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Bitconnect scam
Other VladimirLucas 
2018-01-24 06:45
i invested 3k$ not scam i get 1% daily
2018-01-24 06:57
it will go up again , better invest now
2018-01-24 07:38
JUGi | 
Denmark Khongen 
2018-01-24 10:30
i invested so much trust me
2018-01-24 10:48
nice logic
2018-01-24 12:54
was 13$ went to 14.80$ easy money
2018-01-25 12:47
oh ok
2018-01-25 13:17
seriously tho , what happened to everyones money ?
2018-01-30 09:13
They stole it, essentially. They said they were stopping the program, and then the price crashed and they locked everyone's funds on the site so no one could withdraw. I don't know if people can withdraw now or not, but either way instead of allowing withdrawing or selling at $400+, you now have to sell at $15- or whatevr it is when they let you withdraw/sell if they haven't opened it yet.
2018-01-30 09:30
dymmmmmnn thank jesus im too dumb to understand these things i tried to get in crypto before but never understood it
2018-01-30 12:03
oh ok
2018-01-24 12:42
Germany GeoRg___J 
2018-01-30 11:09
i like the part when he says BITCONNECT!
2018-01-30 10:27
rain | 
Switzerland W1SHmaster 
It was well known amongst the community that this was a HYIP from the get go. Get in early or otherwise u most likely get fucked.
2018-01-24 07:25
*implying you shouldn't kill yourself if you 'got in early'* "most likely" get fucked if you ever invested, literally kill yourself, idc how early you got in or high you got out, bu def make sure you kill yourself not most likely... you definitely got fucked lol, it was for sure 100% gonna fail from the start and it already failed now
2018-01-30 09:26
If I know it's a HYIP, I know I'm gonna get fucked sooner or later. The thing is, I don't care as long as I'm atleast breakeven. This is most of the times only possible by getting in early. Why would I kill myself if I'm in profit? Why would I kill myself if I'm not? Don't gamble with money you can't afford to lose. Your post doesn't make any sense to me.
2018-01-30 10:10
You should kill youself because you gave money to these retards and helped all the people that came after you lose money. And there was never any chance to know that you would break even so how can you not care if that is what has to happen for you to not care? Even for crypto bitconnect was a risky as fucking investment. And pro tip: if you don't buy it, then you don't have to "get fucked sooner or later"
2018-01-30 10:13
What wasn't clear in my comment? I don't care at all if anyone lost money here. People should do some research before they throw their life savings into anything they don't even understand. Expensive lesson learned, hahahaaaaaa. We^ve all been there. Sure I never know if I can break even. This one was a nobrainer tho. People go crazy when the see or think its cryptorelated. So if u got in early u made some decent profits here. You obv have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to High Yield or High Risk Investments or shall I say Ponzis. Seems like u lost a bunch of cash here and now you're salty. Gl next time
2018-01-30 10:25
You are retarded, hello? You wanted to go in that so you could make money, but this market is exploding over the past year and there were so many projects you could make money on for literally 1/2 the risk. Its literally just a dumb investment whether you made money or not. And whether you care about losing money or not, when you put money in all the people that go in after you are losing money partly because of you. And the fact that you knowingly gave money to some of the biggest scum around runnning a multibillion dollar scam is autistic, which you may not care about but that is the reason you should kill yourself. And no I don't give a fuck about the people that went into Bitconnect because they were retarded, i was on the subreddit laughing at them on the day it went down, I think anyone who knowingly supported them is much worse. And no I didn't lose money lmfao, I am not like you and I don't invest in retarded ass projects like Bitconnect.
2018-01-30 11:08
Are u trying to educate me or what? I don't need your stupid reddit advices. I made over 70k in the last 22 months in this sector. Stocks are my low risk investments in case you care. Everyone who does a little research knows exactly whats going to happen. I am not fucking mother Theresa or some Robin Hood. I look after myself, my family and friends, I don't care about the rest of the people. You acting like the wannabe good guy but telling others to kill themselves in the same sentence. This only proves that your some salty teenager who lost his pocket money here. Cause I've never seen a grown up in their right state of mind telling someone else to kill themselves. Maybe I'm wrong and you're just some uneducated 3rd world inbred and it isn't really your fault.
