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What do you do for a living?
Poland sazz68 
What do you do for a living ? What pro gamers or ex pro gamers do for a living?
2012-07-04 20:29
I still get money from my parents, but I use my free time to work by being a model.
2012-07-04 20:34
pic or it didn't happen
2012-07-04 21:24
Happened or not, doesn't make any difference, sorry.
2012-07-04 21:37
good luck, my friend is a model in singapore at the moment
2012-07-04 22:25
my friend is a model in Nigeria at the moment
2012-07-05 13:17
duhh, everyone in Africa is model. Look how thin they are.
2012-07-05 13:58
2012-07-05 14:27
2012-07-05 15:43
Poland camarpl 
2012-07-05 15:47
f0rest | 
Portugal physt 
son of a bitch.
2012-07-05 16:29
Actually , not everyone in Africa ... Northern Africa is something else
2012-07-17 00:11
2012-07-23 15:18
2012-07-24 01:45
look how some peaple Lithuania are ignorent and naive :/
2012-07-27 03:28
gay OFC. :D
2012-07-05 02:48
Netherlands adzer 
What pro gamers do for a living is gaming.
2012-07-04 20:36
I have no doubt that not everyone
2012-07-04 20:45
Tunisia edgg 
if I remember correctly, members all have got jobs
2012-07-04 22:33
so they are not profesional gamers ... pro gamer mean your job is playing games....
2012-07-05 15:26
People can have more then 1 job, you know ;)
2012-07-05 20:23
That is not the defination of being pro. The defination of being pro, imply just means you are very good at something:P
2012-07-16 12:26
well, maybe in your country. In our when someone playing football and he's professional, that means his club pay him and he don't need to work.
2012-07-16 13:18
Maybe so. But being pro at something no matter of your definition of it doesn't mean you extremely good or gifted at something. But people do have 2nd jobs haha.
2012-07-17 19:22
No, it's not.
2012-07-17 12:52
Wow, very convincing.
2012-07-17 19:23
2012-07-18 11:35
No. Professional means you get payed doing it, whatever it might be. But I doubt it is enough to live off because even SK members salary was like 700 euro per month.
2012-07-19 14:09
Are you a wizzard ? :O
2012-07-05 12:14
I forgot to add, I'm a logistician
2012-07-04 21:03
I study atm but I will be tourist guide :E
2012-07-04 21:27
So you are studying to be a tourist guide, ye?
2012-07-19 13:05
2012-07-26 18:44
Good luck.
2012-07-27 01:56
Just tryin' to be terrorist nigguh!
2012-07-04 22:37
then come to pakistan :P
2012-07-05 13:04
LOL ? xD
2012-07-05 16:42
Ak's for free :D
2012-07-16 17:39
You should be ashamed to post such a comment. You donot respect your country then how will others respect it. Grow up kid.
2012-07-23 15:19
I live with my parents.. I'm still studying
2012-07-04 22:43
France -huhu- 
2012-07-04 23:16
working my ass off to go to the war in iraq or afghanistan, it's my dream, since my dad was in the war too :)
2012-07-04 23:51
you're dead like your dad
2012-07-04 23:57
2012-07-05 00:02
haha, rly funny fucking dumbass
2012-07-05 00:10
who gives a fuck if i will die? atleast i stod up for something, doing what i love.
2012-07-05 00:13
b->8->2 before you go.
2012-07-05 00:26
02 man :D b82 - o2
2012-07-05 12:15
bind O "vesthelm" u dun have 2 press 2 again nemore ;)
2012-07-22 15:52
that thing you love is killing innocent people?
2012-07-05 04:45
he loves the army, not the killing
2012-07-05 05:30
no I don't think so
2012-07-05 13:38
how do you know? you dont even know him! you know, army is not only killing, you arabs have such a bad vision about us. check #36 ;)
2012-07-05 17:38
keep reading after #36
2012-07-05 17:48
yes, so? hes not there to kill anyone, hes there to protect the people. you know how many portuguese died since we are in kosovo protecting them? 1. And he was killed by a disease. Dont talk about what you dont know, not everyone is blood thirsted.
2012-07-05 18:24
"working my ass off to go to the war in iraq or Afghanistan" yeah he is gonna protect people here too?
2012-07-05 19:11
hmm yes? portugal doesnt send troops there to attack guerrillas, etc. they send them in peace missions for NATO and UN
2012-07-05 22:52
omg keep dreaming bro
2012-07-05 23:10
lol? everyone knows that LOL. you're the one who must keep dreaming about cospiracies and americans and europeans killing arabs. yes, it happens, but if you really think NATO troops kill innocent people then please, do me a favour and dont aswer me anymore.
2012-07-06 01:56
as a serbian guy , and all of serbs gonna agree with me ,FUCK NATO!
2012-07-16 23:29
Couldnt care less
2012-07-17 00:05
u didnt past 1990 like i do , with 7 years i was in the basement hiding of nato bombs, u dont know what u talking about nato
2012-07-17 00:08
2012-07-17 00:53
What is funny about that???
