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-olof +s1mple
Ukraine vladik59 
olof bad, washed up bot s1mple is much better than him
2018-01-14 00:22
Guardian and s1mple?? I arent think that
2018-01-14 00:22
+simple -karrigan. fazes strats work but noone follows them so they get bantered at the holes they create by not following through. rain can igl, or someone else. i know you said no gaurdian and s1mple but maybe it could be okay?
2018-01-14 03:30
United States STERBENVII 
The thing is...FaZe need a leader out of game and a leader in game. Karrigan is that leader. His strats aren't necessarily the best, but they play to FaZe's strengths. Without karrigan, FaZe wouldn't be top 5, trust me.
2018-01-14 03:39
NAF | 
Malta hurgurhut 
2018-01-14 03:50
Look at na`vi right now, faze will become like that with s1mple
2018-01-14 00:22
Ukraine vladik59 
2018-01-14 00:24
Greatest player of all time Olof > toxic ukraine kid
2018-01-14 03:27
India mak4u2 
+1 yes . coldzera for br , and simple for ukrainians .
2018-01-14 03:32
faze already like navi
2018-01-14 00:33
dennis | 
Sweden korkeen 
s1mple is trash
2018-01-14 00:24
Ukraine vladik59 
1.52 rating against fagnatic on big events in 2017 lul
2018-01-14 00:26
Netherlands 072 
That would be stupid, because they need more team play and s1mple is more the individual
2018-01-14 00:26
shox | 
Turkmenistan POGGERS 
i think s1mple already sign a 2 or 1 year contract with navi
2018-01-14 00:28
ppk | 
Brazil tesaotesuda 
-NiKo -rain -Guardian -olofmeister -karrigan +m0e +freakazoid +HUNDEN +OCEAN +seized
2018-01-14 00:28
Sweden GabN 
2018-01-14 00:32
Msl manager Tonione coach
2018-01-14 00:33
Denmark JustYes 
2018-01-14 03:32
you forgot smithzz 2nd awper
2018-01-14 03:33
NEO | 
Europe S3bjastjan 
No No and No :) S1mple its a good sniper FaZe clan have Sniper = GuardiaN so NO
2018-01-14 00:30
s1mple is a way better rifler than olof tho
2018-01-14 00:31
-olof + ANYONE
2018-01-14 00:32
2018-01-14 00:33
2018-01-14 00:43
s1mple and GuardiaN? I aren't think that
2018-01-14 03:31
S1mple is fucking trash... Has always been. Every team he joins, he brings the team down. "If you think 1 person is a douchebag, that's fine. If you think 2 persons are douchebags, that's also fine. But if you think everyone around you are douchebags, then maybe that's YOU who is the douchebag".
2018-01-14 03:32
He didn't bring his team down wdym? Liquid went to 2 majors and almost won in both of them. S1mple used to be toxic like 3 years ago, and people keep bringing it up again. Navi wasnt ruined by s1mple. S1mple always speaks highly of his teammates in Navi. It's just that seized was playing terribly, and guardian had no motivation.
2018-01-14 03:35
It's funny because people say he's toxic as if they personally know him and he murdered their family or something.
2018-01-14 03:54
It doesn't have to be toxicity that leads to failure of the team. It's funny that everytime people critize S1mple, they only brings out "toxicity" as an excuse and use it as a straw man.
2018-01-14 16:43
It doesn't have to be toxicity that leads to failure of the team. It's funny that everytime people critize S1mple, they only brings out "toxicity" as an excuse and use it as a straw man.
2018-01-14 16:43
chrisJ | 
Netherlands blonde 
Olof is good, one from the best on the world.. why change it??
2018-01-14 03:36
cuz kids got small dicks, not sure this is the reason but that might be :(
2018-01-14 03:51
It's 2018, not 2015. He's just not that good anymore. Not that I support -olof +s1mple.
2018-01-14 03:55
start watch some games and come back
2018-01-14 03:46
do u really want that s1mple destrys another team
2018-01-14 16:44
Sweden ThorinEk 
s1mple destroyer of teams (his own teams)
2018-01-14 16:46
Ukraine vladik59 
he destroyed your shitnatic team too :)
2018-01-14 16:50
Sweden ThorinEk 
well not in krakow he didnt.... remember? Fnatic beating out NAVI in last round of swiss format to knock them out
2018-01-14 16:51
Hungary StraYzie 
Do you want to destroy FaZe? I agree with -olof But no +s1mple
2018-01-14 16:52
Sweden GATER 
ahahha he is fckin lurker, that's normal
2018-01-14 16:53
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