2018-01-30 11:29
"reddit advices" lol, congrats that you made money. It was pretty much impossible not to. And no I don't care? I'm not saying you can't predict that it would go up before it crashes, I'm saying you literally handed money to scammers and I think that is retarded, and like I said, I was on the subreddit laughing at some of the idiots the day it went down. I don't think you should care about anyone else, unless you want to. And how am I acting like the good guy if I have told you to kys multiple times and said multiple times that I was laughing at idiots on reddit who were crying cause they lost money on BCC? And no it doesn't prove I am a salty teenager that lost money, cause.... i didn't lmfao. And wrong again surprise, surprise I live in the US, not third world. So, lets count it up... oh look you got about 0 things right in your reply good job. :D
2018-01-30 11:40
What the? Your replies do not make any sense whatsover. Do you even read my words? Whatever. ''It was pretty much impossible not to.'' You realise I'm talking about HYIP's and not the usual crypto stuff? Doubt it. You living in the US proves exactly nothing cause your country is atleast borderline 3rd world in most places. ( I know they tell you something different, keep believing....)
2018-01-30 11:56
LMFAO USA borderline 3rd world lmfao... they don't tell me anything I live here ???????? If you only invest in HYIPs then... you are just missing out on easy gains from non-scam projects that would be illegal, if you are investing in anything else in the crypto market with that logic then, rip u and the reason i said i lived in the US wasn't to prove anything, it was to respond to you saying that i was third world, so... do you even read your own words?
2018-01-30 12:05
Like I said, keep believing :) I never said I'm only investing in High Yield stuff. See above. My money is in cryptos and stocks and I own a smallish pokerstable with 10 highly skilled players who make me decent money aswell. I also work full time, mainly for tax reasons. Don't worry I'm fine ;)
2018-01-30 12:22
Other VladimirLucas 
2018-01-24 10:29
Europe liquidwhychoke 
2018-01-24 10:33
nice reddit memes faggot
2018-01-24 10:40
I don't use Reddit got that shit from another hltv post Hltv >> reddit
2018-01-24 12:39
Reddit > HLTV > /r/CS:GO any time.
2018-01-30 10:12
k0nfig | 
Finland LazeB 
From 400dollars to 14dollars LUL
2018-01-24 10:41
2018-01-24 10:44
North America Techno_Lover 
Fuck off with this crypto currency bullshit
2018-01-24 12:58
buy some and stop complaining idiot
2018-01-30 09:22
Keep using your paper.
2018-01-30 10:12
United Kingdom DJ_Nr8 
its not a scam...
2018-01-25 12:50
he's fucking dalbaeb
2018-01-25 12:51
1:33 LMAO
2018-01-25 12:52
Finland NUCL3AR 
In this groom, we have a seed that's gonna explode
2018-01-25 12:57
Sweden Asiimov 
2018-01-25 13:19
i srsly can't even watch that video anymore cause it makes me so annoyed when he starts yelling... every single time it gets to 0:13 I have to pause it cause I literally cant deal with it
2018-01-30 09:21
Faroe Islands xuan 
how is this a scam? people got what they bought, they are just too stupid to realize what it is and what it does. that's not a scam
2018-01-30 09:25
no, it was a scam. SOME people got what they were supposed to, and the rest got fucked. including the people who were in early and just left their money on the site
2018-01-30 10:14
Faroe Islands xuan 
i mean the coin, not the exchange itself
2018-01-30 10:16
... the entire thing was a scam lmfao what are you even saying? you pay for the coin to use the service so essentially you are paying for the service which was a scam
2018-01-30 10:18
Faroe Islands xuan 
that's the thing with people who buy currencies without any security. it can happen with any other coin and exchange aswell, their value is exactly zero, they just have a price tag that changes cuz of changing demand
2018-01-30 10:22
no actually most of the coins that you can buy are not able to be shut down instantly. bitconnect was not decentralized like it should have been and one of the biggest use cases for this market right now is dapps everyon knew that bitconnect was a scam from the start and the people that lost money on it are actually mentally challenged
2018-01-30 10:52
Faroe Islands xuan 
yep exactly what i'm thinking people buy crap just for the sake of buying something without any info, same will happen to ripple when banks and companies exchanged enough free btc with this worthless shitcoin
2018-01-30 10:55
yeah gonna be a shitty market for a while when people realize btc is shit and move on from that all of a sudden
2018-01-30 12:06
bitcoin is a sham good job investing into shiny shit becuase it sounds good
2018-01-30 10:27
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