2012-07-17 20:20 this the center of belgrade with thousands of innocent people living in their flats nearby this area so yeah very peaceful... nato didn't bomb military bases but a city... ?! and why? because albanians are the majority on kosovo and claim that the land automatically belongs to them... why didn't nato bomb china for tibet or russia? scared ass pussies going after their interests using force on small and undeveloped countries... and now kosovo is just an usa military base and a route in the drug traffic bussines. Well done. You think you know everything just because you read some newspapers and watch tv?
2012-07-19 13:59
i believe i can fly i believe i can reach the sky
2012-07-16 23:59
This aint a dream though, its the reality. Portuguese troops do not battle lol How do you explain we have 0 casualties?
2012-07-17 00:04
it was a joke u dont have to argue with me bcz i dont know anything about portugal army :]
2012-07-17 00:26
ok then ^^
2012-07-17 00:53
NATO is providing peace missions? Seems that I have missed something...
2012-07-17 13:19
Yes, they send troops to maintain the peace and to achieve it by force if needed.
2012-07-17 15:11
Dude, name one country, where NATO came and brought peace :o
2012-07-18 01:37
bosnia, kosovo and most recently lybia.
2012-07-18 02:43
says who?
2012-07-19 14:58
2012-07-19 20:34
"Peace missions" Retard confirmed.
2012-07-19 13:06
you understood what i meant
2012-07-19 20:34
Yes, hence the retard confirmation.
2012-07-19 22:36
retard confirmation? rofl, they send troops to maintain the peace like portuguese in kosovo for example. one bad thing about you arabs is that you guys think that all western people are equal to americans. we dont go there to kill you idiot.
2012-07-19 22:46
What? You are the one who mentioned Americans you idiot. I was referring to that. I guess you are way more than a retard. Retarded infant confirmed.
2012-07-20 08:04
Argentina ivanpb 
2012-07-05 22:53
awesome! so true!!
2012-07-17 15:13
2012-07-20 10:35
FalleN | 
He didn't say he wanted to become a suicide bomber!
2012-07-05 09:58
dafaq? o_O what you are talking about?
2012-07-05 13:39
2012-07-16 23:59
no one wil care if u die or not, u parents will miss u alot and the ppl in the world will not know u dead.. so why risk ur life while ppl dont give a shiit about u? just tellin bro..
2012-07-05 14:21
Not sure if serious or...
2012-07-05 14:37
Russia Nzr0 
do you even know for what they are fighting? i guess no.
2012-07-16 12:54
rah | 
United Kingdom rah(-_-) 
stood up for what?
2012-07-16 16:12
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
Stood up for what? U dont even know the reason of why there is a war in those countries. If u did u wouldnt even think about signing for such a stupid way of life. Go feel ur pocket, i think ur iq must be in there somewhere!
2012-07-16 23:08
Fast A-split pl0x.
2012-07-18 03:20
war is good only to people that haven't lived it
2012-07-05 00:29
yeah i never lived in a war time, and i know it must be really depressing, but hey, my country sends troops to mantain peace most of the time, not to fight against guerrillas
2012-07-05 01:02
lol and u believe them?
2012-07-05 09:45
ofcourse i do, i know exactly what portuguese troops do out there. Especially in Kosovo, where we majorly are located, we go there to mantain peace and shut down little "conflicts" in the country
2012-07-05 13:23
Slovakia CheST3X 
what is peace? shutting down someone's ideology to maintain my own? that's not peace ... why are conflicts in the world? because people have different opinions on what is good and bad ... one with stronger army wins and maintains "peace" ... Peace is a lie based on shutting down somebody's mouth
2012-07-05 13:47
thats fucking true ...
2012-07-05 15:29
You got it all wrong rofl. We send troops to kosovo so their people dont get killed by guerrilas, etc. to protect their citizens. The portuguese are very well received there btw
2012-07-05 17:40
Slovakia CheST3X 
What do the guerillas want to achieve with their actions?
2012-07-05 17:46
Fear, the goods from those citizens, control the country maybe ?
2012-07-05 18:22
Get real
2012-07-27 02:58
I am, how can you explain portuguese troops have no casualties then? you know nothing mate
2012-08-08 20:06
dude, dont act like an angel.
2012-07-05 14:33
you are probably out of intelligence about kosovo (no offense): "The partially recognised Republic of Kosovo, declared itself an independent state in 2008, and has control over most of the territory, although North Kosovo, the largest Serb enclave, is largely under the control of institutions of the Republic of Serbia or parallel structures subsidised by Serbia. Serbia does not recognise the unilateral secession of Kosovo and considers it a UN-governed entity within its sovereign territory." Our troops are trying to mantain peace and independence, in this case the peace and independece of the kosovo people, who haven't got a 100% independence recognized.
2012-07-05 15:22
"kosovo people" doesnt exist, dear boy..."you are probably out of intelligence about kosovo (no offense)"...inform urself good, before u get ur ass into something u cant handle. Read serbian history for the starters, you'll see what is kosovo then.
