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Day 2 prediction
Brazil Noice_boyzZ 
Gambit > QBF SS > c9 FaZe > Vega G2 > Liquid SK > mouz VP < fnatic Big < Na'vi Astralis < North Ez 8/8
2018-01-20 14:29
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Cloud9 losing to SS? :DDDD delete this
2018-01-20 14:29
Brazil Noice_boyzZ
The map pool favors SS. You'll see
2018-01-20 14:31
just ignore this racist idiot
2018-01-20 14:35
Dupreeh will go huge against North and device will pick them apart with good lurk timings and stable positioning. Astralis > North today
2018-01-20 14:53
zews | 
Poland chckrz
2018-01-20 19:01
CALLED IT!!! Astralis > North with dupreeh going nutz with awp and device with a solid stable lurk play
2018-01-21 11:24
rip skins
2018-01-20 19:01
delete ur self xd ez money on ss for 2 years :)
2018-01-20 19:03
whats up racist 5cm dick guy
2018-01-21 00:21
2018-01-21 02:46
BIG > Navi
2018-01-20 14:30
2018-01-20 14:34
+1, would just swap north and astralis
2018-01-20 14:45
u guys will leard a lot .. SS > NA.
2018-01-20 19:09
United Kingdom galaxzy
Did you see how C9 performed in the quals- C9 > SS anyday. I also still believe in VP. Vega could probably upset again but FaZe should be more prepared this time around. mouz can upset SK and i would like to see BIG win and let Na’Vi go out 0-3 so they can realise their problem.
2018-01-20 14:35
Brazil Noice_boyzZ
I think the qualifier was just a fluke from c9, SS look more solid, imo. VP xD I really doubt Vega can beat FaZe again. Mouz usually chokes against SK. Let's see what happens this time No bug no win, sorry.
2018-01-20 14:43
United Kingdom galaxzy
50/50 imo I know i shouldnt believe in VP they are a joke but i miss them. +1 +1 also but bo1 i think mouz could have a close game. +1 but i hate new navi and i want them to go.
2018-01-20 14:50
u are as bad as thorin on prediction bro
2018-01-21 00:23
United Kingdom galaxzy
nah not really because in the end i put C9 > SS FaZe > Vega NAVI < BIG mouz > SK G2 > Liquid and fnatic > VP I also put ‘i would like to see’
2018-01-21 00:34
you said C9 > SS anyday I still believe in VP which means VP > Fnatic Vega could "probably" upset again. Which also means Vega > Faze Mouz can upset SK. So you put mouz>SK only one you put "i would like to see" was BIG vs Navi so.
2018-01-21 00:38
United Kingdom galaxzy
Do you understand basic english? ‘can’ doesnt mean ‘will’ ‘probably’ does not mean VEGA > FaZe i even said after that Faze should be prepared. The only one before that was VP > fnatic, even though i ended up betting on fnatic and going with gut feeling and not what i want to happen.
2018-01-21 02:43
Poland ReHowskyy
Gambit > QBF C9 > SS FaZe > Vega G2 > Liquid SK > Mouz VP > Fnatic Na'Vi > BIG Astralis > North EZ 3/8 Like yesterday XD
2018-01-20 14:36
QBF < Gambit SS < C9 Faze < Vega G2 < Liquid SK > mousesports VP < fnatic BIG < NaVi Astralis > North
2018-01-20 14:44
I would like to know why u think liquid > g2 I mean, it could totally happen. I am just curious as to why you think they'll win
2018-01-20 14:46
2018-01-20 14:49
I'm thinking thank you nah more seriously, I feel like Twistzz and Elige have finally arrived, and if nitr0 goes huge like he did so far, they can actually outskill g2 imo Apex and bodyy have not been impressive so far, Kenny has been up and down so far (as usual in majors) ofc if shox and nbk go god mod it's gonna be hard, but it's totally doable for Liquid Also the map pool will help Liquid, they'll ban cache, Nuke and Train, leaving Overpass, Mirage Cobble and Inferno. We saw Liquid do really well on OVP vs Faze, and the 3 other maps are usually the best maps for them here ya go
2018-01-20 14:50
QBF > Gambit SS > Clown9 Vega > Faze (Ez like last Time) Liquid > G2 Mouz > SK VP > Fnatic BIG > Navi North > Astralis
2018-01-20 14:47
VP won't win, m8. No chance
2018-01-20 14:49
Its b8 m8
2018-01-21 02:27
Croatia mds818
QBF > Gambit SS > Cloud9 Faze < Vega Liquid < G2 VP < Fnatic SK < Mouz North > Astralis BIG > NaVi
2018-01-20 19:02
Funny how you commented after the first 2 games were over, and yet I got more predictions right than you so far...
2018-01-20 22:54
Croatia mds818
2018-01-20 23:27
It looks like ur getting another one wrong tho. Na'vi is crushing big
2018-01-21 00:20
2018-01-20 22:54
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