call them "Bagcilar cocuklari" and it has no Engolando translation. We are mostly not nice ppl- lets say we have 65% Muslims overall (excluding immigrants), prolly 20-30% of them are like this. Islam is no cancer, but these guys.. Have an okay day -VeryOkayGuy
2018-01-13 18:37
Turkey yarrakbeyfendi 
the owner of this channel is a radical islamist and he is always doing these kind of propoganda. I'm pretty sure there are more people who said "I respect their opinions" than "kill them all". He just didn't put those good guys in his video
2018-01-13 18:42
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