2012-07-05 15:49
you're serbian, of course you wont understand. if the people who live there want independence there is nothing you can do about it
2012-07-05 17:41
That's the point where serbs lack logic , the nation that turned balkans 10 years back btw:Kosovo people are Albanians :) Nice to see somebody knowing something about my country :)
2012-07-05 18:35
Well sorry, i dont really know much about you guys, i just know you were (and still are) "fighting" each other but i think that if the people live there and want independence they should have it since they are the ones who "own" the land..
2012-07-05 22:48
they do not own it, thats the point. they already have their country, named albania.
2012-07-16 03:32
and u have already your country, named SERBIA
2012-07-23 15:27
yes and kosovo is part of serbia.
2012-07-24 01:43
sure it is
2012-07-24 11:07
good then, since the "kosovo people" are albanians, there is already one Albania existing, so what the hell u want more? u already have 1 country. Or albanians need 2, 3 or more countries, so u decided to steal other peoples lands?? LOL, cut the crap mate.
2012-07-16 03:31
we don't need one , we simply want to join Albania , but the "BIG ONES" decide on these matters so they said no u wont join them , u'll create ur own country and we were like :okay:
2012-07-16 12:03
SO, that what kind of people you are???? I think theres no need to say nothing more, u said it all by urself, people with no history and with no crediblity can only say this. And we all know, btw, that ur trying to make "the great albania". Now, u steal from, serbia, next is greece? macedonia?? montenegro?? When it will be enough?? The "big ones" CAN NOT decide to take away the lands from one people and give it to other people. WTF is wrong with u all?!
2012-07-16 21:56
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? U people even fight over the internet. Wish all wars were fought like this, then we didnt have any innocent people get masacred.
2012-07-16 23:11
People must be quiet curious here why many nations in balkan hate you , you just keeping showing how u really act in a pathetic way....there's no "great albania" , only ethnic albania , the albania which existed in 1878 was fcked by Stefan Agreement , then refcked in Berlin 1878 , and the K.O given in 1912 in London where 2/3 of its territory with albanian population (could have been even more if there wasn`t Austo-Hungary) was given to neighbour countries , just like Hungary had the same fate at the Treanon Agreement
2012-07-17 18:20
Im not even gona read this. Looks like too long post of crap.
2012-07-17 18:56
arrogance lvl : over 9000 you don`t know a shit about history ,go learn some stuff before u make a fool of yourself
2012-07-17 19:05
so if 1 mil serbs go to a territory in portugal or perhaps albania we can claim it as our own? NICE LOGIC! brainwahsed n00b
2012-07-19 15:07
well thats exactly what serbia did after they migrated to balcan in 5th cent or 6th
2012-07-19 17:31
LOL! 5-6th?! those were different times but in the 21st cent. we should follow the same pattern as in the 6th cent. and that's your argument? And Balcan is not a country and the Slavic people migrated to the ex-yu territories because there was not a high population and they could live there without having to take the land of others because there was no major cities or anything of a high importance. And Serbia can't migrate,it's a country for God's sake...If you want to discuss serious topics then at least check your basic grammar...
2012-07-20 10:57
your point is invalid because those lands have been always illyirian or albanian so they just create their own gorvement there.Why not? I just will ask you a qeustion but please answer me honestly: Would you like to be ruled by another country race etnich group or whatever you call it
2012-07-20 14:32
invalid lol it's a different situation, perhaps u should inform yourself about this before SAYING FUCKING STUPID SHIT
2012-07-23 15:29
Kosovo was always a part of SERBIA , the fact that albanian people live in Kosovo doesent prove nothing ! KOSOVO JE SRCE SRBIJE !
2012-07-19 20:44 In Cameria there is a small nr of Albanians left in Macedonia they make up to 40% even though census show a lower nr and serbians have expelled Albanians from Nis sanxhak , they came in large numbers in Kosovo after 1878 after Serbia got that part through the Berlin congress as u see no kosovo under serbia here (Albania was still under ottoman empire) ,the fact the Preseva valley isn`t today part of Kosovo is b/c Tito changed the borders in 1870s Presheva valley was left out of Kosovo while the northern part was incorporated in and Kosovo was given to serbia in 1912 in London Congress where Albania lost 2/3 of its territory populated with ethnic Albanians (the 1st pic shows it) Now if u have a different opinion show me it by proving it with some pics or facts , and pls don`t trash-talk , if u wanna have a debate u`r welcome otherwise I won`t waste my time
2012-07-19 22:15
LOL! And what is the point in the separation of the ex yu countries? Now we all want to join EU and be together again? What was the point? 10-20 years of satisfaction of being an independant country? We lost much more than we gaind with the end of yugoslavia. But some did gain a fortune politicians and war profiteers. ..
2012-07-20 11:26
it`s quite simple , everyone wants to live in it own house , you live together with your parents and brothers/sisters , time will come when u`ll seperate from them. Nobody wants centralized shit.
