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they'll just lose to remaining teams.
2018-01-14 08:18
Nt Chernobyl
2018-01-14 08:19
Portugal RODRI13 
ahhahahaahha this answer was amazing <3
2018-01-14 13:29
funny as fuck
2018-01-14 13:30
Portugal RODRI13 
yhp i do like the answer but i know that ukraine is not just chernobyl bro :3
2018-01-14 13:32
2018-01-14 14:13
Brazil Gunzel 
Most likely Misfits will go 1-3
2018-01-14 08:21
2018-01-14 08:21
Summer | 
China ezpz95 
Vega will 100% qualify. 3-1 or 3-2 or even 3-3
2018-01-14 08:24
Sweden ThorinEk 
2018-01-14 08:50
Australia starpyur 
yeah and don't forget 1 extra qualifying spot for 2-3 team
2018-01-14 13:27
flusha | 
Finland bliplbob 
misfits got deleted by G2 as expected. People overrate them so much. Vega on the other hand... If they won Faze, they can win G2 aswell, because they are similar, loose teams.
2018-01-14 08:30
faze is cursed on major after adds Niko
2018-01-14 08:32
flusha | 
Finland bliplbob 
I think the whole team is nervous, they have so much to prove. Obv Niko is the most nervous.
2018-01-14 08:32
anyway we'll see
2018-01-14 08:34
Czech Republic Prevodovka 
2018-01-14 08:44
rain is fine on majors though... he had 1.13 rating at PGL major and he's played good now as well. Carried vs Liquid with 1.29 rating and he had a below average, but still decent game with 1.03 vs Vega. NiKo is definitely the problem in this major so far. Not to blame him, ofc, but in a team like FaZe, when rain wins them a crucial round by himself getting 4 kills in a 2v4, then you expect players like GuardiaN, olof or NiKo (especially NiKo) to show up in the following round and turn the game around. Considering they were against Vega, one of them should have done their job and shown up, but no one ever did. It's really sad that players like GuardiaN and olof who have so much experience on the big stages can't show up for just one round against an inexperienced team. I support FaZe all the way but I do think they have a chance at going out early again if rain is the only one that shows up, just like last time.
2018-01-14 13:35
I agree that rain is unaffected. He was the oke who was closing rounds and clutching against Vega. I think olof and Guardian are not sure how to try to make impact when they are in trouble, since they were ”the Niko” of their former teams. I think they will make it.
2018-01-14 14:07
Romania seVeNz 
i don t think so, faze underrated vega so much, g2 wont
2018-01-14 13:35
Czech Republic Prevodovka 
2018-01-14 08:44
2-3 team with best stats attending on major anyway cause of 100t
2018-01-14 08:45
2018-01-14 13:17
vega will be top16 on this major but i think they will suck after they reach this
2018-01-14 13:20
Russia AyvaN 
3-0 or 3-1 for them. :)
2018-01-14 13:22
I don't think so but it's possible. I'd like to see them reaching out for playoffs for the wondered eyes of everyone.
2018-01-14 13:22
For mad faze fans
2018-01-14 13:45
2018-01-14 14:14
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