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Is this site working for you? I can't log in by steam there
2018-01-14 01:25
not sure if phishing or retarded
2018-01-14 01:26
rain | 
Netherlands ThomCS 
if ur phishing ur retarded, so hes retarded eitherway
2018-01-14 01:29
no if you get rekt by phishing you're retarded, also phishing usually looks retarded because it makes sure only complete retards get rekt by it because complete retards will eventually earn you more money than mild retards
2018-01-14 01:31
rain | 
Netherlands ThomCS 
you didnt read what I said bc what I just said was what you said
2018-01-14 01:33
no phishing means you rekt not you get rekt
2018-01-14 01:35
rain | 
Netherlands ThomCS 
I know, but if he is rekting people through phishing he is still a retard
2018-01-14 11:58
It works but it dies every few minutes, it's like this every night after the major.
2018-01-14 01:27
Poland Feym 
Just so you know that 666/2=188, you better watch out
2018-01-14 01:33
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puget 
i cant log in other sites as well, probably some steam bug again
2018-01-14 01:37
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