2012-07-20 14:48
hhahaha funny post.
2012-07-16 03:33
Why is it a funny post? are you from kosovo? NO you are not! How can you decide their fate if they are the ones who live there, the ones who own the territory? NOTHING.
2012-07-16 04:22
but u and stupid people like americans can decide ?
2012-07-16 13:50
Yeah, we are so stupid because we defend kosovo people from being slaughtered. Shame on us!
2012-07-16 16:08
Slaughtered??!! How about u get ur ass away from the TV and find some reall infos, u stupid little prick with no knowledge at all about anything:I hope u wont end up in some albanian safe house where albanians are cutting out human organs. Oh wait, nooo, they are only cutting out human organs from SERBIAN people!!! Shame on u, to blame people based on propagande is pretty much what we could expect from someone like u. The best lesson for u is, to actually come to kosovo, and then I would like to hear from u, on this same forum.
2012-07-16 22:06
you don`t even live in Kosovo and act like you know everything about it , where the hell did u get this "organ stealing stuff" ? Dick Marty? Ok . Where are the arguments? Marty was even invited by EULEX to prove his accusses on this matter. Perfect chance to fck up Thaci , dont u think? He refused to come to prove his accusses with facts. Why? He simply doesnt have facts. EVEN lets say he has facts which he hasnt shown yet (and never will I guess) , until thaci&co. arent prove guilty you cant say they are organ dealers or whatever. BTW: your president has a false diploma (never finished university I guess)
2012-07-17 18:29
Its interesting how Taci was on CIA's list, of most wanted terrorists, and how suddenly he was taken down from that list. U forgot that didnt u?? Or u didnt even know?? Taci is a wekk known criminal, but at the moment suits to America's interests, so there you go. But, wait a while, one of these days ur gona stop being the Americas favourite doggs, I cant wait to see what will happen to u then. cheers
2012-07-17 19:01
And btw, our president has a diploma and finished Uni as any other citizen, he is very good educated, and u really need to stop reading yellow news-papers. Or just use that paper to roll organs into it. As simple as that, u will never get Kosovo. That is Christian land, now gtfo.
2012-07-17 19:06
Just saw some comments of yours , you`re too retarded and arrogant , won`t waste my time with someone which has such a childish behaviour , goodbye
2012-07-17 19:09
i stoped talking to u like posts ago lol. -.-
2012-07-22 13:02
see thats the point they already took kosovo
2012-07-20 14:35
KLA was considered terrorist org until western countries realized what the problem in Kosovo was, Serbs consider Kosovo their sovereign land. Albanians, who are the overwhelming majority in Kosovo, insist that it is their territory. Americans, the EU, and NATO all agree to the Albanian claim. *take down thaci from that list motherfckers we were wrong* btw : I dislike Thaci , he`s bad at leading a country
2012-07-17 19:07
Try to keep ur word, and stop talking, pls. Or ur as same as the rest of albanians with no honor at all. God speed mate.
2012-07-18 00:28
"Albanians, who are the overwhelming majority in Kosovo, insist that it is their territory." LOL! and that is logic? so if albanians go for example to the usa/sweden/england and overpopulate,cuz that's the only thing they're known for (and for crimes), then it's their right to claim that land as theirs and that gives them teh right to decide about others? Kosovo got the support from UN/nato because the USA wanted a military base on balcans.
2012-07-19 15:50
I just want to remind u that u came in the 6th century so u occupied that territory from someone else, you can apply that logic only on u. Kosovo got the support from UN/nato because the USA wanted a military base on balcans. that`s not the reason , USA can have a military base wherever they fcking want in balkans , having one more or less in Kosovo doesn`t make much of a difference , that`s only what your media have put in your brain as an excuse
2012-07-19 21:59
21st cent. = 6th cent. ? That explains why you are good only at reproduction and crime, because you still think with the brain of a 6th cent. human. "USA can have a military base wherever they fcking want in balkans" well because you think that way that's why you are the most suitable for the privilege to live in a military base/drug traffic "country" of yours...
2012-07-20 11:12
you are using double standards , taking the favour only on your side
2012-07-20 14:46
try to stay in 1 piece till then
2012-07-20 14:36
U stupid idiot, kosovo is in serbia, and im from serbia. how stupid can u be?
2012-07-16 21:52
Slaughtered??!! How about u get ur ass away from the TV and find some reall infos, u stupid little prick with no knowledge at all about anything:I hope u wont end up in some albanian safe house where albanians are cutting out human organs. Oh wait, nooo, they are only cutting out human organs from SERBIAN people!!! Shame on u, to blame people based on propagande is pretty much what we could expect from someone like u. The best lesson for u is, to actually come to kosovo, and then I would like to hear from u, on this same forum.
2012-07-16 22:05
Ahahah mate, perhaps you do the same thing to them? The truth is, if it wasnt for the help we europeans and americans give to kosovo, you would kill them all.
2012-07-16 22:14
No, you're the stupid idiot here. Do you live in kosovo? No, you dont. End of the question.
