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back from ban
Israel MemeMachine 
just got unbanned after i got ip banned for a week for literally no reason (no racism, no flaming, no forbidden threads, no attacking personal users) be careful on this site because mods dont care about u
2018-01-22 09:40
from a masterbaiter to another fellow masterbaiter, i welcome you back my brother
2018-01-22 09:41
Spain lulaa 
i get banned 48h because of nothing xdd
2018-01-22 09:42
Switzerland AlexTenebrae 
2018-01-22 09:43
i get banned 48h all the time, its just rng dude, deal with it
2018-01-22 09:43
welcome back
2018-01-22 09:44
NEO | 
Poland BartoloNEO 
You got ban for being flamingo's fan.
2018-01-22 09:44
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