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NiKo undeserved?
Brazil Hyzek 
This is actually unbelievable... How is that even real? It's more than clear that niko over fer is a politician decision fer was better than him in almost every stat and specially impact. FaZe clearly bought the #2 spot from HLTV just to keep their brand alive...its not even fair... Good job HLTV...just because fer doesn't go for a deagle headshot every f**** round doesn't mean he is not better than NiKo. What a disaster for the history of the ranks.
2018-01-17 22:38
Netherlands melajr112 
what a disaster for the history of the ranks omegalul
2018-01-17 22:39
Turkey rivaluk 
well the 2.0 rating isnt the clue why fer #3 and niko #2 but brazilians cant understand that, and in fact if NIKO wouldnt be a disaster in finals, he wouldve been #1.
2018-01-17 23:37
Latvia pacanCSGOD 
brain dead alert?
2018-01-17 22:39
Croatia Hbq 
Well, but indeed, fer stats are way better than niko, but who likes brazil? xD
2018-01-17 22:40
yeah I think its time to talk about frozen. Beat Iron Man 3 in 2013 by about 60 M and people are still not taking it seriously...
2018-01-17 22:51
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
Undeserved indeed both fer and rain were better than niko.
2018-01-17 22:42
f0rest | 
United Kingdom Archaeon 
It's more than clear that niko over fer is a politician decision
2018-01-17 22:43
Brazilian politics?
2018-01-17 22:48
Those exist?
2018-01-17 23:06
2018-01-17 23:26
United Kingdom OllieBearsV1 
Well someone needs to decide a good way to split their collective 3 loaves of bread and a fish?
2018-01-17 23:30
sick politics, never thought that was part of it
2018-01-18 03:07
From those 6 stats highlighted by hltv, fer was only better in niko in impact statistic
2018-01-17 22:45
Brazil Hyzek 
Not true NiKo player a lot of tier 2 events
2018-01-17 22:47
First of all, that's not what you said. You said "fer was better than him in almost every stat and specially impact." What you wrote now also isn't true. Niko played 134 maps on lan in 2017, 132 of them were played in big events
2018-01-17 23:00
Denmark JustYes 
That's funny because fer played more tier 2 events in 2017 than NiKo. Have a cool day! -VeryCoolGuy
2018-01-17 23:44
lmao not even remotely close
2018-01-18 00:50
Italy marxie 
Flag checks out
2018-01-17 22:47
hes overrated af
2018-01-17 22:49
shox | 
Turkmenistan POGGERS 
unacceptable... what's next? coldzera #1 over sixer? HLTV is a joke....
2018-01-17 22:49
I agree, NiKo should be top1 and cold top5
2018-01-17 22:51
The only unacceptable thing is coldzera being #1.
2018-01-17 22:51
Belgium KevinGatesYo 
I have to agree with you on this one! HLTV should give him an hors concours prize already, the greatest csgo player of all time should never be even mentioned on rankings alongside scrubs like overrated choker NiKo and washed up bot olofmeister
2018-01-17 23:01
Dont talk to me.
2018-01-17 23:03
2018-01-17 23:07
ban brazil from hltv ez major next year
2018-01-17 22:53
Don't you think that you rating fer better than niko is a political decision too since he's from the same country as you are?
2018-01-17 22:53
Sweden lawflezz 
niko is trash just lucky
2018-01-17 22:53
NiKo | 
Chile rezuh 
2018-01-17 22:54
niko - 2 mvps + 10 evps fer - 1 mvp + 10 evps pretty much same and similar individual stats all I can say is niko has an extra mvp that makes hltv rank him #2, other than that i won't care who goes 2nd or 3rd.
2018-01-17 22:55
2018-01-17 23:00
United Kingdom arsehole 
why wouldnt they buy better players that how sports/esports teams work
2018-01-17 23:01
2018-01-17 23:07
Germany juqqt 
8/8 everyone falls for it LOL
2018-01-18 00:55
United States BaguetteArmy 
Salty Brazilian LUL
2018-01-18 01:00
because he has good stats the fact of him choking every time on big stages, and being 10000000000x better against T2 teams, while fer was godlike on most of the big finals... doesnt count for this rank xD I'm not talking shit at the rank, just saying ppl take those things too seriously nowdays LUL
2018-01-18 01:02
United States V1ruh 
flag checks out
2018-01-18 01:05
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