2012-07-16 22:16
u stupid idiot, its part of my country, u retard.
2012-07-17 03:14
So what? Are you mad? Thats why kosovo people need to be protected, you rage just because my opinion is not equal to yours :D
2012-07-17 03:27
No, im just scared. Its the first time I see limitless stupidity.
2012-07-17 12:51
if u can find on kosovo only 1 muslim mosk which is older then any serbian church or monastery, ill say ur right about anything u said here.
2012-07-16 22:14
What does that have to do? rofl
2012-07-16 22:15
omg go die pls. thnx
2012-07-17 03:16
sorry if you're too stupid to understand that has nothing to do with the topic LOL
2012-07-17 03:28
I've never seen such a stupidity, u are waste of the air on earth. Please come to Kosovo, im begging u. I would love to see ur genius brain at work. Im a lawyer by education, and accept my friendly advice. If and when u come to kosovo, be very carefull. with that brain of urs, ur not gona last long. Albanians love that kind of people the most. I wish u long life ;)
2012-07-17 12:49
And again you dont even explain what churches and mosks have to do with a country independence. Who cares if you're a lawyer? You dont have the reason, and you will never understand what im trying to say because youre serbian. you talk shit about the albanians but you serbians have done the same before. Wheres your moral prick?
2012-07-17 15:08
Dude, Kosovo is a part of Serbia (atleast it was). Hillbilly way explaination I allow you to build house and everything on my land, i even let you use my land (the part surrounding the house) without any obligations. You can NEVER expect that i will allow you to call this land yours and not mine just because you and your family live there. It will never be yours until I decide it can be yours...Kapish? Just because they want independence doesen't mean that they should get it.
2012-07-18 12:15
If they are fighting for it, what will you do? You cant even compare a house to a country, kosovo must be independent
2012-07-18 17:06
Must be independent? Are you serious? Yes you can compare a country to house/apartment in this situation. Maybe i said it wrong when i wrote without any obligations. If i pay rent on my apartment for even 50years (in country situation = paying taxes), i can never own it, declare it mine (in this situation declare it independent = not a part of Serbia). Even if i fight for it as hard as i want. Its the simpliest explaination i can think of, since you didn't understand ARTemis.
2012-07-18 23:28
perfectly said with couple of words.
2012-07-22 01:52
dude but those places where albanian the slavs came here and took those lands with force and now albanians took it back so it was serbians who steal the land not albanians they just took back what was their
2012-07-20 14:39
Ancient history bro...We could say the same thing for every second country. We were ONCE here(realy realy long time ago) we DEMAND it to be declared our!! - Slovenia was robbed of some parts too...Do you see us having conflicts with Italy & Austria?
2012-07-20 22:44
but dude its different because kosovo region was almost always a albanian dominant region so why shouldnt they rule themselves?
2012-07-20 23:47
and no, it was just recent, we let albanians use that part of our country. The worst of all is that, since they are trying to take away our land, the way they are teaching history to their kids is totaly insane and has nothing to do with any true historical fact. They have to create some kind of history, false history, using mostly partial information. They are trying to create their history for the part of territory which is not theirs and never was. So these people live thinking all this crap is true. For example, they are thought that RAKI is not turkish, its albanian national drink and some crapy lies like that. So mostly this people doesnt have their national identity and they are stealling it from other countries.
2012-07-22 02:03
WTf did i just read go and learn the history of illyrians bro
2012-07-22 02:47
please stop talking to me, i cant stand more stupidity from those like u.
2012-07-22 13:00
2012-07-22 14:42
2012-07-22 15:16
u really dont know history.
2012-07-22 01:53
and btw, first learn who owns the territory. -.- simple minded kid.
2012-07-17 03:18
kosovo people do. they want independence, give them independence.
2012-07-17 03:29
die. pls. thnx.
2012-07-17 12:46
Who cares what u think ?! HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAA #KOSOVO REPUBLICC Albaniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanss (: <3
2012-07-23 15:16
hahahahaha idiot.
2012-07-24 01:43
the truth hurts :S
2012-07-25 01:31
hahahhahhahhahahaha girl ur making my day with these comments ahahahhaha, u dont know the truth, u have no idea what is the truth, girl.
2012-07-25 12:08
#101 again.
2012-07-05 19:15
oh dear boy, u have no idea what ur talking about.
2012-07-05 15:46
If u come sometime in Kosovo , give me a call I might give u a ride around :)
2012-07-05 18:28
be carefull not to loose an organ while ur "riding around"
2012-07-16 22:08
Russia Nzr0 
"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."
2012-08-08 20:23
Russia Nzr0 
"War does not determine who is right - only who is left." - Bertrand Russell
2012-07-16 12:56
Argentina ivanpb 
you wanna kill and torture ppl ?
2012-07-05 07:18
i play counter strike 1.6
2012-07-04 23:53
and probably you are the richest man on earth ;)
2012-07-04 23:58
u play counter strike 1.6 too, r u rich?
