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just came back from 7km run do someone here likes to run? 6:40 am here in br
2018-01-17 09:40
Russia MahoneDes 
must have been something valuable u stole so that u had to run 7km huh
2018-01-17 09:43
2018-01-17 09:45
My DVD player is missing :thinking:
2018-01-17 10:41
Russia MahoneDes 
try looking in 7km range
2018-01-17 10:42
chucky | 
Brunei aspexo 
i'm not fakin pussy i don't run from anyone
2018-01-17 09:44
I'm practicing for if someday I have a pitbull trying to get me, so I will be ready xD
2018-01-17 09:46
Malaysia byaIi 
holy moly becarefullihno brother
2018-01-17 09:52
thank mr bolt
2018-01-17 09:53
chucky | 
Brunei aspexo 
l2climb trees then. running isn't the best option here
2018-01-17 09:54
pitbull climb trees here in br
2018-01-17 09:54
chucky | 
Brunei aspexo 
unlucky bro
2018-01-17 17:11
Portugal SidneiGama4 
too lazy to run
2018-01-17 09:54
this can change your life my friend, trust me =D I fucked up my ankle skating, got it stronger by running and just got used to it xD
2018-01-17 09:55
I agree but I aint waking up at 6 am to fucking run
2018-01-17 09:59
Portugal SidneiGama4 
I hurted my ankle skating as well but didn't break. Since there I stopped doing sports LuL
2018-01-17 10:00
I didnt break it I rolled my ankle like 3240324234x, but last one was pretty bad running make it both ankles stronger, but if you stop to think, skating is retarded if you think about human body LUL, but I still love skating, so I keep skating anyways xD I'm 25 skating since I was 13 or 14
2018-01-17 10:02
Europe marsoc 
running 3days 6km+ per day and 3x about 2km before gym
2018-01-17 10:29
thank for being this respected and athletic hltv user my friend <3 we are together on this one I dont do the gym part tho XD
2018-01-17 10:32
Europe marsoc 
i dont like gym but sauna right after hard workout is soooooo good
2018-01-17 10:36
I run every other day for like an hour or so (depend on weather, as, for instance, it is -8°C today)
2018-01-17 10:42
2018-01-17 23:17
Hungary Bonte 
Yeah I ran over 1900km in 2017, guess I could say I like it
2018-01-17 23:19
Xyp9x | 
Czech Republic Puget 
we don't have school shooters here, so i dont need to use my pumped up kicks that much
2018-01-17 23:20
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