2012-07-05 00:56
I stopped playing cs and I'm broke, if you are interested
2012-07-05 01:01
Brazil Xen. 
I got a Lan House (Cyber) with 26 computers. I bought it myself when I had 19 years old. I'm 22 now. Just work Monday to Monday, but I can handle it, at least until now.
2012-07-05 00:01
2012-07-17 13:35
sweet. some day i would like that :)
2012-07-22 15:58
interesting! is that a good business in brazil? gl with it.
2012-07-05 00:07
Brazil Xen. 
Used to be, it's not so good anymore, but Im trying hard. Here some merchandising about my business: or One day, my Lan will become the next Inferno Online, you will see! (kidding).
2012-07-05 00:15
good luck !!
2012-07-05 09:41
Denmark une 
Never got away from the pc, so as for now I'm working fulltime as a webdesigner / developer in web ecommerce.. ^^
2012-07-05 00:19
I'm sponsored
2012-07-05 00:28
by who? your uncle's appliances store?
2012-07-05 03:45
my parents
2012-07-05 13:18
2012-07-05 14:39
f0rest | 
Portugal physt 
2012-07-05 16:32
kakakaka number1 , bro! xD
2012-07-05 15:53
2012-07-05 05:21
Nothing, getting sponsored by my parents and the government.. hehe.
2012-07-05 00:29
I'm not playing much or anything but I have to say I'm lucky my parents are able to pay everything like courses at university and such.
2012-07-05 00:38
gaming is a waste of time. you will never earn money for the rest of your life
2012-07-05 01:03
2012-07-05 03:45
So yeah, why don't you go and say that to fatal1ty, carn, heaton and others that have gotten jobs in the industry after their progaming careers?
2012-07-05 05:37
ok fatality sells hardware, heaton does promotion and selling hardware. they dont earn money with gaming. besides im sure that heaton has also another "regular" job. carn is the only exception.
2012-07-05 06:21
"gaming is a waste of time. you will never earn money for the rest of your life" If it wasn't for gaming HeatoN or fatal1ty wouldn't have the jobs that they have now.
2012-07-05 11:19
You come up with an argument that is probably only suits >1% of the gamers.
2012-07-06 02:09
Yup, but it still isn't a waste of time for everyone. Also, i'd like to point out that "time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time".
2012-07-06 02:10
I'm did not defend his comment. So you can't use that against me. =D However in terms of "earning money", you could say that gaming is a waste of time. (Generally speaking)
2012-07-06 02:13
I play games all week, and I make more money in 1 weekend then you ever will in 1 month
2012-07-05 18:37
yeah... stfu nerd
2012-07-05 21:15
dealing with drugs? whatever, im not jealous on virgins like you :)
2012-07-05 23:37
2012-07-17 02:57
Russia Nzr0 
well i guess alot of people here play games for fun... so that phrase is kinda non sense,i guess
2012-07-16 12:59
You can make pretty good money by gaming. Pros get 2000 - 10000 euros per month and I think it is enough. Of course you can't earn money from gaming to your whole life but a succesful gaming career might lead to a good job with gaming. Also we haven't really seen how old can pros play since gaming and esports is a new thing.
2012-07-16 22:33
i go to school every day
2012-07-05 01:58
I'll be in a police academy this September. I'll be making $58,000 a year with benefits so I'm excited.
2012-07-05 02:24
im into marine :)))))))) gl mate, its a hard work
2012-07-05 03:44
lol'd at being excited about 58k a year :(
2012-07-05 14:09
Russia B!F 
is it that little for you?
2012-07-05 15:01
yes, imo you wouldn't live a very comfortable lifestyle in america for $58k a year
2012-07-05 15:19
Russia B!F 
well, how much does BigMac cost in USA?
2012-07-05 19:51
ahahaha... not funny at all ignorant
2012-07-05 21:16
Russia B!F Found it by myself :P Just wanted to compare.
2012-07-05 23:21
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
58k is about 47k euros. Hmmmz its about 3900 a month. How isnt that comfortable? maybe ur used to buying a new car or private jet every month. But thats a whole lot of money tbh.
2012-07-16 23:16
rofl are you kidding? What rock have you been living under? Making 58k as a probationary police officer, and then well into the 60's after a couple of years? Not to mention the benefits, and that I'm 23 years old. That's a crap load of money for me.
2012-07-17 00:53
yea fair enough you still living with you're parents? I live by myself and i find money just goes(cable, power, gas, water, internet and just every day things like buying a drink/cigarettes/grocery's). I'm on $180,000 a year and i still find it hard to save but then again i have alot more time off to spend it as i only work 9months of the year
2012-07-17 13:17
Russia B!F 
ROFL, then you just need to make and execute personal budget. 15k per month is great to start making your financially independent future.
2012-07-17 15:21
yes still living with my parents. Single too so that clears up some financial burden... 180k a year, man that's a fuck ton, what the heck do you do at such a young age?
2012-07-17 19:09
He's probably faking, Brazil average cost of life stands pretty close to US (a lot of things are much more expensives). A guy who make what he said he make and still complain about salary, should waste with a lot of craps that he even use, or trying to live like a milionare being a Class B. I'm pretty sure it's fake since my father is not that far from him and we still have a great quality life over here.
2012-07-17 19:36
I'm working in western Australia on a gold mine called granny smith operating cranes in construction
2012-07-17 20:12
USA is a lot cheaper, at least compared to canada. i heard australia is even more expensive than canada! that true?
2012-07-22 16:05
haha you sick fuck? 180k is fucking much money for only working 9 months, what do you do for a living? I make like 25k a year, live alone in a nice house (paying rent ofc), also pay cable, power, gas, water, internet, groceries etc. I can save each month a nice amount of money and with the rest I can still make trips to Miami, Cancun, Rio twice a year ...
2012-07-18 21:29
I'm working in western Australia on a gold mine called granny smith operating cranes in construction. its right on the edge of a desert(freezing at night & boiling during the day), i fly into work for 2 weeks, then i fly back to perth for a week off
2012-07-19 07:03
I am also going to start mining soon, maybe after a year or two, but i will work as a skilled tradesperson in automotive section
2012-07-19 09:51
nice, its all about the $$$ :) *EDIT* its a really shit job like you work long hours away from home, its a mix between prison and the army but as i said cash rules everything around us
2012-07-19 12:52
Yeah , i Know, it all about $$$, but the living conditions are not good as i have come to know of, i dont know, but they say people are a bit strange and dangerous over there, which mining site are you in?
2012-07-19 16:07
granny smith near laverton in perth, western australia people are strange and dangerous over where? are you coming to aus to mine ? *EDIT* but i do work for contractors so i move around every now and then
2012-07-19 16:11
naah, I live in Melbourne Victoria, i dont know, few of my friends who have worked over there before told me, thats why i am asking you, as you work over there
2012-07-19 16:18
yeah there's definitely plenty of idiots but i wouldn't say there dangerous. all tho mining in general can be dangerous
2012-07-20 07:44
Belgium v1ncNtt 
haha serious mate ? do you even know what 58k is ? :D
2012-07-19 14:13
yes its what i use to wipe my ass, now back to trolling da interwebs waiting for mummy to cook you a meal.
2012-07-19 14:55
Belgium v1ncNtt 
haha xD
2012-07-20 09:38
Mom gives me money every month
2012-07-05 02:56
crane operator :)
2012-07-05 04:41
high school and summer working in accounting
2012-07-05 04:47
lvl ?
2012-07-05 13:44
of what?
2012-07-05 14:08
Argentina ivanpb 
i'm transa
2012-07-05 07:22
transa? WTF?
2012-07-16 12:47
i sell hatred,i buy cannabis
2012-07-05 07:26
programmer, really sucks
2012-07-05 07:40
how much do u earn?
2012-07-17 13:14
around 1350 euro, but im not in Europe
2012-07-18 03:17
2012-07-18 11:58
Marketing guy. Basically i keep up to date our website (kind of copywriter plus some designing skills) providing our customers the best possible info about the products they are interested in (desktops, laptops, smartphones, games, etc).
2012-07-05 08:17
Why should i care about my living Im a gamer i have tons of lives :) relax
2012-07-05 08:32
I never knew that, so touching :'(
2012-07-05 09:43
I am a pornstar 8)
2012-07-05 09:37
"pic or never happened" will be posted, get ready :D
2012-07-05 09:47
you want a picture of me naked, thats awkward, are you gay? go to brazzers and type Xander Corvus
2012-07-05 09:53
dude, re-read. ty
2012-07-05 09:56
I understood what you wrote, "pic or never happened" wll be posted, get ready, But indirectly you wrote that.
2012-07-05 09:58
Wow, why do you know names of male pornstars? That IS awkward
2012-07-05 21:17
hmm, nvm. I am really a ps, end of the story.
2012-07-06 11:03
seems like u have searched that name on porn site hmm im thinking about something bad about u
2012-07-06 15:30
I'm pornstar too :O
2012-07-05 15:54
Who is the pornstar now bro?
2012-07-06 16:20
Im working at a studio of design at my aunt's boy, but in future I like to continue with dj'ing :D
2012-07-05 09:47
2012-07-05 09:48
I kill fo' money. I'ma G! Ahem.. Gamer... :p
2012-07-05 10:00
2012-07-05 11:41
Slovakia Puki 
Drug dealer but pssssssssssssst
2012-07-05 11:47
mouth shut
2012-07-05 12:20
2012-07-05 14:25
2012-07-05 12:40
Goldsmith :)
2012-07-05 13:11
Belgium v1ncNtt 
Owner of Team WinFakt!
2012-07-05 13:15
2012-07-05 13:19
Slovakia Puki 
2012-07-05 13:39
And why isn't that possible?
2012-07-06 02:11
Belgium v1ncNtt 
Yes :)
2012-07-05 16:03
Student, getting a little support from my parents, working in the sales department for a company ~ 15 hours a week and working for the university, teaching other students how to play volleyball once a week.
2012-07-05 13:23
Studyin, but im sometimes security guard and some partys.
2012-07-05 14:24
2012-07-05 15:33
Work in IT. We specialise in long distance private wireless connections using satellites and dish.
2012-07-05 14:27
Russia B!F 
Financial manager ;) And I wanna open some business buying a franchise in a year hopefully.
2012-07-05 15:05
i became dovahkiin and im hunting dragons for food
2012-07-05 15:31
whitetun gaurd. btw i used to be an adventurer like you but then >>----------> (knee)
2012-07-19 07:27
journalist and i spit poles for money too.
2012-07-05 15:58
Studying games design and development fulltime and working overnights at maccyD's monday-thursday
2012-07-05 17:43
nothing.. idk what i wanna do in the future.. now im sponsored by my pareNts
2012-07-05 19:13
i sell vacuum cleaners
2012-07-05 19:14
2012-07-06 02:11
2012-07-05 23:11
i have 18 years and i dont give a fu** :D
2012-07-05 23:55
Trying to become a Horse .
2012-07-06 11:40
2012-07-16 12:58
omg hahahha dunno why i cant stop laughing
2012-07-17 10:18
Quality Assurance Coordinator (Video Games) with Babel Media India. I also write (one of my hobbies). Do paid write-ups as well.
2012-07-06 11:51
Just finished High school , goind to college next year taking a degree on Civil Engeneering.
2012-07-16 04:18
Just finishing my studies, but starting as a lawyer next year.
2012-07-16 06:01
I'm a porn actor and won money with that job
2012-07-16 06:08
I troll, sucking the happiness from your life.
2012-07-16 12:54
i sell my xxl panties
2012-07-16 13:27
me2 !
2012-07-16 13:29
2012-07-16 14:04
hustlin son, try it
2012-07-16 13:47
engineer in mining sector :P working for this sector since 2007. i'm 26 year old.
2012-07-16 16:21
pretty decent!
2012-07-18 00:34
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
Im working with psycho's and retarded people.
2012-07-16 23:18
2012-07-17 00:56
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
in fact its true :P the people i take care of are mentally disabled, autistic and some people are skizo's or wanna kill themselves etc. :)
2012-07-17 10:13
I figured you were telling the truth, just thought it was funny how matter-of-fact you stated it, lol.
2012-07-18 19:57
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
hahahah, after reading it it sounded a little overreacted by me ;D
2012-07-18 21:08
Brazil gu1d0 
2012-07-17 00:30
I have sex with dolphins
2012-07-17 03:01
HEN1 | 
Poland maxiu 
2012-07-23 13:35
Making money as movie critic.
2012-07-17 13:27
i like the idea of talking crap and earning ;). lol j/k :D
2012-07-22 16:08
Russia Nzr0 
then everyone from hltv should get money for what they are doing :D
2012-08-08 20:25
2012-07-17 13:42
marketing director (CMO) @ :)
2012-07-17 13:46
sellin drugs to the kids who the fuck cares
2012-07-17 13:51
crisis in greece no offense
2012-07-17 20:04
2012-07-23 12:51
Selling LSD,Cocaine and Heroin. Thinking about throwing away the Cocain tho
2012-07-17 15:16
assassin, murder, mercenary call it what you want.
2012-07-17 20:33
you have to be really cheap whore:D
2012-07-18 00:40
hmm, i do maybe 1 or 2 jobs a year, and i earn about 500.000 dollars min @ every job. Depends on many things.
2012-07-18 01:03
"Whoever though you'd be better At turning a screw than me? I do it for my life Made my drive shaft crank Made by pistons buldge Made my bearings melt from the heat"
2012-07-18 00:41
I'm an airport security officer at the Brussels National Airport. I scan the passengers to see if they have any forbidden items/substances on them and I also check their handluggage using the xray machine.
2012-07-18 21:32
Belgium v1ncNtt 
2012-07-19 14:19
Nothing.. :-(
2012-07-18 21:43
im leader of a salegroup in big polish financial company. from 7:30 to 15:30, then 3 days @ week i play with my team 2hours per day. from time to time im also creating few websites for companies
2012-07-19 13:15
i want to be an musician and i don't really like to study. i mean u can earn money with ur talent. for example if u have a talent in music, so u just improve and get a job easily and YOU CAN EARN MONEY UNTIL WHATEVER YOUR AGES.
2012-07-20 15:36
software developer
2012-07-22 16:08
2012-07-23 13:33
2012-07-23 14:15
Software Developer/Programmer
2012-07-23 15:22
Chef at a local restaurant, and i'm only 16 years old :D
2012-07-23 15:52
Azerbaijan Talley 
I'm not living actually
2012-07-24 11:59
2012-07-24 12:50
Developing mobile phones for old people.....
2012-07-25 12:09
Computer Network Administrator
2012-07-27 02:13
I'm a pimp
2012-08-08 20:41
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